13 February 2009

[ Bay ] : Let's start off with some basic info. Where're you from ? What set do you claim ?

[ Troublez ] : Im from West San Jose,CA West Side all day!

[ Bay ] : You're collaborating with many norteno artists. Are you also a part of norteno rap movement ?

[ Troublez ] : The Nor Cal movement you know putting wit real homies.

[ Bay ] : An average Northern Cali rap fan heard about you not longer than two years ago, when you've dropped "Cemetary Wishes". As far as I'm concerned there were also two underground projects before it - "Street Life" and "One 4 Us Primos". Tell us something more about it.

[ Troublez ] : Well "One 4 Us Primos" was a comp that Fatalist and No Remorse put together. I had one track on there but I was helping push the album out there. It did real good... "Street Life" was my 7 track album I put out to kick things off, feel me. Then I just took it from there and its been on ever since.

[ Bay ] : Let's get back to the "Cemetary Wishes" project. Probably most of people noticed its cover wasn't designed as a typical Bay Area rap cd. Also the title makes fans think about it more like a death metal cd, not a rap. Let us know what was the reason you choose this title and a cover.

[ Troublez ] : Well "Cemetery Wishes" was something I was feeling at the time. It was something that was on my mind at the time. A lot of homies triped out on the cover but I still think its coo. I been told it looked like a death metal cd. But I didnt care. I love that album. Its something diferent so I knew it would stand out.

[ Bay ] : You've also released "The Network" compilation album. We'll hear many verses from No Remorse and Fatalist. Tell us more about them and the whole project idea.

[ Troublez ] : The name of the album came from No Remorse. We finished "Cemetery Wishes" and we was just like "lets put out a comp", so we started working on it. At first all the tracks came from us; then we said its called "The Network" so then we just collabed wit ever one that wanted to collab an thats how we got "The Network" done. The whole idea of the album was to just network wit everyone that was down to network. Fatalist and No Remorse - both got great music there, both are great artists who both working on solo albums, so you will be hearing from them soon also.... This 14 Life Records C.E.O is No Remorse. He also produces my albums. So much love to the homie.

[ Bay ] : We've heard you're working on your new solo cd called "Thug Poet". Tell us more about it. When we can expect to hear it? would it be a norte type of project? Who will be featured on it?

[ Troublez ] : "Thug Poet" is an album that I feel is my best work so far. It's an album that is something I put alot of time into. I have lots of solo tracks on it. The album will be hiting stores and online sometime in May, right before summer! It's more of a book of my life type of album. I really get deep in my music and life. You gotta hear it and you will feel what im saying! The album features Bavgate, Equipto, No Remorse, Ace Of Spits, Boogie Locs, Raulie B, Gypsyluv... The album is a must have album in 09.

[ Bay ] : Except for No Remorse and Fatality (as featured on most of your previous releases) what other rappers have you been collaborating with ?

[ Troublez ] : Well Im collaborating wit R&B artists Raulie B and Gypsyluv on tracks. I collab wit Bavgate, Ace Of Spits, Equipto... just to name a few.

[ Bay ] : Who else would you like to collab with ?

[ Troublez ] : I would like to collab wit Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs~N~Harmony.

[ Bay ] : Northern Cali rap scene is flooded with new artists, upcoming cats, young MCs... How do you think, is there anyone from present-day rappers who deserve and is good enough to be an icon of modern Bay Area rap ? Someone like Mac Dre, Too Short or Yukmouth of todays. Maybe someone from SJ scene ?

[ Troublez ] : I think there's alot of rappers doing it big. Some been around and some or new man. I dont know on the real, I would like to see everyone come up!!!!

[ Bay ] : You've got fans all over the state, US and even Europe. Where fans can buy your cds online ?

[ Troublez ] : You could by my music online at or, iTunes or just go to my MySpace and buy it off my page....

[ Bay ] : San Jose rap scene is underestimated. Even though it's the biggest city in northern California, its rap scene is not that known. What do you think about it? Will it change soon?

[ Troublez ] : I think its already changing. I see alot of more artist releasing more and more music so I think the San Jose rap scene will just continue to grow.

[ Bay ] : Anything more you'd like to share with you fans ?

[ Troublez ] : I would just like to thank my fans for all there support and love and Im here so expect more from Troublez music. Much love yall god bless!!!!!! Thank you BayUndaground much love!!!

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