13 March 2010

[ ] : Well, to keep the continuity with our previous online chat let's talk about your latest solo album - "Thug Poet" released in early 2009. How was it received by the fans?

[ Troublez ] : Well, I got a lot of good feedback on "Thug Poet"; a lot of songs on there the ladies really liked. Japan really really liked that album. I've freestyled a lot of the tracks, but everything came from the heart and a lot of my fans liked that about the album. A lot of older people liked a lot of the songs. Track 5 "Things Ain't What They Use To Be" was one of the favorites and I'm just thankful that my fans enjoyed "Thug Poet".

[ ] : You've been working together with lots of other rappers lately. For instance there's a brand new compilation called "Tha Allstarz" which includes a whole line-up of Bay Area rappers. Please, tell us more about this record.

[ Troublez ] : "Tha Allstarz" is a compilation that you will love. It's loaded with some all-star artists such as myself, The Game, Lil Coner, C-Locs, Big Oso Loc, Ace Of Spitz, Boogie Locs, Frank Gucci, Nsanity and many more. This comp is something I put together with rappers from all over; if you love Bay rap you will need to pick up a copy; this is one for the collection. It has a lot of great songs on it; you will hear some good collabs. It was a good project to work on; I've reached out to a lot more artists on this one and let them give me tracks; they felt it was good for the comp and it worked out so everyone get you a copy of Troublez presents Tha Allstarz"!!!

[ ] : How would you compare two of the compilations you've hosted? ("The Network" and "Tha Allstarz")

[ Troublez ] : "The Network" was the first comp I had ever done. They're way different comps. "The Network" was recorded at this 14 Life studios; most of the tracks. "Tha Allstarz" was put together track by track. It's more raw. "Tha Allstarz" comp has that underground sound and "The Network" to me has that more main stream sound.

[ ] : Please tell us more about hosting compilations. Even though you do not record all songs there's still plenty to do, right?

[ Troublez ] : Yes, there is. I mean, you gotta get the tracks from everyone, hear them over and over, make sure it's going to fit the comp, then you gots to promote it a lot and make sure that the artists are doin' the same, so we all on the same page. Also some tracks from the homies need beats so I gotta get beats, make studio time, if they need it, so you stay busy when putting out a comp. It's not as easy as it seems.

[ ] : Troublez, you're here, on the Bay scene for about 4 years now. Tell us how things have changed for you and your music business.

[ Troublez ] : A lot more cds sale worldwide, also locally as from before. I had to push out on the street a lot more. I still do, but now I've been blessed with stores cashing me out for my albums so it's been goin' good. I thank God for all my blessings! I feel my name's getting out there. I stay more working hard on my music and I feel it's paying off.

[ ] : How's the 2009 been for the 408 rap scene?

[ Troublez ] : The 408 rap scene - it was good in 2009. A lot of shows and a lot more artists releasing albums, pushing their music out there

[ ] : Where are you headed Troublez? What are you cooking for the listeners in 2010?

[ Troublez ] : I'm working on a lot. Got a Japan album that I'm workin' on. It will be released in Japan only by KJS Pick Out Projects. "Thug Poet Two" is in the works, so look out for that. I'm staying busy in 2010; going to put out a mixtape real soon this year. I'm trying to get my name out there. I want the world to hear Troublez' music, so I'ma keep this music coming for everyone! I'm going to take my music and really get it out there, so look out for my projects coming out soon! I'm getting my music out there and I'ma keep on doin' that Troublez. I wanna take my music to that major point, so I'ma keep working! God bless everyone! Buy "Tha Allstarz" cd at CD, iTunes, Rasputin Records and Dimple Records, also from me on MySpace.

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