Philthy Rich

04 December 2009

[ ] : A few years ago your rap name wasn't really known in the streets of Bay Area. Today you're becoming one of the most hard working, recognizable and promising artists from Oakland. Let's talk about your music career.

As far as I know you started your rap career with Dame Fame of All N Da Doe Records and a head of Fame Management Group. How did you two hook up? Is it true it was Dame Fame who gave you your rap name?

[ Philthy Rich ] : First of all I have never been All N Da Doe or a part of Fame Management group. Me and Dame are just niggas from the same neighborhood. He gave me my name as a youngster when I was selling drugs on the block and when I started rapping that was already my name so it stayed. But Keak Da Sneak & Maybach The Boss Lady was the one's who took me on the road when Dame was in jail.

[ ] : You were growing up in the streets of East Oakland. Tell us something about the Sem turf.

[ Philthy Rich ] : The name of my hood is Sem City. It's a million dolla spot and well known throughout the town. A lot of hustlas and gangstas have came out of there. It's a great place to be from; ain't nothing like home! Free Mone, Main, Tay Tay, Deron, Wayne, Dame & Derwin R.I.P Dre Feddi & Jody Mac.

[ ] : Your first music cds were two mixtapes called "Hood Rich" released under Hittin Spittin Entertainment. Are you still working with that label? Was there anything else before it? Any never released material from your back in the days times?

[ Philthy Rich ] : Hittin Spittin Entertainment was a label ran by me and Ros, but is now on hold. But it's Live Wire 4 Hire. Those were my first mixtapes, but I don't consider them official. I ain't know shit about rap then.

[ ] : Two last years (2008/2009) was the time your name blew up in the rap game. You dropped at least 8 solo projects, 2 collabo albums and was featured on countless compilations and other rappers' albums. How did you achieve all this? Was it "just" your hard working or is it also thanks to somebody's help?

[ Philthy Rich ] : Of course it's credited to my dedication and my grind, it's me trying to stay relevant and show these people I am the total package. Shouts out to Hoo Ya Wit Ent, Light Brite Ent, Bay Hustla & Real Fly Fx - these people really help the kid.

[ ] : You're also known for your Livewire Records work. How did you hook up with J Stalin and the rest of the camp? Are you officially signed to Livewire or just worked with them on a couple of albums and that's all? Can we expect to hear some official projects from you and Livewire members?

[ Philthy Rich ] : It's Live Wire 4 Hire. I hooked up with J Stalin a couple of years back, real niggas sat down at the round table and came up wit a game plan and we put it together. I'm so official it's a shame, everything I drop will be on Live Wire. We have and official Live Wire The Empire album out right now. Free Mayback & Chris Da 5th!

[ ] : You were also working with one of the greatest producers out of the Bay - DJ Fresh. You even dropped a whole album called "My Block: Welcome To Sem City" with production from DJ Fresh. What do you think about his beats?

[ Philthy Rich ] : That was my official pre-album & "Neighborhood Supastar" was my street album. What took me so long to drop my debut album was I kept going to jail. But I think Fresh is a good dude and wish him much success. We are actually try to work on part 2; his beats are dope. Shouts out to the Whole Shabang.

[ ] : What was the best producer you've been working with so far? Whose beats do you like the most to rap to?

[ Philthy Rich ] : I have a lot of favorites. Right now I got an artist called AK47 & Teison. I like Livin Proof, Skool Boys, The Mekanix, also The Live Wire Gang make beats too. But I'm always looking for new hot talent.

[ ] : Your discography includes, among many others, a release from Slappin' In The Trunk series - tell us something more about "Loyalty B4 Royalty" and working with Slappin' In The Trunk Ent.

[ Philthy Rich ] : I just did that for a check, I grabbed some songs and turned them in. It was released while I was locked up; together with "Funk Or Die: The Leak"

[ ] : There's also a collabo album from you and Stevie Joe called "Philthy Fresh" and a DVD released with it. How is it working with Stevie Joe? You're also planning to drop another project with him called "2 Headed Monster" - when can we expect to hear it?

[ Philthy Rich ] : Philthy Fresh is really a mixtape and "2 Headed Monster" will be the album. That's coming really soon. Stevie Joe is a great dude, he is one of the only niggas I really fuck with besides rap. Niggas hate our movement; "80's Baby" coming soon!

[ ] : Speaking about the upcoming cds, what's up with the long awaited "Early Morning Shift 3" which was supposed to drop a long time ago under Demolition Men?

[ Philthy Rich ] : I went to jail so the project got pushed back. It should drop before the end of this year. It's done; can't wait to hear it. I remember I couldn't get a song on a Demolition Men cd, now I have my own. It's a good look for me and them.

[ ] : Except for Stevie Joe, you've also dropped an album with Dirty as Tha Skumbagz and you're planning to make a duet album with T Woodz. Who else you'd like to drop an album with?

[ Philthy Rich ] : As of right now, I don't know, cause this rap shit is crazy, a lot of fake niggas actin like they real. I'm tryna surround myself with solid individuals.

[ ] : You've recently dropped your highly anticipated solo album called "Funk Or Die". It is labeled as your first official project. Why did it take so long to release an official cd? What fans can expect to hear on "Funk Or Die"?

[ Philthy Rich ] : It took me so long to release my official debut album because I had to find the right niggas that believe in me & my project. Niggas ain't believe in me until I started getting hot, plus my legal problems. I recorded the album in a week out on bail, besides like 4 or 5 songs. I'm bringing that mob shit back! My fans can expect to hear the truth.

[ ] : There're lots of videos from "Funk Or Die" and your previous releases. Is it easy to make a video? Who's your backup team on filming videos? Are you planning to release a DVD with all your videos and some extra material in high quality?

[ Philthy Rich ] : It's all about the visuals right now. The person who is responsible for my videos is Damon Jamal of In Yo Face Film Works. I'm planning on releasing a "Funk Or Die" DVD with all the videos in it plus show & studio footage.

[ ] : You've dropped lots of cds this year. What are your plans for 2010? Will you still be dropping many projects like mixtapes / street releases or rather stick to official release formula and make one cd per year?

[ Philthy Rich ] : In January I have to turn myself in for 5 months. I plan to release a few cds while I serve my time. Then I will drop my second album "Trip'n 4 Life". It's almost done, just don't know yet who I'm going like to distribute it.

[ ] : What's your label right now? Are you planning to start your own record label and maybe help young Bay Area cats become famous like yourself?

[ Philthy Rich ] : Once again it's Live Wire 4 Hire, I'm happy with my situation. I have already helped a lot of people and I plan on continuing to do that.

[ ] : Your discography includes like 15-20 projects. Let your fans know what's the easiest way to buy them. Any specific online stores you'd recommend to buy from?

[ Philthy Rich ] :,,, Rasputin and all the mom and pop musics stores. Thank you.

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