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23 October 2014: Young Bop - The Chronicles Of Bishop: Volume One

Sacramento rapper Young Bop is aiming to bring his new solo album to the rap table. "The Chronicles Of Bishop: Volume One" will be available on October 28th and will include 15 songs with guest appearances by Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung, Smigg Dirtee, T-Nutty, C-Bo, Marvaless, X-Raided, Snoop Dogg, Luni Coleone, Turf Talk, Twisted Insane and more. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

23 October 2014: DG presents Open Shop Recordz Vol. VI

DG hails from Yuba City in Northern California and records homeboy rap. His latest album called "Open Shop Recordz Vol. VI" dropped this Summer; so far it's been available via iTunes, but now you can also purchase its hard copy at a few local stores. You can also contact DG through his Facebook. The album is made of 22 tracks with guest appearances by Lil Toro, Troublez, Dopey Locz, V.L.G., Pachecz, Neva Sober, Big Marco and more. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

23 October 2014: Lil Tae & Rydah J. Klyde - Flexin And Finessin

Rydah J. Klyde (of Mob Figaz) hooked up with an East Oakland rapper Lil Tae to bring you their collabo work called "Flexin And Finessin". The album features 15 tracks with guest appearances by Joe Blow, Fed-X, Street Knowledge, Dubb 20, Harm, J Stalin, Lil Rue and more. You can already grab it from RapBay; iTunes will be selling it in a couple of days. Follow Rydah and Lil Tae on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

23 October 2014: Reek Daddy - Serious As Cancer

Crestside veteran Reek Daddy is aiming to deliver a brand new solo project called "Serious As Cancer". The album is scheduled to drop on November 11th under his N.O.Y.B. record label. Expect to hear guest appearances by Dubee, Bad Bizness, Rydah J. Klyde, Boss Hogg, Street Knowledge, H.Y.P., Iz, Double Racks and more. Be sure to check out the article's we wrote about Crestside music (read here).

23 October 2014: Streets To The Sheets Vol.2

One more week and fans or softer version of Livewire rap will be pleased with a compilation album titled "Streets To The Sheets Vol. 2". The project will be handled mainly by L Jay, but you'll also hear verses from Phishkale, Kutt-E, J Stalin, HD, Stevie Joe, Fonk, Da Thrill and others. The album is dropping on October 31st. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

23 October 2014: L.Rucus - Eyes On L

You may have heard of two albums from V-Town rapper L.Rucus that we wrote about last year. The artist is back with his new record called "Eyes On L" - you can purchase its digital version on iTunes. The project is filled with 12 songs with guest appearances by KJ, Jay N Fresh and Carrie Drew. Peep L. Rucus on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

23 October 2014: D.A.GO - Pre-Medicated: Mixtape Vol. 1 (free)

Check out a fresh release from Oakland rapper D.A.GO (of The Rapstarz) titled "Pre-Medicated: Mixtape Vol. 1". The album is available for free download on DatPiff and includes 14 tracks produced by Nima Fadavi, Dago himself, MarsToday, ChexMex and others. Except for D.A.GO you'll hear Los Rakas, Berner, Shark Sinatra, P-Lo and the rest of The Rapstarz. Follow Dago on Twitter and check out his profiles on ReverbNation and Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 October 2014: Fly Mar aka Slim Stickem's - Return Of The Fly

The oldest Bay Area rap fans should remember one of Hunter's Point, San Francisco rap pioneers by the name of Fly Mar. He debuted with a 4-track deep cassette titled "I'm The Nigga!" that was released in 1992. Two years later he brought an LP called "Ya Betta Ask Somebody" which featured the likes of San Quinn, RBL Posse, Cellski or Cougnut. In the last two decades he has only recorded one more album - "A Savage & A Gentlemen" from 2000. It appears that there will be a new solo from this SFC vet titled "Return Of The Fly" which is dropping on November 1st. The cd will be delivered by Ovaseaz Records - a small, independent record label that is the brainchild of Australian hip-hop aficionados Big Ben and Big Willie Will. As it's said on their official website they "revive the 90s West Coast Rap movement with a contemporary flair, recognizing that what is presently known as hip hop has changed from what OG's in the industry are accustomed to". The "Return Of The Fly" project will be made of 15 tracks produced by TC, Calisounds, L7 and Ron, featuring Rappin' 4-Tay, Mistah F.A.B., Taydatay, Hennessy, Maine-O, Big Quint, Regal, Squirrel, Menace Man, RJ Boon Goon and more. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 October 2014: Chingaso Fresh - The Main Event

If you're into homeboy rap scene and Big Tone's / Sav-It-Out camp you should be familiar with the Chingaso. This cat represents Antioch and has been featured on a couple of projects like "Sav It Out" compilation series, Big Tone's solo albums and a few other cds. Chingaso Fresh's debut solo album titled "The Main Event" is now available on iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby. The project is made of 16 songs with guest appearances by Big Tone, Lil Raider, San Quinn, Stevie Joe, Lil Dee, Laced and more. Check out Chingaso Fresh on his Facebook profile. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 October 2014: Philthy Rich & Anonymous That Dude - A Hustlas Motivation

There's a brand new collabo album from Philthy Rich and Anonymous That Dude called "A Hustlas Motivation" available now on iTunes. The project is filled with 15 tracks with guest appearances by Laroo, Stevie Joe, J Diggs, Pooh Hefner, Mitchy Slick, Armani DePaul and more. Peep Philthy Rich on Twitter and Facebook. Check out That Dude on ReverbNation, SoundCloud and follow his tweets. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 October 2014: Montana Montana Montana - Really Not A Rapper

Bakersfield representative Montana Montana Montana is out with his official solo album called "Really Not A Rapper". The project is presented by J-Diggs and includes 12 tracks with guest appearances by AP-9, Fed-X, Messy Marv, Philthy Rich, J-Diggs, D-Lo, Joe Blow, San Quinn, J Stalin and more. Cop the CD on iTunes. Get at Montana on Twitter, Facebook, ReverbNation and his official website. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

21 October 2014: Messy Marv - I'm Not A Rapper, I'm A Cop Vol. 1 / Imma Dough Fiend

Fillmoe rapper Messy Marv aka Young Boy Boy Mess aka Lil Paper'd Up Mess is aiming to bring two new street projects this November. It appears that the beef between Mess and Philthy Rich is still alive because there will be another distape. "I'm Not A Rapper, I'm A Cop Vol. 1" along with "Imma Dough Fiend" will be released on November 11th. Both albums will be available for free download at spots like DatPiff and LiveMixtapes. Stay tuned and visit Mess on Facebook.

21 October 2014: Daily videos update

Too Short - 19,999
Mike-Dash-E - Hype
Tra3D f. JP Big Shot & Haywood The GoMan - Fuk
DSB Click - W.Y.H.A.
Doe'sha Da Don f. Mr. Silky Slim & J-Diggs - Feelin' Myself
Montana Montana Montana f. Philthy Rich - Straight To The Money
Dolla Sign Scoob - Bandz
Hopie - Solar Systems
AOne - Every Other Day
Big Klef - Idiagbon
G.L.A.M. - Roll Up

You can watch all these and more in our Videos section, where we add new clips almost everyday.

20 October 2014: B-Dawg - The Legacy Continues

East Co Co / Sav-It-Out rapper B-Dawg should already be known to homeboy rap fans. He dropped his debut solo called "Scarz N Stripez" back in 2007 (read our review), in 2013 he released a duet project with Doc-9 titled "Ghetto Sickness" (read our review) and was featured on majority cds from Woodie, Big Tone and other folks from his hometown - Antioch. There will be a new solo project from B-Dawg called "The Legacy Continues" that's scheduled to drop on November 18th. It will be presented by Menace 2 Society and will include 17 tracks with guest appearances by B-Legit, Shadow, Levitti, Lou E Lou, Young A.Z., A-Wax, Davina, Doc 9, Lil Raider, C-Locs, Lil Dee, Lil Toro, Tito B, Laced and Lil Ro. The production will be handled by Kev Knocks and Filthy Fill. We'll let you know when it drops so stay tuned.

18 October 2014: HD - Team Guapale: The Bustdown / Bag Lady

There's a new double album release by HD of Bearfaced Gang called "Team Guapale". It is already on RapBay, yet officially dropping on October 28th. The album is made of 32 tracks and features guest appearances by 6Hunnit, Boo Banga, Bandaide, FE The Don, G-Dirty, Lil Goofy, Lil Rod, Lil Blood, Kiwi Da Beast and more. Check out HD on Twitter and (show tracklist)

18 October 2014: Kool John - Shmop City

"Shmop City" from Richmond rapper Kool John is now available also on RapBay in pressed copies. You can still download it for free from LiveMixtapes or iTunes. It is made of 20 tracks with guest appearances by IAmSu!, P-Lo, Skipper, ST Spittin, Jay Ant, Berner and more. Production was delivered by Jay Ant, IAmSu!, P-Lo, YP On The Beat, Kuya Beats. Follow Kool John on Twitter and peep the tracklist below: (show tracklist)

18 October 2014: AC - Fatal Attraction

Slappin' In The Trunk Entertainment is back with its two new releases: "Fatal Attraction" by AC and "We Run The Bay" compilation. Both albums are available now on RapBay and AdamCross510. AC's project includes guest appearances by Killa Keise, Gaitta, Moses Music, Peanut, Sonic Sounds, AK47, J Dandridge, Mr. Self and more. Follow the label on Twitter.

18 October 2014: Indecent The Slapmaster - Heart Burn (free)

Vallejo producer / rapper by the name of Indecent The Slapmaster is back with an 8-track deep release called "Heart Burn" which is available for free download on SoundCloud. The album features Hart Hitta, Mac Mase, Chris Cash and Tay Rolla. Get at Indecent on Facebook and his official website. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 October 2014: Down To The Wire 3: 3rd World Edition

We've already had a chance to grab two parts of "Down To The Wire" series from Livewire camp. Back in 2013 J Stalin presented its first part, while in July of 2014 Philthy Rich brought its sophomore volume. December 16th is the release date for the upcoming third strike from "Down To The Wire", this time it will be a "3rd World Edition" starring Lil Blood, featuring Boo Banga, Beastella, Boski, DJ, AB Hogish, Tim Jr, Lil Goofy, Peso and others. The production will be handled by Nano. Stay tuned to for more details and visit Livewire Records on Facebook.

18 October 2014: Jay-T - With or Without You (free)

We've once written about an underground San Jose rapper Jay-T who dropped "Evolution: I've Evolved" back in 2012. He's back with a new project called "With Or Without You" which is available for free download on DatPiff. The album is made of 17 cuts with guest appearances by Teazem, Ziggy, City Shawn, Young Wappo and more. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

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Freeway & The Jacka f. Rydah J Klyde & Blahk Jesus
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