Young Mix

24 July 2009

[ ] : What's up Young Mix. Tell people something about yourself.

[ Young Mix ] : Well I'm a young fly Frisco kid from the Mission District just on top of my grind. I take this music business serious, so serious I go to school for music. I been rapping since I was 13, I put out my first lil mixtape when I was 15, and it's been on ever since.

[ ] : How did the whole rap thing start for you?

[ Young Mix ] : In middle school, Mohammed from the rap group Midnight Voices and The Real World: San Francisco was my advisor and he realized how my neighborhood was starting to affect the way I would act. Therefore, he suggested rapping as an outlet to prevent me from doing some shit that would affect my life in a negative way.

[ ] : And did it help?

[ Young Mix ] : Yea it mos def helped, I mean it wasn't an easy road but it gave me a goal and some hope. It even lead to me coming to school for music on a scholarship, so in the long run it mos def helped. I remember there was a point in my life were I just didn't care about anyone or anything around me, all I wanted to do is make money at any means and rap. But then rapping and this music shit helped me get back on track and ya boy is still here making music.

[ ] : Could you summarize your releases up until now?

[ Young Mix ] : When I was 15, I released my first mixtape/compilation with my friends called "Itz Just Tha Beginning." Then when I turned 16 I released "Grind Mode: Tha Hustle Dont Stop Vol. 1" hosted by D.E.O. of Evenodds. I just dropped "The Underdog: Street Album". And currently I'm working on my album with Caleb (Caleb and I are a group), and another mixtape "Grind Mode: Tha Hustle Don't Stop Vol. 2" hosted by D.E.O. again.

[ ] : Why mixtapes? What makes young people like you use this medium?

[ Young Mix ] : I started off with mixtapes because at the time I wasn't very satisfied with my beats and I couldn't afford to buy beats so I would just rap and record on any beat I liked. Then everyday after school I would go downtown San Francisco and push them to get some money. Sometimes I would go to Berkeley, Hayward, Richmond, Daly City, to put myself more out.

[ ] : I'll get back to "mixtape" thing, but for now please tell me more about your fresh album "The Underdog".

[ Young Mix ] : I worked hard on this record with the help of my bruh bruh D.E.O. from Evenodds. He produced about 80% of it and he mixed and mastered the whole project. It was my first project with all original beats, and I just wanted to make a diverse record that would touch on one's different emotions and feelings. I touch on topics that vary from struggles within the neighborhood to dancing songs to storytelling songs, etc. I just want the listener to be satisfied with the final product and not get bored. I got features from San Quinn, Big Rich, Evenodds, III Story Gang, and my homies that are trying to come up too, like Caleb, Young Chris, Cipre, and Demosthenes 3. So I have a nice variety of features form legends to up and coming artists.

[ ] : Where can people buy this CD?

[ Young Mix ] : This album is currently only digital and you can get a copy on iTunes and Amazon. But there would be some hard copies soon. I promise.

[ ] : What made you focus mainly on the e-market?

[ Young Mix ] : The reason why I focused on the internet is because, like I said earlier, I take music and the music industry very serious. So I don't have the time to be out on the streets like I was in high school selling CDs. I go to school for music, I was an intern for Darkchild and I'm still looking for more internships with record labels and producers, and I attend many music panels/mixers so it is very difficult to find the time to sell CDs. So I decided to focus on promoting online to sell, and it's going well with the help of websites like BayUndaground, Stash Online, WeTheWest, Siccness, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, DatPiff, Blogs etc etc.

[ ] : If people were interested in the hard copies of your previous mixtapes, do you have any left? Or did you also release them only digitally?

[ Young Mix ] : I'm sold out of all my hard copies, and I think the "Its Just The Beginning" mixtape is going to be one of those "that's that rare Young Mix shit" in like 10 years lol, so if you got it, hold on to it cause I'm trying to do big things. But the "Grind Mode Vol. 1" is available on so you can always get that one.

[ ] : You're not the first and definitely not the last person to focus primarily on the mp3s. Do you think that pressed CDs are slowly going to die off?

[ Young Mix ] : Not at all, there are still music consumers like myself who appreciate good quality music and MP3 is crap. And it is sad because these younger generations are training their ears to believe that MP3s are high quality sound.

[ ] : What are your future plans?

[ Young Mix ] : I got very ambiguous goals and I'm going to work to get where I need to be. But I want to continue putting out good music that people enjoy. I also want to be involved and be a major factor in the music industry.

[ ] : Thanks for this little interview, wish you best of luck, mayn.

[ Young Mix ] : No thank you for allowing a young rapper like myself to get a lil shine... feel me. But yea, go get a copy of "The Underdog" on iTunes, wether you get one song or the whole record I will appreciate all the support. Also check me out on:

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