Lil Rue

31 May 2010

[ ] : Even though you're quite known in the Bay Area, especially in Oakland, is also aiming at international readers from all over the world, so please introduce yourself and tell us where
you're from.

[ Lil Rue ] : Well, I'm Lil Rue from Bearfaced/Livewire Records. I'm one of the few rappers on Livewire from "North Oakland". I'm 19 years old, going on 20 this year and I'm really just happy to be alive. I'm a rapper/trapper and a father. My name, Lil Rue, is short for Lil Ruegar. I got the name because it was the first fire arm I ever had. Really I am just a young entrepreneur trying to make something of myself and make it out of the streets.

[ ] : Let's start off with your music affiliates. You're signed to Livewire Records, right? Tell us about this connection.

[ Lil Rue ] : I met J Stalin through Ronald Mack in 2007. He asked me if I wanted to join Livewire Records. At the time I declined, but as time passed me, Ronald Mack and Lil Blood started working on the "Murder Fa Hire" album and I brought HD with me. That "Murder Fa Hire" album made me and HD official Livewire members at the time.

[ ] : You're also reppin' Bearfaced Gang - who's behind it? Please elaborate on this movement.

[ Lil Rue ] : The Bearfaced Gang is my record label which consists of me, HD, Hen Sipps, Lil Rod and a few other people that I grew up with that don't rap.

[ ] : Why did it take you so long to release your debut solo project called "Fully Loaded"?

[ Lil Rue ] : It took so long for "Fully Loaded" to come out because I don't know if ya'll can tell, but a lot of projects come out without being mixed and mastered. I wanted to provide quality music so it took a little longer and there were also other Livewire projects coming out that we had to schedule it when no other projects were dropping.

[ ] : Tell us more about the "Fully Loaded" project.

[ Lil Rue ] : "Fully Loaded" was my first mixtape and I tried to put as many songs as I could. I'm satisfied with "Fully Loaded" and my fans gave me good feedback on it. So if they like it I love it.

[ ] : I'm still confused with your duet CD with Lil Blood called "Shottas". It was announced a few times and it leaked to the Internet last year, but when I was trying to find it to actually buy it online, I couldn't. So is it officially out? Where can fans get it? Who's Lil Blood to you?

[ Lil Rue ] : Lil Blood is really like my brother. Blood wouldn't make us any closer. "Shottas" got pushed back, because we had sent it to iTunes. But Blood went to jail, so we pushed it back until he got out. It will officially be in stores June 22, 2010.

[ ] : Tell us more about your bonds with other Livewire members. Why did you hook up with Lil Blood to record a joint album? Any family relations among Livewire squad?

[ Lil Rue ] : Me and Lil Blood have been rockin since the first day we met. Everybody on Livewire is like family. I look at every single Livewire as my Blood.

[ ] : What's a snitch food?

[ Lil Rue ] : Snitches Get Stitches! Snitch food is 30 rounds of 7.62'z (bullets) we call it a plate of snitch food!

[ ] : You've recently made a brand new video for "Self Made" song, which is about to be featured on your next project called "Dead End". Tell us more about it.

[ Lil Rue ] : "Self Made" video was a low budget trap video. Just for the hell of it. But the "Dead End" is going to be a full length album. So far it features: The Jacka, Fed-X, Mistah F.A.B., Dubb 20, J Stalin, Lil Blood, Shady Nate, HD, Lil Kev, 2-11, and Jynx. It will also include Messy Marv, Ampichino, Freeway, Glasses Malone, Husalah and Rydah J Klyde (hopefully).

[ ] : Rap fans are really amazed with Livewire movement. This record label is flooding Bay Area music market with dozens of quality projects and you guys have achieved it all in about 5 years. What's the secret of the label's success ?

[ Lil Rue ] : Hard work and being blessed with the gift to "Pimp a Pen". Everybody on Livewire really grew up in the struggle so we have a lot to tell.

[ ] : How do you feel about being a member of Livewire? How do you reconcile it with your own label?

[ Lil Rue ] : I love being Livewire this is my family. I have my own label, but as far as Livewire goes, we ball together we fall together.

[ ] : Let's talk about Oakland rap scene as a whole. What can you tell us about it? Have you noticed any significant changes in it during the last few years? How do you see the future of it?

[ Lil Rue ] : I see us as the Oakland rap scene. Livewire / PTB / Keak's All N Da Doe - we're all connected as long as we push this line, we could really make it mainstream. With J Stalin, Messy Marv and artists like The Jacka makin' real music and taking it out of state the Bay could really get on.

[ ] : As far as I know you're representing North Oakland. What about the other parts of it? Is there more of a rivalry and competition between them or would you find it more united than split?

[ Lil Rue ] : It's United. You see Livewire has artists from every side of Oakland, plus I'm well connected in the streets.

[ ] : And what about Livewire Records competitors? Are there any or is it more of "nothing but collaboration" thing?

[ Lil Rue ] : There isn't any competition, we are all on the same team trying to get to the TOP!

[ ] : Except for "Dead End" project what are your music and non-music plans for 2010?

[ Lil Rue ] :
1. "Shottas" is the next thing coming.
2. DJ Racks and So Fresh Clothing presents "Quit Hatin On The Bay 2010" The Bearfaced Edition starring Lil Rue, HD and Henn Sipps
3. Lil Rue "Reloaded" The Album produced by DJ Fresh and The Whole ShaBang
4. Lil Rue and HD "The Antifreeze"
5. The "Dead End" Leak
6. Lil Rue and Jus Beasty "Family First"
as far as non music I'm tryna do as many videos as I can and get this Self Made Ent. label started.

[ ] : Thanks Rue, here's the time for you to add whatever else you'd like to share with your fans and readers.

[ Lil Rue ] : And to my fans I guarantee quality music with every album I make. I'm only 19 and I appreciate the love and respect ya'll give me. And Thank You to for this interview! I'm glad you guys are interested in my plans and release dates. You guys motivate me to keep pushing a hard line... and I'm not a quitter so I won't stop till I get to the TOP!

Thank you
Lil Rue Bearface/Livewire Records

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