Yung Lalo

07 January 2009

[ Bay ] : What's up homie, tell us a little about yourself.

[ Yung Lalo ] : First of all, I wanna say thank you for making this happen, I don't remember reading a lot of interviews with up coming artist, any to tell you the truth, but ya what's happnin' bayundaground, I'm that Northern California South Sacra king Yung Lalo that's sitting on top, I just turned 20, fresh up in the game doing what a lot of upcoming rappers ain't done, you know, I gotta label, it's called On Top Records, so far it's me and my lady Mz. Monique, man wait till ya hear her spit, I'm a very serious person when it comes down to this music game and shit im a koo ass homie when you get to know me.

[ Bay ] : What's the Sacramento Latin rap scene looking like?

[ Yung Lalo ] : It looks pretty koo for those who wanna really make it and be on top, know what I'm saying, but shit to tell you the truth I don't even keep up with brown rappers from round here like that, but don't get me wrong bro there's a shitload of them coming up, fucking been came up and waiting for their time, starters like Mad Dog, man Mad Dog is the first homeboy rapper to spit for Sac that I know off, then Rukus, Bo Bo (I think he changed his name to Bo Bizz now), Young Luck, Don Changolini 4000, and Bear, now we got other homeboys like me, Mac Eazy & Young Loc comin up too and as for other none homeboy but Latin rappers, you got my cousin E-Crazy and J-Loco comin up and we got June Bug Slim who's been came up, that's all I can think of right now, either way we got a huge rap scene out here in general.

[ Bay ] : You're a young rapper and your first appearance happened to be on infamous DRF's compilation titled "North Pole 2". How did you achieve it?

[ Yung Lalo ] : Ya that was my first solo recorded track in a real studio and my first original beat, but actually my first release appearance was Evil Sides's Strangulation Pt. 2 with my "Welcome To The Capitol", but ya back to how I achieved to get on DRF's North Pole 2. Well man first of all I took it serious and wasn't scared to get at Darkroom and ask if I can get on, what I gotta do, you know shit like that. And this was before North Pole 1 came out, so you know I got at them, but it was too late for me to hop on, so DRF said I got next on the second one, so ya Crooked produced the beat and put me on, if it wasn't for my main influence in this rap game which is Darkroom Familia, I wouldn't even be here doing this interview homie. They put me on, when no one else even tried to put me on, they gave me a chance when no else even cared to give me a chance, they lived up to what they told me and they showed me love for always bein a down ass fan, because I am a DRF fan before I am A DRF feature. Let that shit be known, I got well over 65 original DRF cds, and ya I kept truthful and correct so that's how I really achieved it.

[ Bay ] : Which albums were you featured on too?

[ Yung Lalo ] : Albums I'm already on and ones waiting for release are:
Evil Side Records presents - The Strangulation II
Darkroom Familia presents - North Pole 2
Los Traficantes - Conecta Del Norte
Those are out already. Others that are waitin for release is Young Chico's comp Northern Cali's Most Wanted, Evil Side Records - The Strangulation Re-Release, Darkoom Familia presents From the Barrio With hate and ones I haven't recorded anything on and are cds I should be getting on if everything goes as said is the homie's Sav Sicc - Disturbed solo cd, man I'm telling you if ya homeboys dont know who he is, ya need to google his name, homie got bars. Anyways I'm getting on The Strangulation Pt. 4, Central Valley Connection comp presented by Kcl/Homeboyz Wit An Attitude, the big homie's Young Rich next solo. Man it's a lot more than that, hit up the myspace, I update it everytime there's something new.

[ Bay ] : I see that you don't have solos neither on Connectionz nor on Conecta Del Norte. Instead your verse appears back to back with fellow DRF veterans. What was it like working with such experienced artists?

[ Yung Lalo ] : It came kinda easy to me for the fact I've been ready for a while even though I'm still learning how to rap on the mic to my full potential. It was hard, cause it's a whole other thing when you're behind the mic holmez, but ya I love working with DRF, they hit me up, told me what they wanted, how they wanted it and when they wanted it. I love workin with them, but really homie on some personal shit I never once thought I would get to rap with Darkroom Familia, shit I still can't belive it, you know I guess dreams do come true and good things do come to those who wait. I waited for a while and now look homie: I'm coming up and rapping with my influences, that alone means more than a lot of shit, but ya I know, I don't really got no solos on any cds, but North Pole 2 as of right now, I'm really just waiting to do solos on my solo albums, but ya homie im gonna have a solo on DRF's new comp, "From The Barrio With Hate", so check that shit out when it's out.

[ Bay ] : From what I noticed it's uncommon for a young rapper to come up with "normal" style. Youngsters from the Bay Area are usually on some hyphy shit. What do you think about the movement? Is it also widespread in Sacramento?

[ Yung Lalo ] : It's everywhere man, all over norte Cali, but not as bad as it was in 2006. Really you make the decision to be a hyphy rapper or your own style rapper. I say, leave hyphy to the people that been hyphy before other people took their swag, you feel me. Leave it to the people that can do good hyphy music like Keak Da Sneak and Mistah F.A.B., but me, maine, I chose to be my own style rapper and do my own shit, my west coast Sacramento Central Valley shit mixed with the northern chicano rap shit, not this new funny ass rockstar, rock out with they cock out shit. Shit holmez I don't know about you, but I don't like gay ass shit like and you know we also got others tryin to come back to their mob/west coast roots. Man fuck that, I always kept it west coast, all my own shit is west coast, you hear me and it's west coast shit. Real talk homes, step it up and get on top and get on some original shit, get off the wagon before it's too late.

[ Bay ] : I honestly think that it's a good start for an upcoming artist, since all these projects are recognizable by Latin rap fans. What are your plans for the nearby future?

[ Yung Lalo ] : Homie my plans for the future are what they were in the past and that's for me to be On Top. I just got my studio up, I got beats, not your simple put together easy mac beats, I got some hits, I got plans for hella cds. first of I'm working on a few cds right now. First it's me and my lady's mixtape album, the only mixtape I'm ever gonna do, but ya I'm gonna go ahead and treat it as an origanl album even if I don't have exclusive rights to the beats and shit. Watch it still be better than most original albums, it's gonna be tight. Basically what I'm tryin to do with it, is give my lady her shine, she's gonna be on it more than me as of right. Now she already got more tracks than me, but ya we ain't even gonna do no more than 4 tracks together, for the hole reason I want people to wait for the full retail album of her and me and as for features it's gonna be some homies here and there, you'll see. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's gonna be the 2nd male/female northern chicano rap cd, but ya that should be out by Spring 09. Than it's my appearance solo, it's untitled too, but with that one I'm gonna take the tracks that I did in the past year or so and press it up. Maybe I'll throw a brand new exclusive track, but ya I'm gonna promote it, get it on iTunes and them stores, you know. I'm basically doing it to up my name more so when I drop an all original solo people will know who I am a bit more and also so people can hear my shit that they probably didn't buy. That one should be out by Summer 09 and when those 2 start coming to a finish I'm gonna start on the Yung Lalo & someone else cd. The original back to back Yung Lalo & Mz. Monique cd or wait for that and just do her own solo, a comp, maybe a dvd I don't know about that one yet, but ya bro, I got a lot coming, so get ready to hear some good music.

[ Bay ] : Could you tell us something more about Young Chico Presents - Northern Cali's Most Wanted?

[ Yung Lalo ] : Ya man, why not. First of, Young Chico from East San Jose got his own label called Suicidal Mindz, vato been down with me since 06, for me that's a long time already, for the reason that a lot of people tell me they're down with this music thing and don't take it as serious as how he does with me. Anyways back to the question: the comp is gonna be tight, matter of fact he got my first recorded appearance. It's about two years old now, I recorded it in a not so good studio, but trust me it's still hot. He got an another track of me on there, a brand new one. Let's see, he gots some real good homeboy features. He got Cisko of P.B.C, Redrum, Baby Boy Ene, Big Chuco, Manda Locs, Juney, Brotha Zo and a lot more bro. And ya the cd been done for like 2 months now. Shit, it's even mastered, wither way it's a promise it's gonna be out this month of Jan 2009.

[ Bay ] : What are your influences? I noiced on your myspace that you indeed listed a couple of people representing Sac-Town, but also many more from other parts of northern Cali.

[ Yung Lalo ] : I'm glad you asked me this. I got a lot to say about a lot of people who influenced me. To start off, ya a lot Sacramento rappers are my influences in general, especially Brotha Lynch Hung & X-Raided. I Love Lynch's and X-Raided's music. No one gots shit on them, they are Sacramento. They always will be Sacramento, but so are the others what influence me, like T-Nutty, Smigg Dirtee, Sav Sicc & C-Bo. And ya I'm also influenced by a lot of others from other parts of Cali like Daz, Yukmouth, AP.9, The Jacka, Big Tone, Baby Bash, Ya Boy and Messy Marv. Not just Cali but a lot of influence comes from Houston, Texas Too, especially from SPM and Lucky Luciano. See basically wach of these rappers influenced me in a different way, for example my influence from Big Tone is makin high quality northern music, Messy Marv's, is makin gangsta mobb shit, SPM makes me wanna get deep and personal with it, Ice Cube, Dr.Dre and Daz make me wanna do some west coast shit and Yukmouth, man Yukmouth makes me wanna be a West Coast Don, you feel me. But homie hands down, my main influence is Sir Dyno and the Darkroom Familia, period. I can sit and listen to all my Sir Dyno cds, my DRF cds, over and over and still to this very day and since I was a kid no one besides X-Raided and Brotha Lynch can make me pick up a pen and try to rap. Like how DRF makes, their music is so pure and solid, everyone in DRF influenced me: from Sir Dyno to Duke, Crooked, Oso & D-Roll to K.I.D., Young D and Emaculate. Each one in a different way.

[ Bay ] : Any details on your solo album? Cause you probably know that that's the time when real exposure happens.

[ Yung Lalo ] : Fuck ya, you know I am, shit I'm working on two right now. First one should be out later this year, around the last qurter of 2009. I'm Gonna title it "On Top Of The State" and trust me, this is gonna be a classic. People will remember this cd, it's gonna be on my label On Top Records and hopefully on another label too, if all goes well. Trust me, this label is known, it won't disappoint. I've been hitting people up about it and so far I got a few people that say are down to get on with me. Some are at my end and some at their end, but ya this are some of features: Darkroom Familia, A-Wax, Zagg, Sav Sicc, Gemini, Baby Boy Ene, a few homeboys from the 559, I'm gonna have a real good line up, a lot of first time appearances with a northern chicano rapper. Please believe that, and the other is gonna come out in early, very early 2010. It's gonna be an all Spanish solo, the first ever. Check that shit, it's gonna be the first solo album up in northern cali, but ya that's gonna be titled "El Joven Lalo": Spanish for "Yung Lalo". I got like 2 solo songs recorded on that already, it's gonna be sick and as for features the homie Franky Boy, Young Chico and Darkroom Familia are gonna for sure be on it, but on this one I'm gonna try to get at the homeboy rappers that could rap in Spanish. Ya, but before that be on the look for my appearance album and the Yung Lalo & Mz. Monique mixtape.

[ Bay ] : I don't know whether you had an opportunity to read our interview with Crooked from April 2008, but he speaks on lack of unity on the northern Cali scene. Have you had an opportunity to experience that?

[ Yung Lalo ] : I read all the news about northern cali cds here and ya I read it. Good read too, but I'm very sure he meant it tours the lack in northern cali rap in general, not just homeboy music. But hell mutha fuckin ya, I've experienced that and I swear on everything, it's always the same people man. It gets real fuckin old, cause these "super stars" be chargin young homies that are tryin to come up and obviously don't have much to start off wit. And it's not what they're charging to me, cause shit that ain't nothing, please belive its nothing, it's that we gotta help each other out and some of those homeboys that are on a higher level don't even try to fuck with us and when I say us I mean the newer rappers from northern cali. We don't get help, so we help ourselves and come up. Look at me, I'm coming up right, but as for other rappers that charge, that are none northern chicano rappers, than shit charge, I aint got no problem with others chargin for the whole reason to me they're worth buying a verse from. And as for me, I've obligated myself to never charge a homeboy. I don't give a fuck if I get signed to Dope House Records, Darkroom Studios, Made Sicc, Blackwall Street and Rap-A-Lot at the same time tomorrow. I ain't gonna charge a homeboy trying to come up. I know how it feels to get turned down when you show love to some of this this cocky ass niggas and get told 250+ bro and don't even say "ay homie, thanks for the love". When that happens to you, than you start losing respect and support for that rapper, that's why I try my hardest to show love to all the homies that show it and try to get on shit. I get respectfully get asked to get on, cause I don't want other homies to feel what I've felt. When people hit me up I show love back and let them know what's up, you feel me. And trust me homie, I ain't bitchin about this. I don't need them homeboys that charge and don't even show love back to the people that have always supported their shit. I got Darkroom that's been down with me since day 1 and for real what northern rappers gets bigger than that. Check this out bro, I'm gonna quote one of my favorite rappers on this song "My Reason" by T-Nutty, he says: "I don't care about a feature from a rapper that's known / I'm the flowmastermouth I got fans of my own". What right there is some real ass shit, when I heard that I was like it don't get no realer then that, and as for lack, ya there's a lot of lack of unity, but only within the same rappers, outside of that we got a lot of homies comin together. Sooner or later the cocky will be on the bottom and the down to earth will be on top.

[ Bay ] : Big thanks for the interview, mayne.

[ Yung Lalo ] : Ya, thank you for interviewing me. Really appreciate that bayundaground and I wanna give a few public shout outs to Darkoom familia, Young Rich, Zigg Zagg, Sav Sicc, Young Chico, J-Loco, E-Crazy, Mz. Monique, Kasper, Smokie Loco, B.M.K, Franky Boy & Thunper. And if you're into west coast, norte cali, mob gangsta high quality music, come fuck with ya homie Yung Azz Lalo and for ya that want me as a feature get at me with some serious shit and I'll get down or Mz. Monique will get down, and if ya wanna chop it up with me just hit up the myspace at