18 September 2007

[ Bay ] : Where does the idea for your name come from? Why "Balance"?

[ Balance ] : Balance is a name I was given in my first rap group. It fit with me later on. I found out that I'm a libra and one of the main things about libra is balance.

[ Bay ] : You started your new style and started being famous since you dropped your first mixtape in 2004 - what was before it? Any underground releases? What brought you into the rap game?

[ Balance ] : Before I was perfecting me, my style, we made tapes, but never released any. I got in the rap game by accident; actually we just did it for fun. People liked what I was doing so I kept at.

[ Bay ] : You claim to be "The Bay Area Mixtape King", yet you've dropped only 2 mixtapes - why callin yourself the mixtape king, while for ex. Cellski dropped much more of them?

[ Balance ] : I didn't call myself the "bay area mixtape king". That was given to me by other djs. It was based on the number of mix cds I appeared on. Not how many I dropped by myself.

[ Bay ] : You ain't gang banging nor reppin' mob shit - how would you define your style?

[ Balance ] : Hiphop lyrics over gangster beats, balanced subject matter.

[ Bay ] : You started as a part of a so-called "New Bay" movement. Is it still on? Did you people (I mean you, Frontline and others) receive positive feedback or hatred for trying to call yourself "new"?

[ Balance ] : I still consider myself new bay and I still say it in my songs. We got both. The hatred kinda stopped us for going full steam with it.

[ Bay ] : How do you view the current Bay Area scene? What's your opinion on the widespreading hyphy movement?

[ Balance ] : It's quiet right now. The hyphy movement died down.

[ Bay ] : Tell us something about your latest project with Big Rich - why did you decide to collaborate with Big Rich? How did you hook up? And what was the idea of the album?

[ Balance ] : I think Big Rich is a dope mc first. But second, me and him were doing a lot of shows together and I liked his style; it reminds me of me. So we decided to do a cd together. The concept of the album was to have hot beats and rhyme are self to death. I think we live in a time where cats dont rap no more. So we wanted to show what rapping sounds like.

[ Bay ] : Any plans for the nearby future? New projects, making videos etc.?

[ Balance ] : One more mix cd with a dvd; then no more. A album produced by Midi Mafia. Videos later on, maybe next year.

[ Bay ] : Anything you want to say to your fans around the world? Or maybe other matters that we didn't include in our questions?

[ Balance ] : Thanks for all the support and please support real hiphop. Check me out at