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30 June 2015: The Jacka & Mac Rell - Dr. Jacka & Mr. Hyde

Sacramento representative Mac Rell and Mob Figaz member The Jacka (RIP) have their joint release called "Dr. Jacka & Mr. Hyde" available now on CD Baby. It's made of 18 cuts featuring Young K, Brando, Bamm and few more cats. Check out other releases from Mac Rell and The Jacka on iTunes. Check out Mac Rell on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

30 June 2015: Locksmith - Lofty Goals

Richmond representative Locksmith (of Frontline) is back with his new album called "Lofty Goals". The project is filled with 13 tracks featuring guest appearances by Marc E. Bassy, Futuristic, Rebecca Nobel, Braden Blair, Chris Webby and Jarell Perry. You can purchase a digital version on iTunes or a hard copy on RapBay. Get at Locksmith on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

30 June 2015: Main Attrakionz - 808s & Dark Grapes III (free)

Main Attrakionz is an Oakland duo made of Mondre M.A.N. and Squadda B. They are back with a brand new project called "808s & Dark Grapes III" which is available on SoundCloud (free digitals), iTunes (digitals) and directly through artists via Facebook (pressed copies). The album is produced by Friendzone and it includes guest appearances by Shady Blaze, Robbie Rob, Dope G. and Lo Da Kid. Check out Main Attrakionz on Facebook and peep the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

30 June 2015: Montana Montana Montana - Lovie Johnson

Bakersfield representative Montana Montana Montana is aiming for a new project called "Lovie Johnson". It will hit the streets on September 18th and will include guest appearances by Mistah F.A.B., Joe Blow, Sleepdank, Paige Raymond, Smigg Dirtee & more. Peep rapper's other releases on iTunes and follow him on Twitter.

30 June 2015: L-Day & Rio Root - Love What I Do (free)

Vallejo rapper L-Day hooked up with Berkeley producer Rio Root to bring you their joint release called "Love What I Do". The album is filled with 9 tracks and is available for free at digital spots like Soundcloud, Livemixtapes or Audiomack and for a regular price on CD Baby. Check out L-Day and Rio Root on SoundCloud and follow them on Twitter: @ldayhimself, @riorootmusic. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

29 June 2015: Philthy Rich & Joe Blow - Mob Wire

Oakland representatives Philthy Rich and Joe Blow are about to drop their joint material called "Mob Wire". It will be filled with 19 tracks featuring J Stalin, The Jacka, Rydah J Klyde, Fed-X, Husalah, Lee Majors, Ampichino, Stevie Joe, Lil Blood and many more. You can already pre-order the cd on RapBay. Visit Philthy Rich and Joe Blow on Facebook and follow them on Twitter: @philthyrichFOD, @j0eblow. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

29 June 2015: Mob Jr & Fed-X - Gun Store

"Gun Store" is a duet project from Mob Jr (The Jacka's cousin) and Fed-X (of the Mob Figaz). You can cop the album on iTunes. It's made of 7 songs featuring Rydah J. Klyde and Lee Majors. Be also on the lookout for two more collabo cds from Mob Jr: with Lee Majors called "Money Hoarders" and with The Jacka called "Mob In Mob Out". All his projects are coming out under Mob Ties label. Follow Mob Jr on Twitter and check him out on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

29 June 2015: Ya Boy - Rich Rocka II

Fillmore rapper Ya Boy (aka Rich Rocka) is back with his new project called "Rich Rocka II". It's already available on RapBay, while iTunes will have it on July 7th. You'll hear 15 songs with guest appearances by The Jacka, Bailey, Cousin Fik, Galaxy Atoms, Doc Hollywood and more. Be sure to visit the rapper on his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

29 June 2015: FirstStreet Frost - The Handshake (free)

FirstStreet Frost hails from South Sacramento, 21st Street Graden Blocc to be exact, and is a member of Teamwork Gang (along with Smigg Dirtee, Young Rebz and Reddy Reg) and First Move (along with Big Smurf and Smigg Dirtee). He has recently released a solo endeavor called "The Handshake" that's made of 12 tracks featuring Smigg Dirtee, A-Wax, Young Rebz, Reddy Reg, P.O.J. and Tall Can G. You can get the whole thing for free on AudioMack or SoundCloud. Follow FirstStreet Frost on Twitter and check him out on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

29 June 2015: Mayne Mannish - The Campaign (free)

Oakland rapper Mayne Mannish (of The Team) is out with a new 10-track deep project called "The Campaign". It's a free-for-download release available on SoundCloud. Next to Mannish you'll hear other members of the group, D-Lo and Ymtk. The beats were delivered by ShoNuff & Freshonthebeatz. Check out Mayne Mannish on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

29 June 2015: JrFx & Loon E Lou - Listen

Back in 2013 we mentioned Loon E Lou and his project called "In It To Spin It Vol. 2". Now this Salinas representative is back with a new one recorded with a producer named JrFx. The album is titled "Listen" and you can purchase its digital or pressed copy on BandCamp. Visit Loon E Lou on Facebook and peep the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

29 June 2015: N.W.S. - Straight Outta Frisco (free)

Niggaz Wit Swag (N.W.S.) is a Hunter's Point duo made by Trilla and Dav. They have recently dropped their free-for-download project called "Straight Outta Frisco". The album features 13 tracks with guest appearances by Remedy, Fidel Cash, 40 Keys, J Murda, Willie Hen, Pablo Skywalkin and more. Get it now on SoundCloud or Follow Dav and Trilla on Twitter.

29 June 2015: G-Val - Who Is G-Val (free)

Hunter's Point, San Francisco rapper G-Val is back with yet another free-for-download release. It's called "Who Is G-Val" and you can get it on SoundCloud. The album features IAmSu!, Willie Joe, Mozzy, Rayven Justice and more. Follow G-Val on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

29 June 2015: Dom Devareaux aka Buddha Avenue - Be God has already mentioned Oakland rapper Buddha Avenue a few times; we wrote about two of his releases from 2013 and one from 2012. Now the artists is back as Dom Devareaux with his new material titled "Be God". It includes 9 solo cuts and is available in digitals on Bandcamp.

29 June 2015: Dynasty - Versatile (free)

Dynasty hails from San Jose and has recently brought a new free-for-download release called "Versatile". It's made of 19 songs featuring Nio Tha Gift, Young Wappo, Melode Roze, Kiera D, Bless Ya Soul, Kike Cruz, Raulie Barron and others. You can get the whole thing in a digital version on DatPiff. Follow Dynasty on Twitter and visit SoundCloud page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

29 June 2015: Chedda Locz - Hood Raised

Gilroy (408) representative by the name of Chedda Locz has brought his solo project "Hood Raised" sometime ago. The album is made of 14 songs featuring Casper Capone, Green, Bubba Smokes, Mama OG, Crwalla, Bullet G and more. You can get its digital version on iTunes or Amazon. Peep Chedda Locz on SoundCloud or Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

25 June 2015: Killa Tay - Eargasms

Northern Cali rap well known figure Killa Tay is freshly out with his new project called "Eargasms". It's filled with 16 tracks and a lot of appearances by rappers like The Jacka, Cozmo, Spade, Willie Joe, Gorilla Gang, West Coast Stone, Young Doe, Innerstate Ike and more. You can get the album in a digital version on iTunes and Follow Tay on Twitter and check out his website: Tracklist: (show tracklist)

24 June 2015: Killa Tay and C-Bo upcoming releases

Killa Tay and C-Bo are one of the most known names on the Northern California rap scene. They have been flooding the market since the 90's and recorded a whole bunch of joint songs. Fans of this Fresno / Sacramento rap duo have even had a chance to grab their official project called "The Moment Of Truth" (2006) and a compilation / group album from West Coast Mafia Gang titled "Gang Affiliated" (2004).

Today brings you a huge update on the upcoming music from Tay and Bo. First and foremost you'll get a brand new digital release from Killa Tay called "Eargasms" - we'll post info on this one later today. The next one is C-Bo's highly anticipated "The Mobfather 2" that's dropping on July 24th. After that you'll get "Snake Eyes 2" and finally another duet project - "The Moment Of Truth 2". There will be much more coming out from West Coast Mafia and PIIMP labels: Gorilla Gang's "Gorillafornia", Dobad's "Hard White", Killa Tay's "Crip Hop", West Coast Mafia Gang's "Top Of The Food Chain" - just to name a few. Next month the rappers are starting promoting so expect to hear some leaks, for instance a single called "Real Nigga" with E-40, a song with Tech N9ne & T-Nutty and more.

Stay tuned to and check out our reviews of C-Bo and Killa Tay previous releases. Be also sure to visit Killa Tay on Twitter, Facebook and Check out C-Bo on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and RevberbNation.

24 June 2015: Big Rome - From Tha Barz 2 Da Block

Salinas homeboy representative Big Rome is freshly out with his new solo project called "From Tha Barz 2 Da Block". It's filled with guest appearances by rappers like B-Dawg, Yantz, Lonely Boy, Casper Locs, Lil Toro, Yung Rul-E, DJ 40oz, Thre4t and others. You can purchase a digital version on Amazon or iTunes. Check out Big Rome on Facebook and peep the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

24 June 2015: J Stalin - The Features

There's a new J Stalin's project called "The Features" - a collection of tracks he's been featured on. The album includes 30 tracks with verses from The Jacka, Philthy Rich, Stevie Joe, San Quinn, Show Banga, Shady Nate, Glasses Malone, Matt Blaque, Messy Marv and more. Cop a digital version on Amazon and iTunes. Check out J Stalin on Twitter, Facebook and Tracklist: (show tracklist)

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