Nuttso of Blakk Mobb

06 March 2008

[ Bay ] : What's up Nuttso, who else is in the group Blakk Mobb ?

[ Nuttso ] : It's me, Nitty Bo, Mr. Alabama, Tha Grynch and Fattmack.

[ Bay ] : Tell us a little somethin about yourself.

[ Nuttso ] : We all been friends since I moved back 6 yrs ago. We're on Santa Clara St., down town San Jo. Sellin, grindin, we always would be freestylin, so we wuz like let's put this crack talk on wax, so that's what we did.

[ Bay ] : What's the origin of the name "Blakk Mobb"? See, I'm asking, cause you're Latin.

[ Nuttso ] : The reason we call ourselves "Blakk Mobb Family"... It's spelled "blakk", not "black". I know on our first cover it says "Black Mobb", they fukked our shit up. But it's all good, ya dig. It's like a old skool baseball card that has sumthin wrong wit it. It's worth more, LOL. When we first got our studio, bout 4 yrs ago, we were in tha lab layin a slapper... I think it wuz tha track off our first CD called "Who Wanna". We were all there. It wuz a odd cuz we were all wearing black. Grynch and Mr. Alabama had all black Dickie fits on. Me, my kuzn Nitty and Fattmack had all black on too. It waz funny, but Grynch wuz like "Blackk Mobb Family", so we're gonna sit on it, but tha next day Grynch got a parole violation. He got sent to San Quentin state prison, so we were like we're gonna keep "Blakk Mobb Family". It wuz sentimental, ya dig. That's how we came up wit "Blakk Mobb Family".

[ Bay ] : Nuttso, what was it like growin up in San Jo?

[ Nuttso ] : Shit, wut wuz it like in San Jo... Shit, it's krazy out here. We got that gang life, Nortenos killing scraps. We stay flamed out here in tha Bay, but we try to stay away frum that life. Tha only route is that pine box or prison. We jus tryin to get on this rappin hustle, ya dig. Sice I've been back in San Jo I tried to get legit, mayne. But havin 3 felonies and 6 misdemeanours... it's hard 4 a mufukka, ya dig. So of course if u go broke u go back to sellin krack back on tha block again. Down town San Jo, mayne tha mobb had it poppin, but of course me and my nigga Mr. Alabama slipped 1 time, caught a dope case. Now I got 4 felonies. Did my time, now I'm out doin tha damn thang. I dun been convicted so I can talk about it. I'm originally from southside of San Jo, Rountable. My pops went to tha pen, I had to take a flight to Tennessee to stay with momz. That's where I caught 3 felonies. I grew up out there in Clarksville, Tn. Frum like 14 to 22 yrs old. Out there u got to have a gun on u. I'm not playin, I always had tha baby .380 in my back pocket... it's tha Dirty South. But I had to get up outta there. I didn't want to die. Cuz if I would've stayed there I would be dead or in tha pen. That's why I came to Cali, but it's tha same errywhere. Blakk Mobb's about the money, we jus want to be heard. We speakin frum experience, hands on. So when u hear us say sumthin bout ctack or robbin a nigga or kickin down doors, been dun it, ya dig.

[ Bay ] : Next to such San Jose labels as Criminal Records or Crazy Times Records, you do soemthing different. How would you desrcibe your music?

[ Nuttso ] : We would describe our musik as... street real musik, not 4 square bearz. Gangsta, gutta musik. Crazy Times and Criminal Records are gang music, we try to stay away frum Cholo music. We're San Jo's greatest.

[ Bay ] : You've got one cd already out. Tell us a little more about it.

[ Nuttso ] : "Real Talk Vol. 1" dropped last summer July. We did tha street hustle thang. Ya kno, out tha trunk type shit. We hit that streets of San Jo doin tha damn thang. We wanted our town to kno who we were. We were already famous on tha block for bein on tha grind.

[ Bay ] : So what was the feedback on it ?

[ Nuttso ] : Feedback frum Vol. 1... we hit that streets of San Jo hard wit it. They luvin it. People say it's different, that's wut they needed. We put it out in 07. They still demand it. It's great. I jus can't wait till we release Vol. 2. It's hard. I stepped up tha production. We have original and mixtape beats on this one. We want to give them a lil of both, ya dig. Our next one we're workin on is called Vol. X. We're like 7 songz deep.

[ Bay ] : Now that you've mentioned the "Real Talk Vol. 2" please say something more.

[ Nuttso ] : Rite now we're in tha works. We're gettin it put in Rasputin's. We got'em in a few shops in our home town. "Real Talk Vol. 2" is goin to be retail ready. I'm tryin to set up a PayPal. Volume 1 will be available for $5, Vol. 2 for $7.

[ Bay ] : And who does the beats ?

[ Nuttso ] : Original beats are produced by Sicc frum Indofien Records outta San Jo and Masta G frum B.L.N. Records outta Germany.

[ Bay ] : Well thank you for the interview mayn.

[ Nuttso ] : Thx.

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