Cali Grown

13 March 2011

[ ] : Cali Grown is G and J. Rider - tell us more about yourself, your home town etc.

[ G ] : From San Jose. Been rappin' for over 12 years. And I like to smoke weed and when I'm not in the studio I like to drink beer wit titties in my face...

[ J. Rider ] : Reppin' Mountatin View, 650 area code. Stepped in the game 8 years ago.

[ ] : So what's the story behind networking with Crazy Times Records? How did you hook up?

[ Cali Grown ] : We chopped it up through a mutual portna Crhyme Boss. He took us to the CTR Studios and we jumped on a track with him. Crhyme Boss was workin' on his solo project, so we started the group and now we're workin' to make history.

[ ] : When did you start collaborating with Crazy Times Records

[ G ] : My first song was on the "Mobshit 2 Mixtape", about 06 / 07.

[ J. Rider ] : "Mob Shit 1", but I've been around since '05.

[ ] : Did you record anything else before being a part of CTR?

[ G ] : I dropped my solo album in 2000 - "Shattered Dreams".

[ J. Rider ] : No, CTR was the first label I worked with.

[ ] : Your discography isn't rich so far. J Rider released the "Get Money" mixtape. Please elaborate on this one too. Why mixtape?

[ J. Rider ] : When I first started to record at CTR studios we decided the best way for me to get exposure with minimal cost would be to go the mix tape route.

[ ] : You had the video filmed for "Must Be The Swagg". Are you satisfied with it? Any plans to make more clips?

[ Cali Grown ] : "The Swagg" video wasn't a video; it was actually a photo shoot and that day we decided to do a little promo video for the album. Since that video we have put out 3 videos that can be seen on youtube - "That Work", "How We Roll" and "Can You Save Me" - all off of the upcoming Cali Grown release in Early 2011.

[ ] : As far as I'm concerned you're eventually in the final stages of your debut group project. Why did it take so long? I think I saw the first ads about 2 years ago...

[ Cali Grown ] : In reality there is no time table when you are trying to make classic hits. We see it as you can put together an album in 5 months with maybe 1 or 2 good songs. What we are trying to give our fans is a classic album. We promise you won't be disappointed.

[ ] : Please lace us with the details. What can fans expect? When is it hitting the stores?

[ Cali Grown ] : What CTR/Cali Grown are bringing to the game is a new innovative sound like non-other. We have features from Big Rich, San Quinn, Matt Blaque, Lasro and many more. We have an album that will take you on a musical roller coaster.

[ ] : San Jose rap scene was pretty homogeneous so far. CTR projects featured mainly guest appearances by other South Bay / 408 rappers. But you moved further, what changed your approach?

[ Cali Grown ] : We have always felt that you need to sew up your hometown and what's better way to do it by working with our own talent. But on this album we will be going for a more global sound. We also have some home grown talent on this album such as CTR VET Crhyme boss, Famties, Stik Gilatine, Miles High of the Brick Heads, Big Shea and much more.

[ ] : Mountain View is mostly known for being a town of high-tech companies, for example Google. What about its rap scene? Who else is repping the town?

[ J. Rider ] : Hell Raza is comin' with heat. Look for some upcoming collabos with him. But in the Bay we're all one.

[ ] : Since we run the website with the News section we noticed that it's very common nowadays that rappers release a "digital only" project. What do you think about this manner? And what about the Cali Grown album - how are you planning to release it?

[ Cali Grown ] : You have to keep it moving with the times. CTR is no different. We're planning for both hard copy and digital release. We're lookin' at a couple more videos on top of the 3 we've got now. April release looks promising.

[ ] : Crazy Times Records definitely goes for quality instead of quantity, that's why you don't usually see more than 1 album per year from this label. I'm pretty sure that your project is going to be polished, how are you trying to convince the fans though? The northern Cali market is flooded nowadays, isn't it?

[ Cali Grown ] : CTR has definitely stepped up our game. We have always been a label that felt that if we could master our craft we would have a competitive advantage. From producing our own albums to shooting our own videos with our visual side of the company we can now make hit singles and drop videos at the same time so we can be more consistent for the fans.

[ ] : Thanks for this interview.

[ Cali Grown ] : Shout out to Cali, baby. We gonna stay doing our thing and delivering high quality projects. All the Bay artist keep getting that money and working hard.

[ J. Rider ] : Shout out to for taking the time to do this interview and taking interest in us. To the fam bam, my brother Chris, all my homeboys who done kept it one hundred and always pushin' my music. My brotha from anotha G and them Brickheads. My CTR fam. We in it for the long run, and all our fans who keep giving us a great response to everything we drop. As long as we breathin' we gonna keep on pushing.

[ Lil G ] : First of all shouts out to CTR for showin' nothing but love. Those are my brothers now. All my dogs from Brick Head Ent. Fam Ties, O.T.H, them P.S boys and One Family. Peep some tracks on youtube / Brick Head Ent. I do this for family and we gonna EAT.

[ J. Rider ] : We to the top, let's GO!!!

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