Stik Gilatine

11 December 2009

[ ] : Nowadays your name - Stik Gilatine - rings a bell to most Bay Area rap fans, however is an international website and we're trying to promote Northern Cali rap scene on the whole other level, reaching people all over the world.

So please introduce yourself to those who might have not had that pleasure to hear your music.

[ Stik Gilatine ] : What's good ya'll? It's ya boy Stik Gilatine hailing out of San Jose, California.

[ ] : From what we know you started your rap adventure over a decade ago. Tell us something about the beginning and how it all started.

[ Stik Gilatine ] : Yup, I started taking it serious about 12 years ago. It was something I was always drawn to. I would write my own lil raps and freestyle to myself; nobody really knew though... My freshman years, my boys phrase got me to break out my shell, because they heard me and said I had potential. I thought they were dope at spittin', so we created a group and from there we linked up with 2 Left Feet and Def Juice. I attribute a lot of my knowledge of song writing to them. They've laced my boots in my early days and taught me certain things that I carry to this day.

[ ] : Tell us more about your rap style and subjects you touch in your lyrics. You're not a gangster nor a pimp, so how would you describe yourself?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : I'm just me. I'ma fly cat, I love music, I freak what I feel at that moment in time and try to paint the best picture I can over the beat. Best way to sum up my music is "fly shit".

[ ] : Let's talk about Metal Mouth Records for a while.
You've done your first major work under Metal Mouth Records. Was there anything else before you recorded your first mixtapes and a street album under their belt?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : There was a couple of group projects I was a part of, but when I got on board with MM that was the beginning of my solo career and me finding and expressing myself as an individual and a solo artist.

[ ] : What was it like working with Metal Mouth Records? Do you still stick with them?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : Oh yeah, fo sho. I'm still rockin' with Metal Mouth. MM taught me a lot. The CEO - Giza - is a real business sav, so I picked up on a lot of the tactics we used to create such as big name and buzz for ourselves in the Bay Area music scene.

[ ] : What did you learn while working with them? Did it change your attitude, rap style or show some previously unknown business principles?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : I've learned that hard work will definitely get you noticed, but you gotta continue to work hard to keep eyes and ears on you and the music you create. A lot of things have changed; you just have to adapt with what's going on. As far as my rap style I'm just doing me. I'm not bound to a certain sound. I can just do whatever I feel like. That's what music is to me; just capturing my emotions and feelings at the time.

[ ] : "Caught You Slippen" mixtapes are available for free download on the Internet. Why did you decide to put them for free?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : I am gonna put my mixtapes out for free on-line, every time I drop one. It's sort of like a token of appreciation for the fans and people who follow my music. I feel if people enjoy my music and would like to support me, they will buy my official releases. It's a tricky game. I mean it is very easy to find the free version of my albums on-line, but there is nothing I can do to stop it, so I'm not gonna fight it. I think good music will get the recognition it deserves in the end. I'd rather have people download it and bump it, than never have heard it, feel me?

[ ] : You dropped a street album called "Block Choppen", which you've also let fans download for free. It received some great feedback from what we've heard. How would you describe it?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : I enjoy this project and it spread all over the web more then I even expected, which is a good look. At the time when I dropped "Block Choppen" my name was buzzing a lot locally, so before I lost momentum I decided to throw it out there. It was sold locally pretty good, but at the same time it was everywhere for free, so that's why I decided to put it up for free, plus I wanted people to get more familiar with the name as well.

[ ] : Giving for free your 3 first projects pleased your fans for sure, however was it worth for you?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : It was worth it. It's all part of paying dues. I'm not trying to be local, I'ma take it global.

[ ] : You've been working closely with other cat from San Jose named 2 Left Feet, who hosted one of your mixtapes and appeared many times next to your name on a few releases. Tell us a bit more about your collaboration with him.

[ Stik Gilatine ] : 2 Left is my big bruh. Like I said earlier he is one of the main people who has laced my boots in the music game. That's fam, so we always together. He always pushes me and motivates me to keep going. He told me back in the day when I was like 15, that I was the one who was goin' to make it and he sticks to his word and does whatever he can to help me push and pursue. He is also one of the illest song writers and probably has the most music recorded out of anybody that I know. I think he keeps his best songs to himself, but I'ma make him put them out soon, lol.

[ ] : Let's move to collaboration with Playa Rae and 408 Inc.
Somewhere around that time you hooked up with Playa Rae and 408Inc / Monstaville labels. From what we know Playa Rae is now your manager. How would you describe working with him?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : Rae's like my big bruh as well. He's a real good dude and gots a lot of knowledge about the game. We've been working together for a few years now. Our paths have crossed and from there we just kept it moving together. He really believes in my music and wants to help me take it to the next level as well, so he is doing a lot of behind the scenes networking for me. Really, we all just trying to push this 408 movement and keep our area locked down. Quality control.

[ ] : You've recently dropped an official solo project under 408Inc /Metal Mouth/ Monstaville labels ("The Fly Guy"). It was promoted earlier by a video to "Off The Roof" song featured on the album. How it's selling? How does it differ from your previous releases?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : Well, we dropped it digitally first and I was surprised at how many digital downloads we received. The hard copies have been moving as well. I was getting them off in the streets and at the shows. This is my first official album. It's real musical. I know a lot of people are used to a certain type of Stik like my mixtapes or "Block Choppen" shit, but on my albums I like to take my time and make it make sense. From the song writing to the beats and creative process. I'm very happy with "The Fly Guy" and the response I have been receiving. I just want to continue to push myself as an artist and do my thing and always come up with something fresh.

[ ] : What's up with a duet album from you and Playa Rae called "Water World"? Can we expect to hear it in the nearby future?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : Yea, we have songs recorded for it. Already a lot of people have been asking for it, so we gonna get on the ball and finish it up.

[ ] : What are others projects you've been featured on? Which of them would you recommend people the most?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : Honestly, I have been on over 60 projects; steadily workin'. My most recent features are on "Teal Town Boyz" and "Killa Sharks 4" and I would say - go buy "The Fly Guy" fo sho! Haha!

[ ] : Just to make it all clear, please summarize your solo discography.

[ Stik Gilatine ] :
"Slump In Da Box 4" - DJ Destro hosted by Stik Gilatine
"Block Choppen"
"Caught You Slippen 1"
"Caught You Slippen 2"
"Poseidon (King Of The Ocean)"
"The Fly Guy"

[ ] : We've heard you were also working with junior high school kids. Are you still doing it?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : I used to, everyday, but music is too demanding right now, but I still go back and check on them and see what's good and talk to them. I feel it's important to reach out and communicate with the youth. I was fortunate enough to have people around me who cared and kept me focused, so I feel I should do the same, especially since a lot of these kids have heard of me and bump my music.

[ ] : You have also participated in a Bay Area Rappers Care project called "All Rap Ain't Bad". What was the purpose of this movement?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : Yea, it is a project/movement that my dude Kontac created. He reached out to me and asked if I would like to get down and I said of course. He's a real good dude and is doing a lot of positive stuff for children and our area. A lot of these kids have access to our music and rappers are role models, even if we don't like to think so. We still have young people looking up to us, so I think this is a way to reach to them in a different light and on a positive note.

[ ] : You're also helping younger cats starting with the rap game. It's good to see people like you share their talents and time with up and coming artists. On the other hand don't you think you create yourself a new competition on the rap scene?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : I'm just playing my position. I want everyone in my city to wreck the mic on some beast shit and if I can help guide and make my scene stronger I'm all for it; and nah I'm not worried about no competition. I'm dope and I'm confident with my music. I'm comfortable in my skin. I know what it is. Ima king amongst kings.

[ ] : What are your plans for the year 2010 ?

[ Stik Gilatine ] : I'm goin hard! Watch me baby!

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