Archived news - July 2009

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30 July 2009: Strangulation IV: All Banged Out

This August we'll hear the third part of "Strangulation" compilation from Smokie Loco's Evil Side Records. This series features both underground and well known homeboy rappers, mostly haling from San Jose - Smokie's home town. "Strangulation IV: All Banged Out" will feature verses from SJ rappers like Smokie Loco, Moreno, Young Chico, C-Locs, Troublez and other. We'll also hear rappers from different parts of Bay Area: Big Oso Loco outta Fremont, Sleepy Santino, Redrum from South San Francisco, Akazie & Rukus from Elk Grove (916), Big Chuco from Berkeley and many many more. Stay tuned to and visit the official Evil Side Records MySpace page. You can also read the interview with Smokie Loco conducted last year on

29 July 2009: Guce & John Que - Duffle Bag Boys

A duet album from two Frisco rappers is out here. Guce & John Que are now "Duffle Bag Boys". Their album includes 13 songs with guest appearances from Killa Keise, Big Rich, S.B., Young Jun3, O.G.E., G Dot & Ice Mac. Get it on and visit Guce on John Que on MySpace. (show tracklist)

29 July 2009: Project X: Squad City

Born and raised in Frisco and now reppin' Sacramento - rapper Dezit Eaze is out with a new compilation. It's called "Project X: Squad City" and features Dezit Eaze on almost every track, Remixx, Liq, Banga, Infra Red and vets like The Jacka, Turf Talk, Dubb 20 & Luni Coleone. Check out the tracklist and visit Dezit Eaze on MySpace. (show tracklist)

29 July 2009: Dezit Eaze - Pounds, Dollars & Millionaires

Dezit Eaze has also released a solo album sometime ago. It's called "Pounds, Dollars & Millionaires" and features lots of well known names: Clyde Carson, Turf Talk, Mistah F.A.B., San Quinn, Rydah J. Klyde, Doey Rock, Marvaless & others. Visit Dezit Eaze on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

29 July 2009: AG Cubano - Feet To The Street

Rapper AG Cubano hailing from 650 area will drop his new project very soon. It's already recorded, yet we're waiting for the release date. The street album called "Feet To The Street" will be hosted by Demolition Men and will feature songs mostly produced by Traxx with a few exceptions from Kaoz, Matt Blaque & Elecrtic Juice. You'll hear appearances from Laroo, C-Bo, Matt Blaque, San Quinn, The Jacka, Beeda Weeda, Shady Nate and many more. Check out the tracklist and visit AG on MySpace. (show tracklist)

28 July 2009: Killa Sharks 4

Good news for all San Jose rap fans. Even though the new compilation project from Crazy Time Records is officially dropping in two weeks, you can already get it on and on Album features CTR camp (Crhyme Boss, J-Rider, Big Hujo, The Fonz, Staynless, Brother Ig) plus Gangsta Reese, Stik Gilatine, Playa Rae and many more. Check the tracklist: (show tracklist)

28 July 2009: Killahfornia Hittaz

There's a new compilation called "Killahfornia Hittaz" released under AOD ORG and D-Boy Records. It features 18 tracks with verses from Tommy Blue Eyez, Dragon G, Yun-Gun, Key Loom, A.O.D., First Degree The D.E., Malice, AK The Less Fortune, Doey Rock and many more. Check out the tracklist and the cover. (show tracklist)

28 July 2009: Big Dee - Street Certified

Rapper Big Dee hailing from Fillmoe, San Francisco is out with his solo album. It is called "Street Certified" and features JT The Bigga Figga, J DaVinci, Seff Tha Gaffla, Bread Me Out Family and more. The project was released under Big City Ent. and you can cop it online on Check Big Dee on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

27 July 2009: Darkroom Familia - Darkroom's Hardest Hits Volume 1

Hated by many, loved by many more - DRF has already done big moves this year. They've dropped 2 new group albums, 2 compilations and rereleased two classic cds. Now they're out with a collection of some greatest hits called "Darkroom's Hardest Hits Volume 1". Check out the tracklist for this cd below. Also, be on the lookout for another re-release of OOP album from Connected of Darkroom Familia. The cd entitled "Felony Consequences" will drop September 22nd. You can check the tracklist and the review for the OG version in the reviews section. Get at Darkroom Familia on MySpace. (show tracklist)

27 July 2009: E-Rock - Da Green Eyed Monsta

Even though this cd dropped last month it is worth to mention it on our website. Solo album from E-Rock (of 3 Way Funk) was released under Bloccknock Bros. and features Mistah F.A.B., Guce, Mr. Kee, Allybo, Lady Luck, Nine One and more. Get at San Leandro rapper on MySpace and check out the cover for the cd. Also be on the lookout for a group album from E-Rock, Keyd & Big Lou called "Stack-Leandro Blockstarz" dropping later this year.

27 July 2009: Los Da Rockstar - SF Giant

San Francisco rapper Los Da Rockstar is working on his new solo joint called "SF Giant". No release date set, but we'll surely keep you posted when it drops. The album will be released under Hooliganz Muzic and will include guest appearances from Redeyez, Hustle Boys, Laroo, AG Cubano, Matt Blaque, Jimmy Roses, Demosthenes 3, Yung Cass & more. Check out his music on MySpace.

27 July 2009: Dragons - Smokehouse: Chronicles Volume One

Bay Area duet Remy Red & XSF known as Dragons will drop their new project soon. It will be handled by Demolition Men and will be called "Smokehouse: Chronicles Volume One". You can already pre-order this cd on RapBay. Check them out on MySpace.

25 July 2009: Brotha Lynch Hung & COS - Suspicion V. 2

For all you siccmade music fans there's a new collabo album from Lynch & COS dropping this August. Suspicion V. 2 will hit the stores August 11th and will feature Luni Coleone, Black C, Zagg, A-Wax, I-Rocc, Smigg Dirtee, G-Macc just to name a few. There's a new cover for this album. Check it out and hit rappers on their MySpace pages: Brotha Lynch, COS. Here's the tracklist (no features mentioned): (show tracklist)

25 July 2009: DJ Fresh - The Tonite Show: The Album

One of the Bay Area freshest DJs will bring his new producer's album this September. No one else but DJ Fresh himself has invited artists like Too Short, E-40, Kool G Rap, J Stalin, The Jacka, Philthy Rich, Mistah F.A.B., Smigg Dirtee and many more to rap over his unique beats. "The Tonite Show: The Album" drops September 15th. Get at DJ Fresh on his MySpace.

24 July 2009: Interview with Young Mix

We had a little chat with young San Francisco cat Young Mix. He's just released his full LP album this month. In this interview you'll read how the rap game looks from the perspective of an up and coming artist, why did he choose to focus on the internet as a primary market and more.

Check out the teaser below and read the whole article at the Interview Section:

[ ] : Why mixtapes? What makes young people like you use this medium?

[ Young Mix ] : I started off with mixtapes because at the time I wasn't very satisfied with my beats and I couldn't afford to buy beats so I would just rap and record on any beat I liked. Then everyday after school I would go downtown San Francisco and push them to get some money. Sometimes I would go to Berkeley, Hayward, Richmond, Daly City, to put myself more out. [...] [ read more ]

23 July 2009: Killa Sharks 4

"Killa Sharks 4" is seriously close. The new chapter of this classic San Jose compilation series will be available August 11th. However you can already pre-order the cd on for only $9.99. You will get 18 tracks with appearances from the Crazy Times Records camp: Crhyme Boss, J-Rider, Big Hujo, The Fonz, Staynless, Brother Ig. You'll also hear Gangsta Reese, Stik Gilatine, Playa Rae, Sav Krew, F.B.G. and more SJ artists. Take a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

23 July 2009: Dush Tray - What Goes Around Comes Around

Well known old school San Francisco rapper Dush Tray is back in the game! After releasing his brand new album digitally, he's finally pressed the hard copies. Hhis 3rd album titled "What Goes Around Comes Around" is available right now on After about 10 years of break you'll get 19 tracks with appearances from San Quinn, Munip and a few local artists. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

23 July 2009: X-Raided - The Unforgiven Vol. 2: Assisted Suicide

City Hall Records has just announced the releases for the upcoming months. One of them is the new album from Sacramento veteran X-Raided. Reportedly "The Unforgiven Vol. 2" will touch on some serious political and penitentiary topics. The new solo will be released under Gangway / Bloc Star record labels on September 22nd. More information coming soon to

23 July 2009: Lee Majors - Muzik 4 The Mobb

There's also a new solo by the Oakland resident Lee Majors coming out on September 22nd. Fans already know what they can expect from this hoarse-voiced rapper. "Muzik 4 The Mobb" will feature guest appearances from Messy Marv, Keak Da Sneak, The Jacka, Husalah, AP.9, Dru Down, Cellski, San Quinn and many more. Stay tuned to our news section and take a look at Lee Majors' MySpace page.

23 July 2009: Goldtoes N Berner - R All N Ur Pockets

Last but not least is the new collaboration album that will probably turn into compilation handled by Black-N-Brown veteran Goldtoes and Berner. They are all in your pockets with the upcoming "R All N Ur Pockets" project that's going to feature additional verses from Dem Hoodstarz, Equipto, Beeda Weeda, Jimmy Roses, Louie Loc, Baby Bash, B-Legit and more. Watch out for it on September 22nd and look for more information coming up soon.

22 July 2009: Guce & J Stalin - Giants & Elephants

After a few delays the new collabo album from San Francisco and Oakland rappers is finally here. Guce and J Stalin teamed up and brought you the "Giants & Elephants" project. You'll get overall 16 tracks with appearances from the Livewire camp, Killa Keise, T-Nutty, Jet Black and more. Visit Guce on his MySpace page and peep the tracklist: (show tracklist)

22 July 2009: Reek Daddy & Mr. Skrillz - Sacto 2 Da Crest

A collabo album from Reek Daddy & Mr. Skrillz called "Sacto 2 Da Crest" is officially here. As the tracklist suggests you'll hear appearances from both Crestside and Sacramento rappers. Therefore you'll get additional verses from Mac Dre, Da' Unda' Dogg, Dubee, Mac Mall, T-Nutty, Sumthin Terrible, Doitmovin and many more. You can already purchase the album in all major stores and for instance on Tracklist: (show tracklist)

22 July 2009: J Stalin & Philthy Rich - Early Morning Shift: The Mixtape Vol. 3 - Demolition Men

Two of the hardest working Bay Area MCs have teamed up to record a third part of "Early Morning Shift" series. This mixtape - as always - will be handled by Demolition Men and hosted by J Stalin and Philthy Rich. Expect to hear a gang of additional verses from the whole Livewire camp (Shady Nate, Mayback, Lil Blood, Beeda Weeda...), Keak Da Sneak, Eddi Projex, Mistah F.A.B., Mitchy Slick, Kaz Kyzah and many more. You'll be able to get this on August 25th. Visit Demolition Men MySpace page.

21 July 2009: Killa Sharks 4 - Cali Grown video

San Jose rap scene stand up for another part of a classic Killa Sharks series! Crazy Time Records will release "Killa Sharks 4" this August. Album will feature some of the greatest rappers outta SJ: Crhyme Boss, Cali Grown, Staynless, Brother IG, Stik Gilatine, Big Shea, Gangsta Reese, Jae Rilla, Playa Rae, Big Hujo, Sic Jay and many more. More info coming soon to While you're waiting for this one to be released, view the video for "Must Be The Swagg" by Cali Grown.

21 July 2009: Laroo - Nuthin But Slap Vol. 9 - Demolition Men

We've already had "Nuthin But Slap" episodes hosted by Jacka, J Stalin, Balance and more. One thing that hasn't changed in the series though is the Demolition Men. Now they bring you volume 9 and its host: Richmond representative Laroo. It's scheduled to hit the streets early August. We'll provide you more information as soon as we have any. As for now visit Demolition Men MySpace page.

21 July 2009: Messy Marv - Prices On My Head... Mixtape Vol. 2

There is another cd coming soon by Messy Marv that will be released under different alias. I'm talking about the volume 2 of "Prices On My Head Thug Money On Yo Family" (volume 1 dropped this year) that is hosted by The Boy Boy Young Mess. This mixtape will feature new guest appearances by Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy and Lil Webbie. It is supposed to drop on July 22nd.

18 July 2009: Hollow Tip - Flawless 2

The official release date for the new Hollow Tip's album is July 21st, however it is already available in the local shops and on-line on "Flawless 2" dropped under Mercenary Entertainment and features 15 tracks. You'll hear appearances by Mic-C, 80 West, Smigg Dirtee, I-Rocc, Luni Coleone, Doey Rock and more. Check out Hollow Tip on MySpace and peep the tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 July 2009: Komatoze - Trunk Music

Some good news for San Jose rap fans. Komatoze is about to release an album titled "Trunk Music" and as fas as we're concerned it's his debut solo. It features such people as Big Rich, Jacka, Scoot Dogg, Stik Gilatine, Willie Joe and more. "Trunk Music" will be available July 28th, but we suggest you pre-ordered it on and support the south Bay rap scene. Visit Komatoze on his MySpace page and take a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 July 2009: All Rap Ain't Bad

This one is a highly positive movement, plus it features some of the best Northern Cali rappers. The "All Rap Ain't Bad" project is a compilation directed also to the youngest audience. Educational content is not so popular in rap nowadays, so it might seem a new thing to some of you. Yet if you believe in changes you can buy the album in the end of August. It features verses from Kontac, Erase-E, Dem Hoodstarz, Yukmouth, San Quinn, AP.9, Mac & AK, Dru Down, Black C, Ad Kapone, M-Dash and more. The production will be handled by Suga Kane, Automatic, Tatem1, Mac P, Cholly J, King Cydal & Indecent. Album drops under SMC / Fontana & Beats By The Bay. You can already watch the video for a leading single called "Stay In School" on website. Stay tuned and check the tracklist: (show tracklist)

18 July 2009: Young Mix - The Underdog

SFC rapper Young Mix is out with his solo album called "The Underdog". He's already dropped some mixtapes, but this one features all original beats with appearances from Big Rich, San Quinn, Evenodds, Shad Gee, Cipre, Caleb & more. The production was handled mainly by Evenodds (D.E.O. & M.A.), but also JC, Young Mix & Caleb and Nes. The project is available in digital version and the only place you can purchase the hard copy at is However Young Mix is about to press a few additional copies to put them in stores. Check the tracklist and visit Young Mix on MySpace. (show tracklist)

17 July 2009: Reek Daddy & Mr. Skrillz - Sacto 2 Da Crest

A collabo album from Reek Daddy & Mr. Skrillz called "Sacto 2 Da Crest" is officially hitting the streets July 21st, so next Tuesday. Just to tease you we bring the full tracklist for the cd, which features appearances from both Vallejo & Sacramento rappers. You'll hear Mac Dre, Mac Mall, J. Diggs, Da Unda Dogg, Young Dru, Dubee, Boss Hogg, plus verses from T-Nutty, Doey Rock, DoItMovin & others. (show tracklist)

17 July 2009: Soldier Hard - Boots Laced Up

Vallejo representative and a US army soldier will be out with his new solo cd August 15th. Rapper Soldier Hard will bring "Boots Laced Up" this summer, yet remember to grab his latest release - a mixtape entitled "The Voice" which dropped this March. More info coming soon to Check out the cover and visit Soldier Hard on MySpace.

17 July 2009: Slick Stunna & Young Tweez - Got'em Hatin

There's a new duo album coming out this summer from Oakland rappers Slick Stunna & Young Tweez. Their project will be a mixtape called "Got'em Hatin" mixed by King James. It will be released under Money Boyz & Time Is Money labels. You'll hear appearances from J. Stalin, Philthy Rich, Shady Nate, Bruce Banna, Lil Tae, MB, Delito Juliano & many more. Check us out for more info and visit these guys on MySpace.

16 July 2009: Young Chico presents Northern Cali's Most Wanted

Young Chico representing northern Cali has just dropped his debut compilation. "Northern Cali's Most Wanted" has hit a couple of local record stores and will be available in more places soon. The project features verses from both well known and underground Norte rap representatives from all over the northern Cali: Young Chico, Redrum, Cisko, Baby Boy Ene, Big Chuco, Juney, Smokie Loco, Yung Lalo, Brotha Zo, Jabber Jaws, Pain and Flaco Locs - just to name a few. Take a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

16 July 2009: Big Oso Loc & Big Rhino - We Stay Active: The Mixtape

Big Oso Loc, Latin Fremont representative, has formed a new record label - Active Entertainment. One of its artists is a San Jose artists Big Rhino. These two northerners are planning to flood the northern Cali market with solid releases in the upcoming months. First of them will be a joint mixtape from Big Oso Loc and Big Rhino titled "We Stay Active". It is supposed to drop pretty soon, so stay tuned to as we'll actively keep you updated.

15 July 2009: Ray Luv - Deathwish

Let us come back to Ray Luv's latest release. This Santa Rosa rapper has dropped his new solo joint after a 7-year break. It's called "Deathwish" and features 13 tracks. Check out the tracklist we've got for you and cop the album online at the official Ray Luv's website. (show tracklist)

15 July 2009: Berner - Weekend At Bernie's

After releasing collabo albums with Equipto, The Jacka & Ampichino, SFC rapper Berner will drop his solo joint. Album called "Weekend At Bernie's" will be released August 18th and will feature tracks with production from Cozmo, Goblin, Stinj-E, Dunce, Gennessee, Pak Slap. Guest appearances will include The Jacka, Dru Down, San Quinn, B-Legit, Young Noble, Bun B, Cozmo, Kaz Kyzah & many more. Check out the tracklist and visit Bern on MySpace. (show tracklist)

14 July 2009: Yukmouth - The West Coast Don

One of the most anticipated albums from the Bay Area is out now! Yukmouth who is now independent with his Smoke-A-Lot Records has just released his 5th solo album "The West Coast Don". The project features guest appearances from Mac Dre, C-Bo, Mistah F.A.B., Turf Talk, Dru Down, T-Pain, The Regime and more. Production is handled by Dame Grease, P-Killerz Trackz, Traxamillion and more. Visit Yuk on MySpace and take a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

13 July 2009: Jacka's "Tear Gas" giveaway! (reminder)

Together with SMC Recordings we're pleased to run the contest. We've got both Jacka's autographed "Tear Gas" CDs and posters to send to the lucky ones. Winners will be chosen randomly. The number of prizes is limited.

In order to win free Jacka's "Tear Gas" CD, please answer the main question and fill up the survey that are posted under this link.

We wish you good luck and remember to support the new Jacka's solo that should be in stores nationwide right now and in all major on-line spots.

12 July 2009: Mistah F.A.B. - The Grind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

The yellow bus chief is back again. Mistah F.A.B. has recently released a new mixtape called "The Grind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste". It features 21 tracks with a few appearances from J Stalin, Shady Nate, Nio Da Gift, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall and others. Check Mistah F.A.B. on MySpace. (show tracklist)

12 July 2009: Beeda Weeda - Breath Of Fresh Air

East Oakland rapper Beeda Weeda is out with his new street release. The project is entitled "Breath Of Fresh Air" and is presented by DJ Rick Lee. Cd includes 30 tracks with appearances from Livewire camp, Mistah F.A.B., San Quinn, Kaz Kyzah, Guce, Keak Da Sneak, Eddie Projex and many more. Visit Beeda Weeda on MySpace. (show tracklist)

09 July 2009: Ruben Stunner - MDMA

Rubben Stunner - a Livewire member hailing from north Oakland is out with his street album called "MDMA". Project includes guest appearances from Shady Nate, J Stalin, Philthy Rich, Ronald Mack, Nate Dogg, Nump, Mistah F.A.B. & more. Visit his MySpace page and take a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

09 July 2009: Lil Evil & Plain - Shoc Therapy: The Mixtape

Lil Evil hooked up with Plain to drop a duet album called "Shoc Therapy". Their collabo project is a mixtape and it is already available online on, yet coming to store near you July 14th. Album features Mr. Kee, J Stalin, Mistah F.A.B., K-Loc of Gorilla Pits and others. It was released under Money-N-Music Ent. & Muddy Records. Check Hayward's latest project and visit Lil Evil and Plain on MySpace. (show tracklist)

08 July 2009: J Stalin - Prenup: The Leak

There it is: a pre-release of J Stalin's highly anticipated "The Prenuptial Agreement". Stalin's "Prenup: The Leak" is available now and as far we know you can grab it from Album features 19 tracks with guest appearances from Shady Nate, Jay Jonah, Mayback, Philthy Rich, Mitchy Slick, Beeda Weeda, Krypto & more. Check J Stalin on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

08 July 2009: Young Gully & DJ Fresh - Tonite Show

Young Gully hailing from east Oakland is another rapper invited by DJ Fresh to participate in his Tonite Show series. The latest one, handled by Gully on the mic and DJ Fresh on beats, will drop July 25th. It will include street single "Definition Of Gas" and will feature Mistah F.A.B., Mayback, Shady Nate, Chris Tha 5th, Tower & others. Check Young Gully on MySpace.

08 July 2009: Guce presents Bullys With Slap: Welcome To Killa City

Be on the lookout for a couple of new projects from San Francisco vet Guce. He's dropping a compilation called "Bullys With Slap: Welcome To Killa City" on July 14th under Nazcar Cash Ent. & Bullys Wit Fullys. It will probably include some tracks, which will later appear on other artists' solo projects, as it features rappers, whose albums are also dropping soon. You'll hear Killa Keise, Guce, Matt Blaque, Yung N.A.Z., The Arrang-A-Tang Gang, J Stalin, Yung Jun3, Beeda Weeda, Philthy Rich & others. Check out the tracklist and visit Guce on MySpace. (show tracklist)

08 July 2009: Guce & Matt Blaque - A Gangsta & A Gentleman

Guce is also working on a collabo album with one of the most sought-after Bay Area RnB singers - Matt Blaque. Their duet album entitled "A Gangsta & A Gentleman" will drop this September. More info on Guce & Matt Blaque project coming soon. Visit Guce & Matt Blaque on MySpace.

08 July 2009: Guce - West Coast Gangsta

Guce will be also opening a new Demolition Men series called "Bullys World". The first cd handled by Guce & Demolition's Impereal & Devro will drop this August and will be called "West Coast Gangsta". Check for more info coming soon and get at Guce The Don on MySpace.

08 July 2009: Yung N.A.Z. - Da Streets Paid Me, But Da Hustle Got Me Rich

Rapper Yung N.A.Z. hailing from Hunter's Point SFC is dropping his new solo project this summer. Album called "Da Streets Paid Me, But Da Hustle Got Me Rich" will be available August 4th. The cd will drop under Nazcar Cash Ent. & Bullys With Fullys. More info coming soon to Visit Yung N.A.Z. on MySpace.

08 July 2009: Deebo - Foundation Music

We've finally got some new info on Oakland rapper Deebo's upcoming project "Foundation Music". We still ain't got the release date, yet we know it will be a compilation with a few recycled, a couple of new and unreleased tracks. We'll get verses from Deebo himself, Keyon Cash, Nstinct, Hooli Auto, Dividenz, Cutty Boy, Baby Rico, San Quinn and others. It will drop under Deebo's WeeSeed Records. Visit them on MySpace. (show tracklist)

08 July 2009: Teezy - The Original Dis-O-Bay Don

Oakland rapper Teezy is out with a new mixtape project called "The Original Dis-O-Bay Don". It was released sometime ago under Dis-O-Bay Ent. and includes 17 tracks. You can cop it on cdBaby. Visit Teezy on MySpace and check out the tracklist (no features included): (show tracklist)

06 July 2009: Mexican Weed Headz present Burrito Bluntz

GMG Music with Mexican Weed Headz are working on their next project. It will be a compilation entitled "Burrito Bluntz" and will include tracks like "Breath 420 All Day" from Kryme Wave, "Krazy Afghan Weed" from Don Cisco, "Feelin' Lovely" from Enormus Tha Ox, Tony Streetz & Indecent The Slap Master or "Street Love" from Fatal & Aspects. You'll also hear rappers like Baby Bash, Kurupt, J. Scrilla, Exxxo, Traficante, Scrilla Mac, JT The Bigga Figga and more. Album will drop August 4th under GMG Music. It will be available at Rasputins, iTunes, Target, BestBuy and other stores. Visit Stony Danza of Mexican Weed Headz on MySpace.

06 July 2009: Young Chico presents Northern Cali's Most Wanted

Young Chico representing northern Cali will drop his new compilation this month. "Northern Cali's Most Wanted" should be available next week and will feature Young Chico, Redrum, Cisko, Baby Boy Ene, Big Chuco, Juney, Smokie Loco, Yung Lalo, Brotha Zo, Jabber Jaws, Pain and Flaco Locs - just to name a few. will let you know when it drops.

04 July 2009: Ray Luv - Deathwish

Now this came out as a surprise. Santa Rosa representative Ray Luv is back in the rap game with another solo album titled "Deathwish". You should know that this is his first solo album in 7 years; ever since "A Prince In Exile" dropped! However he released a collaboration with JT and Mac Mall a couple of years back. "Deathwish" is available for $9.99 + free shipping for all US residents, just hit his website The album features Mac Mall, Yukmouth, Shock G, Mac Dre and more. We'll try to post the tracklist soon.

03 July 2009: The C-Way Mafia - Mafia Business Vol. 2

Sacramento natives from C-Way Mafia Records has freshly dropped their second mixtape project. It's called "Mafia Business Vol. 2" and is handled by C-Way Mafia representatives, Smigg Dirtee & others. Don't be fooled by the mixtape word, as it features all original beats. As for now it was only released digitally, but it will be probably pressed in a limited copies. Go and download the whole album from HERE. (show tracklist)

03 July 2009: Don Changolini 4000 - El Presidente Del Juego Inaugural Speed

Last month Roseville rapper Don Changolini 4000 dropped his newest official album "President Of The Game". He also released a mixtape project called "El Presidente Del Juego Inaugural Speed" somewhere around the same time. It features 23 tracks with appearances from Lil Coner, Lil Raider, Goldtoes, Ono Loco, Freddy Chingaz, Ivan Franco, Mr. Skrillz, Lee Majors and more. Check out the tracklist and visit Don on MySpace. (show tracklist)

03 July 2009: Grown Folks - The Bay Is Me, I Am What It Is

Bay Area rap artist Grown Folks is out with a solo album. It's titled "The Bay Is Me, I Am What It Is" and includes 12 songs. You'll hear features like Matt Blaque, Dinerro The Boss, Big Face, Prince Charles, Lil Bit, O.G. Silk & Shani. The album was released under 10 Men Like Me Records. Cop it online on and visit Grown Folks on MySpace. (show tracklist)

02 July 2009: Freddy Chingaz - Bubble Up

San Francisco rapper Freddy Chingaz will drop his new solo album this summer (early August). The project will be called "Bubble Up" and will be released under Thizz Latin & All Out Inc. You'll hear appearances from Black C, Messy Marv, Guce, Mr. Kee, Mr. Sandman, Don Juan & many more. Check Freddy Chingaz on MySpace.

02 July 2009: Back Doe Ent. - Mixtape Vol. 2

There's a new mixtape from Back Doe Entertainment available now and free for download. Their second self titled mixtape includes 18 songs with appearances from Oakland representatives like Yung Azz Cuttyboy (also affiliated with Deep Sleep Records), Tui Tui, Hiter, Yung Mousie, Angelo and others. Back Doe mixtapes were only released digitally, without any artwork, yet if you're into gangsta Frisco rap you'd better download their newest mixtape and also check Vol. 1. Be on the lookout for an official Back Doe Ent. album coming soon. Visit Back Doe Ent. on MySpace. Tracklist for mixtape Vol. 2: (show tracklist)

01 July 2009: Shady Nate - Gasman Unleashed

Shady Nate of Livewire camp has just released his new long play solo project. This ancticipated full length album is named "Gasman Unleashed" and was released under Livewire Records and Town Thizzness yesterday. It features - as always - lots of Livewire related artists like J Stalin, Philthy Rich, Jay Jonah, Beeda Weeda, Lil Blood, but also Mistah F.A.B., G-Stack, Keak Da Sneak and Eddi Projex. Visit this Oakland artist on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

01 July 2009: Ruben Stunner - MDMA

Livewire Records never rest. Even though they released so many projects this year itself, they are always working on something new. Probably next one to come is a street album by Ruben Stunner, as his "MDMA" solo is dropping on July 7th. As usually it will feature tons of people affiliated with the label: Shady Nate, J Stalin, Philthy Rich, Ronald Mack and more, but also Nate Dogg, Nump and Mistah F.A.B. Visit his MySpace page and take a look at the tracklist: (show tracklist)

01 July 2009: J Stalin - Prenup - The Leak

We're back with some details for J Stalin's "Prenup: The Leak" which is dropping soon. It will be a mixtape with 19 tracks and guest appearances from Shady Nate, Jay Jonah, Mayback, Philthy Rich, Mitchy Slick, Beeda Weeda, Krypto & more. Be on the lookout for this release dropping before his official "The Prenuptial Agreement" album. Go and check Stalin on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

01 July 2009: Pillionaires - The ComPillation

Northern Cali duet Pillionaires (YB & Waz) released their newest project on June 16th. Better late then never, so here it is: "ComPillation" presented by J-Diggs, which includes 20 songs with appearances from J-Diggs, San Quinn, Mac Dre, Keak Da Sneak, Baygeen, Mistah F.A.B. and others. Check out Tha Pillionaires on MySpace. (show tracklist)

01 July 2009: Don Changolini 4000 - President Of The Game

The Roseville (916 area code) representative Don Changolini 4000 dropped his second solo endevour in the middle of June. The album titled "President Of The Game" was released under Thizz Latin, so expect guest appearances from people like Jimmy Roses, Goldtoes, Lil Coner, Big Tone, Tito B and more. However there are 20 tracks so you'll also get verses from such known people as San Quinn, Kreep or Haji Springer. Be sure to check his MySpace page. (show tracklist)

01 July 2009: Stik Gilatine - Poseidon: King Of The Ocean

San Jose rapper Stik Gilatine has shared his latest mixtape with all his fans. Download "Poseidon: King Of The Ocean" for free, as it was only released digitally. Project was mixed by DJ Ambidekstres and features Playa Rae, Trey C, Komatoze, 2 Left Feet, Dave Dubb, Lasrow, Young Rebs and others. If you're diggin' Stik's style you'd better be ready for his official LP album called "The Fly Guy" coming this Summer. Visit Stik Gilatine on MySpace. Tracklist for "Poseidon": (show tracklist)

01 July 2009: Big Lou - Mobb Affiliated

Rapper Big Lou hailing outta Haystack is out with his debut solo cd. It is entitled "Mobb Affiliated" and includes 22 tracks. Except for Big Lou you'll hear verses from Gorilla Pits members, Mr. Kee, Hooli Automatic, Young Scoob, E-Rock and many more. Album was released under Big Lou's Scripp Block Muzik label. Check him out on MySpace. Tracklist: (show tracklist)

01 July 2009: Darkroom Familia presents North Pole 2009

Wheter you love them or hate them you gotta admit they're still pushin' hard work on the Northern Cali Latin rap scene. Here's another Darkroom Familia project. It's coming out August 18th and in fact it's another chapter of "North Pole" compilation. The newest one - "North Pole 2009" - will feature DRF camp (Duke, Crooked, Young D, D-Roll, K.I.D.), Kasper, Yung Lalo, Maloso, Droopy Lector, Young Chico and many more. It's obviously dropping under Darkroom Studios. Get at DRF on MySpace.