Lil Raider of Nasty North Records

25 September 2007

[ Bay ] : Can you give some basic info about you, for those who don't know you so well and tell us how you feel?

[ Lil Raider ] : First & foremost it started about the age of 12, where I grew up in Northside Vacaville, Northern Cali, where day & night u can catch me on the 200 block of brown st. By the age of 14 I started gettn money and deep into the hustle. And about the age of 18, after livin the real street life, I became influenced to rap about the life Ive been livin & the shit Ive been through.

[ Bay ] : Your first solo album "Tha Nasty North" was released in 2004. Right now you became one of the most famous rappers outta Vacaville and a recognizable figure in the Latin rap scene in the Bay. How did you achieve your success? Was it an easy thing or did you struggle hard to get your name so known?

[ Lil Raider ] : I've achieved my success by being loyal to the game and keepin it real street, and never givin up when times got hard. Its been a struggle because of my rough lifestyle in and out of jail since a teen, but yet Ive still maintained to network with some of Northern Cali's finest latin rappers, I guess u can say it was easy because I just kept it real with anyone Ive ever fucked with and they can see I was never a phony.

[ Bay ] : What was the reason you've been in jail lately?

[ Lil Raider ] : My latest stay in the Solano county jail was for violation of probation and possession of ammunition. I give a special thanks to my lawyer Vincent R. Maher for saving me a trip to the penitentiary.

[ Bay ] : You've already dropped 2 solo albums, 2 mixtapes, a group album from 200 Blk Locoz and right now you're releasing your third solo - all this in 3 last years. Did you record any underground albums, which fans could not heard of?

[ Lil Raider ] : No, but I've got songs that I've done that are unreleasded which will soon be out on future projects such as Big Tones new solo album, Tito B's "One 4 The Homies" album, a Nasty North compilation "Ghetto Allumni", Don Greco Presents "The Movement", Monster Grip compilation "Liquor Store Slaps" and Neva Sober "Drunk In Public".

[ Bay ] : What you've been doing before becoming a well known rapper?

[ Lil Raider ] : To be honest with you I was deep in the dopegame, gettin money.

[ Bay ] : Who (or what) gives you inspiration to write your lyrics ? Do you have any 'rap mentors'?

[ Lil Raider ] : My rough lifestyle that I live and growing up listening to Mac Dre, C-Bo, E-40, Yukmouth, Woodie and Tupac.

[ Bay ] : You've been collaborating with such stars as Lil Coner, Tito B, Big Tone and Louie Loc. Can you list some other artists you'd like to rap with?

[ Lil Raider ] : Well straight up I would like to fuck with E-40, C-Bo, Yukmouth , A-Wax and Akon.

[ Bay ] : What are your plans for the nearby future?

[ Lil Raider ] : To be one of Northern Cali's best latin artist and live real fat off this rap money, and to make sure my son the new Lil Raider lives better than I did when I was a child.

[ Bay ] : And whatever you want to add from yourself and pass to your worldwide fans.

[ Lil Raider ] : Off top I would to thank all my fans and anyone that has ever supported me in this rap game, and expect to hear LIL RAIDER reapeatively bring that Northern Cali fire.... Look out for all the albums Ive been featured on such as: Thizz Nation 14; Sav It Out "The Biznezz"; Darkroom Familia "The North Pole"; Northern Cali Vol. 1; Woodie, Never & Lil Coner "Pistoleros", Shotgun Rob "Do'n Thangz"; Shotgun Rob & Zipper Louie "Gangster Clean" & many more to come... Much Love.

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