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27 July 2015: Interview with Willie Rich

San Jose representative Willie Rich talks with BayUndaground staff about the Self Made Hustlaz, the group's discography, his solo career, Shark City scene and the upcoming release "My Pablo". Read the whole Interview available now in our Interviews Section.

27 July 2015: Da' Unda Dogg presents Da' Unda' Dogg's Of America

"Da' Unda' Dogg's Of America" is the latest project from the Vallejo representative Da' Unda' Dogg. The album is packed with guest appearances by rappers like J-Diggs, Mac Mall, P-Reek, Sleep Dank, Mac Duna, Major D, E-40, Vital, A-Wax and more. You can purchase the project in digitals on Amazon or Junodownload. Visit the rapper on, Facebook and Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

27 July 2015: C-Fresh - Eyes Open (free)

Rapper C-Fresh and producer Traxx - both hailing from San Francisco - have recently dropped their joint project called "Eyes Open". It includes 7 songs available for free download on DatPiff. Follow C-Fresh on Twitter and check him out on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

27 July 2015: Lil C-Note - World Full Of Snakes (free)

A young Oakland representative by the name of Lil C-Note has recently brought his new project called "World Full Of Snakes" and presented by Young Gully & Birch Boy Barie. The album is made of 8 tracks featuring AB, Rado, Lil Mikey, Crita, Murda, Five Finga Red and Lil Vonie. You can download the whole thing from Livemixtapes. Follow Lil C-Note on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

27 July 2015: Young Bossi & Paperboy Rell - MuddGang

Young Bossi and Paperboy Rell both hail from Akron, Ohio, but you already know this town is consequently collaborating with Bay Area rap scene. Therefore their joint project "MuddGang" will feature numerous appearances by The Jacka and Joe Blow. Except for those you'll hear Bird Money, Freeze, Ampichino, Chino Nino and more. The album is dropping on August 14th. Get at Young Bossi and Paperboy Rell on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

27 July 2015: Deuce Eclipse & J.Lately - The Setup

510 area code representatives Deuce Eclipse and J.Lately joined forces to deliver "The Setup", scheduled to drop on July 31st. The project will include tracks like "Rollin'" (produced by Oops) or "Caught up" (produced by Jamie Way) - both available on the album's BandCamp. Check out J.Lately on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter. Deuce Eclipse is on Facebook, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and Twitter.

27 July 2015: Gata Mas Firme - Firme Funk

Gata Mas Firme is a homegirl hailing from Santa Rosa. She has recently dropped her solo project called "Firme Funk" that you can buy directly from her - $10 for a pressed copy. The album is made of 11 songs featuring Big Chuco, Bandit, Singular, Valery and Lady D. Get at Gata Mas Firme on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

25 July 2015: Rob Lo - A Brave New World

Rob Lo is a well known producer and Mob Figaz affiliate. He has been working with them and many other Bay Area artists. August 4th is the release date for his next producer album that is going to be called "A Brave New World". The album will be made of 16 songs, obviously with all beats provided by Rob Lo. The mic will be handled by such artists as The Jacka, Husalah, Rydah J Klyde, Fed-X, J Stalin, Dubb 20, Joe Blow, Blahk Jesus, Lee Majors, Ampichino and many more. You can pre-order a digital version on iTunes or Amazon. Follow Rob Lo on Twitter. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

25 July 2015: Galaxy Atoms - Live From Planet Fillmoe (free)

San Quinn's son is now better known as Galaxy Atoms. He's been featured on a few projects, made some videos and is finally out with a solo project. Galaxy Atoms' mixtape is titled "Live From Planet Fillmoe" and is presented by Berner. You can download the whole thing for free from Thizzler's Soundcloud page. Follow Galaxy Atoms on Twitter and check out his Soundcloud page.

25 July 2015: Noodlez & Demon - One Love To The Mob

Northern California representatives Noodlez and Demon have recently brought their joint project "One Love To The Mob". The album is made of 14 tracks featuring Haji Springer and Cutz Calione. You can purchase the whole thing in digitals on Amazon or iTunes. Check out Noodlez on Soundcloud and peep Unknown Productions on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

25 July 2015: J Murda - Tha Murda Show (free)

J Murda hails from Hunter's Point San Francisco. He has recently dropped his new music called "Tha Murda Show" which you can download for free. The album is made of 13 songs featuring Philthy Rich, C Dubb Da General, Dav, Pablo Skywalkin and more. Follow J Murda on Twitter and check out the rapper on Facebook and Soundcloud. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

24 July 2015: C-Bo - The Mobfather 2

West Coast rap fans should be definitely interested in a brand new official solo project from Sacramento veteran C-Bo. "The Mobfather II" has just hit the stores and is available online on RapBay and iTunes. You'll hear 16 songs featuring Outlawz, E-40, Tech N9ne, Killa Tay, Luni Coleone, Ampichino and more. Check out C-Bo on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and RevberbNation. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

24 July 2015: C-Dubb - 20 Calenders

Oak Park, Sacramento rapper / producer C-Dubb will be out with more music this year. He's aiming to give his fans a "20 Calenders" - brand new music for his 20-year anniversary of independent rap business. The album will include production from Dizz, C-Dubb and others. You'll hear guest appearances by Hollow Tip, Masyah (of California Bear Gang), Gatlin, Dizz and more. It is scheduled to drop this September. Check out C-Dubb on Facebook.

24 July 2015: Thugzy & Smurk - Bizzness As Usual followers might be familiar with a rapper named Thugzy that hails from East Palo Alto, California. We've had a chance to promote and review some of his older stuff that was released a few years ago. After quite a hiatus Thugzy is coming back with a new material - a collaboration project with Oakland representative Smurk (you might remember him from 80's Babiez releases). These two are coming out with a joint album titled "Bizzness As Usual" that is scheduled to be released on October 9th both in digital and pressed copies. The cd will be made of 12 tracks produced by Thugzy. You can preview some snippets of the project on Soundcloud. Stay tuned to us and in the meantime visit Thugzy and Smurk on Facebook. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

24 July 2015: Jay Ant - Blue Diamond Dreams

This Summer one of HBK Gang rappers - Oakland representative Jay Ant - will be out with a new solo project called "Blue Diamond Dreams". The album should hit the stores in August. Its first single - "Ride For Me" f. G-Eazy - is already available on Soundcloud. Follow Jay Ant on Twitter, Facebook and check out

24 July 2015: Kool John & P-Lo - Moovie!

Fresh off the press is a brand new release from HBK Gang members Kool John and P-Lo called "Moovie!". The album is available now in digitals on iTunes and features 14 tracks with most of the beats produced by P-Lo; a few cuts done by IAmSu! and Nic Nac. The project features IAmSu!, Skipper, Jay Ant and Lexie. Visit Tracklist: (show tracklist)

23 July 2015: Paris - Pistol Politics

Paris is one of the most known Bay Area representatives of political / social part of the rap scene. He's delivering mature hip-hop music for almost 3 decades. Expect to hear a whole new solo from Paris coming out on September 11th. The album will be called "Pistol Politics" and will include guest appearances by E-40, Kam, Tha Eastsidaz, Dead Prez, Chuck D, George Clinton, T-K.A.S.H., Xien How, DJ True Justice and more. Follow Paris on Twitter / Facebook and visit

23 July 2015: T-K.A.S.H. - No Country For Black Men

Oakland artist T-K.A.S.H. is another known representative of more serious rap music. He has already released two projects under Guerrilla Funk record label and is now preparing to drop his third solo titled "No Country For Black Men". The album is scheduled to hit the stores on October 9th and will include production from Paris. Read more about the rapper on and check him out on Facebook / Twitter.

23 July 2015: DJ True Justice - The Man Of Steel

Oakland / Richmond representative DJ True Justice is about to drop his sophomore project called "The Man Of Steel". His album will be delivered by Guerrilla Funk on October 9th. Expect to hear guest appearances by Paris, T-K.A.S.H., Planet Asia, Rasco, The Grouch, J-Ro, Zumbi, Equipto, Mic T, L Roneous, The Bayliens, Clayton William, Z Man and many more. Beats will be done by Paris. Learn more about DJ True Justice on and follow the artist on Twitter / Facebook.

23 July 2015: Dondrell209 - Basement Mixtape (free)

Dondrell209 is an underground Norteno rapper coming out of Sonora (209). He has a few solo projects under his belt and now he's back with another one called "Basement Mixtape". The album features 12 cuts and is available in a digital version on iTunes. The whole thing is also available for free listen on YouTube. You can find Dondrell209 on Facebook, Twitter and Reverbnation. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

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