27 October 2009

[ ] : What's good Akazie. For those who don't know: who are you, where are you from?

[ Akazie ] : They call me Akazie, I'm representing Elk Grove, CA. to the fullest. Double L Block. Rival Killa Gang, gotta give it up to all the homies all over Sac though, I've lived all over the city and I stay connected with a lot of folks. This whole town is my playground. I love Sac even though there's never shit to do out here and everybody hates each other, but I still got love for ya'll. I was originally born in Houston, TX. I moved to South Sac when I was 7 years old. And the 916 is where we touch downed and stayed.

[ ] : How long are you in this rap game? What were your first steps?

[ Akazie ] : I first started making beats when I was like 17, I joined a MIDI class at Cosumness River College, learned how to make beats. Like 18 years old I started going to Crystal Clear Studios in Sac. Till this day I still think ADAT recording is the best way to go. That's what he had there. But yeah that was when it all really began and knew I wanted to do this as a career.

[ ] : There are still people sleeping on you and your camp. How would you describe the music you make to those?

[ Akazie ] : Folks is sleeping because I haven't been full force with this music shit lately, I live a real life and gotta deal with real problems and bills and shit. Not all my money and time can be invested in this music. I'm 30 now, so I gotta deal with grown man shit. Sometimes I don't have time to hit the club every night, I'm not in the lab everyday recording. I'm not in front of liquor stores and record stores selling cds everyday like these younger cats. If I could I would, like back in the day I didn't have shit to do with my time. Nowadays I'm just too busy to play. So right now I've just been keeping to myself, working on my lyrical skillz, tryna make at least two beats a night, I've been on this fuck everybody mode, tired of helping people out. Cutting myself off from the world. Don't call me, 'cause I'm not answering shit. LOL, my bad ya'll, but sometimes you gotta do for yourself. And get it yourself. When I go home at the end of the day.

[ ] : So overall, what have you released or played major role in?

[ Akazie ] : The first CD I released was in 1999-2000: Akazie presents "The Strangler" album, it was an album produced all by me. It was pretty much a color printer album. Never pressed it up legit, but we got rid of about 800 copies. 2003 we released Rukus - "Disrespect" solo album. Produced by Akazie & ILLAZE, we pressed up a 1000 copies with Disc Makers. At that time I was living in the Bay Area, I lived in El Cerrito & Berkeley. I recorded and mastered an album called Akazie - "Eight Double O", all produced by me. I recorded it all at STUDIO 132 (BZ Lewis), he's probably one of the greatest engineers I've ever worked with in my life. Worth every penny I spent there. I never released the album because it was a marriage and divorce album from drinking Olde English 800. Yes, I recorded it in 2003, and yes I know it's 2009, but if I release it I gotta stop drinking O.E. for good. I've been trying for 6 years. Released "25 Pen Stabz" mixtape and Rukus - "Middle Fingaz Up" mixtape. Those both did real good. Caught a lot of buzz with those.

Releasing "Akazie For Kongress" this month with official hard copies. Digital downloads... people don't like that shit I guess. Also releasing Rukus - "Let Da Hatin Begin" mixtape.

[ ] : Tell us more about your record label.

[ Akazie ] : Heartless Entertainment is Akazie, Rukus, Pigz, Affiliate, Gordo, Mobz and Boxer. This is our rapper squad but mainly it's just Akazie & Rukus.

[ ] : How did you hook up with Rukus?

[ Akazie ] : Me and Rukus is from the same neighborhood, we go we back since like 9th grade. I'd kill a motha fucka for him. He's like a brother to me.

[ ] : So far you focused on mixtapes. I wonder why since you're also a producer and from what I heard a very good one.

[ Akazie ] : Actually I have a very good reason for that. I'm just not a real big fan of my own production work. I find it tough to write to my own beats. I've tried for years and years to be a dope producer and I just haven't reached that full potential to me yet, I mean other people think my shit slaps so I guess I'm doing something right. I've made a lot of dope shit, but not for my style I guess. As far as making a lot of mixtape releases, I just like writing to the mixtape beats, they're better quality. And to me my lyrics are better than your average rapper. So I need quality of the beat to match me. If I rap over my own beat, chances are I wrote it to a mixtape beat. I can write a lot faster to them for some reason. That's just how I work. I don't sell beats, if I make tight ones, I keep them for us. Rukus got ALL the dope shit.

[ ] : Apart from your releases, who did you collab with, both in terms of verses and production?

[ Akazie ] : I've worked with Official Bizness Ent. in Frisco, (D.E.O., Money Alwayz, Sav, 6Mil, J-Biz), I connected with them when I lived in the Bay. I recorded tracks with San Quinn, GoodFelon Mafia, Redeyez, Swinla, Young Dunn, Stack Paypa, Big Rich, Shad Gee, Shay Sanchez, Bemajer. Pretty much all Frisco homies. I fucked with Platinum T from the Turf Terminators (Sac) I was on the
"Welcome To The Turf Album. I really don't get down with a lot of folks, I tend to just record shit for me. If I do record with somebody it's usually a favor for a favor. I got a track on Redeyez - "Amerikaz Most Blunted" featured and produced #10 "Life Ain't Easy".

[ ] : So what should fans wait for now?

[ Akazie ] : "Akazie For Kongress" (mixtape) releasing November 2009
Rukus - "Let Da Hatin Begin" (mixtape) releasing November 2009
Rival Killaz (album) 2010
Akazie (solo album)
Rukus (solo album)

[ ] : I see you promote your projects on the Internet, give out your previous releases for free download etc. Do you plan to stick to e-market only? Do you think this is an inevitable future of the music industry?

[ Akazie ] : The future of music lays directly in the hand of the downloader, the music industry will eventually be destroyed because of the internet. But I'm from the era of the cassette tape. And I will continue to press cds. I would rather have pressed cds to give out for free than a low quality download.

But MySpace & Siccness seem to be very effective as far as hitting regions of the world I will never go to ever. Give people a chance to search for new and old talent such as myself. It actually helps me listen to new talent as well. If it weren't for the MySpace and internet rap sites, I would probably still be buying the Source magazine. Is Murder Dog still publishing?

[ ] : How's the homeboy rap movement doing in the 916 area code?

[ Akazie ] : I don't know. No disrespect, but I really don't listen to a lot of homeboy rap. Hearing motha fuckas rap about shit you've been involved with half your life just doesn't catch my attention. Plus a lot of them need to step they skillz up. But shout out to Young Loc. That's the young homie doing his thing out here.

[ ] : You also do graphics. Where can people see what you've done so far? How much do you charge?

[ Akazie ] : You can check out my work at

But I don't do graphics no more, takes too much time and I don't got the patience for freeloaders and fake ass broke ass wanna be ballers. Come correct before I punch you in the face.

[ ] : Thanks for the interview Akazie.

[ Akazie ] : Thanks for giving me the chance for an interview. But I guess, don't sleep on Akazie, 'cause I got a lot of fire ass tracks I'm recording, ya'll ain't heard nothing yet. And the stuff you have heard don't even compare with our new shit. I'm gonna be one of the dopest lyricists out the 916 dot period. I hope ya'll ready 'cause right now I feel like I'm in the calm before the storm, 2010 I'm flooding the street and going hard. Lots of material gonna be getting released.

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