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07 October 2015: Family Reunion 4: Straight Outta Northern California

After three parts of Family Reunion series (part one - 2013; volume 2 and 2.9 - 2014) Casper Capone and his Gwap City family are aiming for the fourth installment of this compilation. The upcoming project will be titled "Straight Outta Northern California" and should be out next month. It is said to feature over 50 rappers: Casper Capone, Boogie Locs, Eclipz Tha Hustla, Drew, Lou E Slicc, Clone, Hex, Danny Boy, Smokie Loco, Menti, Mandito Brown, Termyte, Lil Milo, TC Kapone and many more. Stay tuned to for more details and in the meantime peep Casper Capone on Facebook.

07 October 2015: Jai Swift - Friday Night

Along with a 100% solo project titled "Monster" Hayward rapper Jai Swift has also dropped another one called "Friday Night", it features guest appearances by San Quinn, Young Gully, Birch Boy Barie, Lil Evil, Extreme, Nikatine and more. You can purchase a digital version of the album on iTunes and Amazon. Check out Jai Swift on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, BandCamp and Tracklist: (show tracklist)

07 October 2015: Macs A Million - 11k Mongoose Gang: Dem Snake Eatters

We've already announced the 10th album from Macs A Million that will be released this year. Yes, for those of you who haven't heard Fresno rapper is delivering one solo project each month - overall more or less 120 songs in the whole 2015. Anyway, at the end of this month you'll get "October 30 Murk", while another one is already scheduled to drop in November. It will be called "11k Mongoose Gang: Dem Snake Eatters" and will be out on November 13th. Stay tuned to visit Macs A Million on Facebook.

07 October 2015: Les Vegas - UNLV (U Niggas Love Vegas)

Fresno representative Les Vegas will be out with his 4th solo album on October 30th. The project will be called "UNLV (U Niggas Love Vegas)" and will include 13 tracks featuring Guce, Big Rich, Planet Asia, Diego Redd, J Rocc, Courtesy 1 and more. Visit the rapper on Facebook, Twitter and Tracklist: (show tracklist)

07 October 2015: Interview with Go-Getta Da Paperboi

Check out our latest interview we did with San Jose underground and up-and-coming rapper by the name of Go-Getta Da Paperboi. We talked about how he started his rap thing, Wit-Tha-Movement Entertainment, solo albums and upcoming release with Dufflebagg. Read the whole interview and check out previous articles at our Interviews Section.

06 October 2015: C-Dubb - 20 Calenders

Today is the official release date for C-Dubb's latest solo release called "20 Calenders" which is said to be his 27th release and a celebration project for two decades in the game. The album is made of 18 cuts featuring Hollow Tip, Reece Loc, Tony Snow, Masyah, Gatlin, Dizz, Flossalini, Hex and Siyeed. You can either get pressed copied directly from the rapper on Facebook or a digital version on iTunes or Amazon. Check out C-Dubb on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

06 October 2015: Sleepy D - Wake Me Up When Im Rich

Be on the lookout for a brand new project from an Oakland rapper Sleepy D. It will be called "Wake Me Up When Im Rich" and is scheduled to drop in a month - November 6th to be exact. The project will be made of 17 songs featuring Philthy Rich, Mozzy, D-Lo, Rayven Justice, Emozzy, Hongry and more. Follow Sleepy D on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

06 October 2015: HD - Extortion Muzik 5

October 23rd is the release date for a new, fifth installment of HD's "Extortion Muzik". The upcoming volume will be made of 20 tracks featuring guest appearances by J-Diggs, Shady Nate, Boo Banga, G-Dirty, Boski, Lil Rod and more. Follow HD on Twitter, check him out on Facebook and visit Tracklist: (show tracklist)

06 October 2015: Jai Swift - Monster

Hayward representative Jai Swift is back with his new album called "Monster". It is a 100% solo with production done by The Lycans (Marlee Bee & Jai Swift), Phresh, DJ Dynamite, Don Xyan, Exl, Goodfella Muzik and Dange Beats. You can purchase its digital version on iTunes or Amazon. Visit and check out rapper's Facebook page. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

04 October 2015: FE Tha Don - Bread & Butta (free)

O-Town rapper FE Tha Don is back at it with a new free-for-download project called "Bread & Butta". It is made of 14 tracks and you can check all of them out in digitals on DatPiff. Follow FE on Twitter and visit him on Facebook.

04 October 2015: Young Twon & Poppa Willo - Madman With 2 Chopps Part 2

Kansas City rappers Poppa Willo and Young Twon are out with their joint project called "Madman With 2 Chopps Part 2" which features some well known figures from Northern California: C-Bo, Killa Tay, The Jacka, Joe Blow, Mozzy and HD. It's a double album available online on Amazon and CD Baby. Visit Poppa Willo and Young Twon on Facebook and follow them on Twitter: @poppawillo, @youngtwonopf. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

04 October 2015: Netta Brielle - 580

Oakland fem-representative by the name of Netta Brielle is out with her solo endeavor titled "580". It is made of 9 cuts (6 songs and 3 skits) and features anthems like "3xKrazy" with IAmSu! and "More To A Kiss". You can cop a digital version on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other e-spots. Follow Netta Brielle on Twitter and check her out on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

04 October 2015: Richie Cunning - 1906

Richie Cunning hails from San Francisco and has recently delivered his new solo project. It's called "1906" and you can purchase it both in digital and pressed (digipak) version via BandCamp. Visit Richie Cunning on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and Tracklist: (show tracklist)

03 October 2015: Brother IG - Deliverance

San Jose Christian rapper Brother Ig is back with a new solo project called "Deliverance". It is now available online in digitals on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon; hard copies should arrive next week to The album includes 15 songs featuring Cali Grown, Saylah, Jas, Transparent, Arize, Jesus Servante and more. Be sure to visit Brother Ig on Facebook, Twitter and ReverbNation. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

03 October 2015: Rappin' 4-Tay - comic book / soundtrack

San Francisco rap legend Rappin' 4-Tay is working on a brand new, not-your-ordinary project. It will be the first ever West Coast Hip Hop comic book with a soundtrack on vinyl. The comic book will be based on 4-Tay's life: meeting 2Pac, Suga Free, Snoop Dogg and others, recording hits like "Only God Can Judge Me" or "The Playaz Club". The soundtrack will feature a whole line-up of West Coast rappers and will be released only on vinyl and digitals at spots like iTunes or CD Baby. Rappin' 4-Tay and his manager Herman Waston are collecting donations to make this album happen. You can support it via Stay tuned to for more details. Visit Rappin' 4-Tay on Facebook, Twitter and

03 October 2015: The Jacka - Jack Of All Trades (Blue & Gold Vinyl)

Back in 2006 Mob Figaz' member The Jacka (RIP) released a solo album called "Jack Of All Trades". Ten years later (time flies by, huh?) this project will be re-released as a special collectors' item - a double set of vinyls. Blue and gold vinyls will include all original tracks featuring Mac Dre (RIP), Yukmouth, Pretty Black (RIP), Fed-X, Husalah, Lee Majors, T-Luni, Polo and Curcinado. The release date is set for January 15th 2016. There will be only a 1000 copies pressed. Check out a digital version available now on iTunes. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

03 October 2015: Work Dirty - I Aint Playing

Vallejo representative Work Dirty (of The D.B.'z) is coming out with a new mixtape titled "I Aint Playing" and is scheduled to drop on November 13th. The project will include guest appearances by J Stalin, E-40, Octavious, B-Legit, Willie Joe, G-Will, Capo Click and more. Check out Work Dirty on Facebook.

03 October 2015: Christiamentalz - Cali Chris (free)

Christiamentalz (aka Chris Young) is a producer hailing from San Jose. He has recently released his new rap project called "Cali Chris" which includes 13 tracks with guest appearances by Salty, G-Maly, Ant Bankx, J Mal, Outrageous Karina and more. You can either get its digital version for free on LiveMixtapes or purchase it on iTunes. Follow Chris on Twitter and check him out on Facebook and SoundCloud. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

02 October 2015: Berner featuring Liqz - Harvest Season

Back in February we wrote about the "Harvest Season" project from Berner that was supposed to feature The Jacka as the second fiddle. The album is finally out, however the concept and the tracklist are slightly different, due to Jack's death. Now the cover says "Berner featuring Liqz" so you'll hear these two on the front-line. Except for them you'll hear The Jacka, Mozzy, Lil Rue, J-Diggz, K-Loc, Street Knowledge, A One and more. Cop the album now on iTunes. Follow Berner and Liqz on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

02 October 2015: Liqz upcoming projects

Santa Rosa representative Liqz is aiming to deliver a lot of new material to the rap table. Except for the contribution to Berner's latest project called "Harvest Season" he'll deliver a duet project with K-Loc (of Gorilla Pits) titled "Pack Talk" and solo albums called "Currency Exchange", "Interstate Money" and "Import Export". Stay tuned to for more details on Liqz' upcoming releases; in the meantime visit him on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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