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31 March 2015: HD - Thank You Vol. 1

North Oakland rapper HD (of Bearfaced camp) will be back with his new project called "Thank You Vol. 1". The album is scheduled to drop on April 3rd and will include 23 songs featuring Philthy Rich, Stevie Joe, The Jacka, Lil Blood, G-Dirty, Lil Rod, Sippa and more. Follow HD on Twitter and visit Tracklist: (show tracklist)

31 March 2015: Kidd Gonzalez - Bstrd Era Mixtape (free)

Redwood City rapper by the name of Kidd Gonzalez has recently released a mixtape project called "Bstrd Era". Right now you can get its digital version for free on DatPiff, yet hard copies should arrive soon too. The project is made of 16 songs produced by A Dot The God, Mark Gee Beats, Legion Of Dudes, MC Fooligan, Platinum Statz and more. The album features guest appearances by Young Seb, Stamina, Knukles, Broc, Cnvs, Vast Flow, Smoka PS, Rey Castillo and James The Spitta. Follow Kidd Gonzalez on Twitter and check him out on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

31 March 2015: K Smooth YG - Free Ca$h (free)

Fairfield underground representative K Smooth YG has recently brought "Free Cash" for free download. You can check it out on SoundClound. The album is made of 16 tracks produced by GreedyBoyFred, The Architekz, Smooth, Blast, DC, Donnie and G. Money. Except for K Smooth YG you'll hear GreedyBoyFred, Choose Up Cheese, Gary Junior, D-Spitta, Wreck and Donnie. Follow K Smooth on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

31 March 2015: Galaxy - Nostalgic (free)

Galaxy hails from Antioch and is a member of Stoner Gang Entertainment. He has recently brought a 9-track deep release titled "Nostaligic". The whole thing is available for free download on or SoundCloud. Peep the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

31 March 2015: Yogy - 88' Hooligan (free)

Back in December 2014 we told you about Yogy's "88' Hooligan" project that was so far available for free download on rapper's SoundCloud page. The album is now officially out on iTunes. The project is made of 11 tracks including guest appearances by Natho, Chyno Soul and Zyah Belle. Beats were delivered by PJ, Enon, Strong Symphony, Prophet, Cash Jordan, Ric & Thad and Primestars. Check out Yogy on Facebook and Tracklist: (show tracklist)

30 March 2015: Spice 1 - Thug Candy

Check out a brand new release from Hayward rapper Spice 1 called "Thug Candy", which is a charity project - profits from sales will be given to YWCA Battered Woman & Childrens Shelter. You'll hear 14 tracks from L1, Young Cash and rYoung. You can purchase an mp3 version on CD Baby or Amazon. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

30 March 2015: Omina Laboratories presents Gangsta II

You may remember a 2013 release from Omina Laboratories called "Gangsta". The second installment of the series is now available on RapBay and is officially dropping on April 7th. The compilation includes appearances by Baby Bash, E-40, Waka Flocka, Guce, Clyde Carson, San Quinn, Show Banga, T-Nutty, Lil Raider, T Millz, Taj He Spitz, Work Dirty, Choppah, Driyp Drop, The Gatlin, Young Bop, Key Loom, Krytykal, Complex, Shill Mac and more. Visit Omina Lab on Facebook, Twitter and check out the snippets of the project on YouTube.

30 March 2015: A One - Young Bay Boss 2

Bay Area rap fans might be familiar with A One - rapper affiliated with Keak Da Sneak's AllNDaDoe Entertainment. A One has already laced the scene with official solo projects "Young Bay Boss" and "Dope As Coke" (along with the leak version) and two collabo releases recorded along with Lil Rue. A One is back with the second installment of "Young Bay Boss" which is available now on RapBay. "Young Bay Boss 2" features guest appearances by The Jacka, Husalah, Freeway, Keak Da Sneak, Berner, Joe Blow, Mistah F.A.B., Lil Rue, Vital and more. Follow A One on Twitter and peep the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

30 March 2015: Flaco 5150 - Take Me As I Am

Flaco 5150 hails from Antioch and has recently dropped a solo project called "Take Me As I Am". You can purchase it in digital version on CD Baby. The album includes 20 songs with appearances by Ridiculous and rapper's son Rh2. Flaco is also working on a duet album recorded along with his son. Visit the rapper on Facebook, SoundCloud and ReverbNation. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

30 March 2015: Mr. Revenue - We'll $ee

Mr. Revenue fails from Valencia Gardens Housing Projects in San Francisco and brought you his debut EP release "We'll $ee" this year. So far it's only available in digitals, e.g. on iTunes.

The solo features 8 tracks and you can already watch a video for "Who I$ Mr. Revenue?". Follow the artist on Twitter and peep the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

30 March 2015: LoveRance - Freak Show Rancey

San Francisco representative by the name of LoveRance is about to drop his new solo on March 31st. "Freak Show Rancey" will be made of 8 cuts featuring J Stalin, Manni Phantom, 12Til, Big Jersey James, C2Saucy and DJ J12. Check out LoveRance on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

30 March 2015: Young Seb - California Hot Boy Mixtape (free)

Young Seb is a 19-year-old rapper hailing from Redwood City. He has recently brought his new release called "California Hot Boy Mixtape" which is available for free download on DatPiff and SoundCloud. What you'll hear is a set of 14 tracks with guest appearances by C-Dubb, Young Gully, Louie G The Don, Illa Money, Nando, Sam, Rawlo and Reggie. Follow Young Seb on Twitter and check him out on SoundCloud. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

30 March 2015: Celeo - How To Be A Playa

Bay Area rapper Celeo has recently dropped a new project called "How To Be A Playa". It's made of 17 cuts with guest appearances by D-Lo, G Lean, Chevy Crocker, Blucka Bang, Monsta The Grouch, Young Ro and Street Black. Get the album in digitals on CD Baby and Amazon. Peep Celeo on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

27 March 2015: Interview with Stevie Ray

Check out the brand new interview we conducted with the Salinas, California artist Stevie Ray. He's been in the rap game for about two years now, but already has become a factor due to a sheer number of projects he keeps on releasing. Learn about his beginnings, inspirations, networking involved in his collabo works with Just Nice, DEA and Lexosyl as well as upcoming projects. You can read more articles in our Interviews section.

27 March 2015: Stevie Ray - Stories of the Speakeasy

Salinas in the 831 area code has a new major factor. I'm talking about Stevie Ray whose endeavors have always been mentioned on He has recently released quite a few digital projects: compilations with Lexosyl ("40831 Compilation") and D.E.A. ("Lifez Cheap") in 2014 as well as "The Untouchables" duo with Just Nice and a solo EP "Moment of My Time" this year already. Now this ain't over, he has just announced the upcoming solo project titled "Stories of the Speakeasy" which should be treated as a second part of "The Untouchables" trilogy. This full-length solo will feature 16 tracks with guest appearances by the fellow artists from the Central Coast like Just Nice, AK 372, Crawlla, Joe Thizz and more, as well as Crayze, Duke and Crooked of Darkroom Familia. Stevie has also announced that he will have limited pressed copies of the "40831 Compilation", so all you collectors should watch out for it! Tracklist: (show tracklist)

27 March 2015: DG presents Open Shop 7

Yuba City representative DG is working on yet another part of his "Open Shop" compilation series. Volume 7 will be available on June 14th and will include verses from B-Dawg, Troublez, Chente Corleone, Boogie Locs, Mandito Brown, Eclipz Tha Hustla, Casper Capone, Famero, Lil Milo, DG, Lil Sneaky, Yung Smoke, Guero Loks, Philly Bee and more. In the meantime get at DG on Facebook.

27 March 2015: Reece Loc - Post War Syndrome

Fresno rapper Reece Loc will be back with his new album on April 7th. "Post War Syndrome" is a 100% solo that will include 12 tracks produced by Akron, Ohio beatmaker Golden Eye 95 Production. Peep Reece Loc on Twitter and check him out on ReverbNation. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

27 March 2015: Wicho - Get Money Stay Humble

Wicho hails from West Pittsburg and is almost done with his new solo project called "Get Money Stay Humble". The album is scheduled to be released mid April and will be filled with 15 tracks featuring Mac Mall, Smokey Loc, Cardo, Gilly Loco, A.D., Honey and more. The project will be available both in digital and pressed copies. Get at Wicho on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

27 March 2015: Cardo presents The Streets Keep Calling

Cardo represents Rich City and Thizz Latin Richmond. He's working on a new project called "The Streets Keep Calling" that is scheduled to be released mid April. It will feature guest appearances by San Quinn, Mac Mall, Lil Ro, Lucky Luciano, Lil Raider, Mr. Kee, Telly Mac, Mac Reese, Pooh Hefner, Swinla, Lexo, Yung Fel, Flatline, Buddah Mac and more. Be also on the lookout for Cardo's "Hittaz N Go Gettaz" and "Thizz Latina" projects. Visit Cardo on Facebook.

27 March 2015: G Lean Tha Fireboy - Hurt They Feelins

Oakland representative G Lean Tha Fireboy has recently released "Hurt They Feelins" project that's available now in digital version on CD Baby. The album is made of 17 songs featuring Gary Hawkins, Chevy Crocker, Celeo, Sav da Moneymaker, Young Ro, Lieutenant Rell and Street Black. Check out G Lean on Facebook and ReverbNation. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

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