Big Quint (of U.D.I.)

01 May 2015

[ ] : What's good Big Quint! It's a real honor to have such a great figure as yourself featured on Let's start off with where it all began. How did you become a rapper?

[ Big Quint ] : It all start in DoubleRock, 106 DoubleRock Rd to be exact. I was in the music far as a DJ but this day we was in my project in the rock playing video games, Sega, and my dog Faw saw Big Q pack a 22 and that was the start of this puttin the pin to the paper. They was all writing music and what I mean by "they" is Dig, Tay, Sic, Vic, ya know the Kill-A-Hoes. LaidBlack (Marv, Kev and T.C.) had the studios (separate), but we all fam, feel me. That's where my first booth vocal came.

[ ] : If I'm not mistaken you debuted over 20 years ago with a "Kill-A-Hoe" anthem recorded along with Dig and 11/5. Can you recall that time and tell us how that happened?

[ Big Quint ] : Kill-A-Hoe was made at Cory Thompson Sr. studio produced by T.C. No disrespect to anyone, but yea this how it went down. It was 11/5 turn up to bat at we took a swing at it. That day Peanut was there and T put that beat on and the hook came about. If you listen to the first Cold World album 4-1-So-Sic said had to Kill-A-Hoe last week on 3rd st. and that stuck with all of us. Kill-A-Hoe was born. R.I.P. Terrell Wilson. All bullshit aside he started this in all our hearts and you can call me the keeper of the flame. K.A.H. 4Life.

[ ] : Tell us how the U.D.I. duo was born and how did you meet Dig?

[ Big Quint ] : We met in high school at Woodrow Wilson (Da Drow Wilson Warriors). I knew Charles Hughes from Phillip Burton High School and he was a major factor in our lives growing up. At this time we was into turntables (DJing) and I had family that lived on Quesada Ave. I remember going to this store on Revere st as a youngin, Lee Corner Market, every weekend when I visited my family on Quesada and meet and played with a few kids from the Bay View Hunter's Point area. Now I was born in Fillmoe 508 Scott street and moved to the Visitation Valley Area at the age of 2 or 3, 508 Sawyer street. At the age of 15 my parents got a divorce, but at the same time I was a very active youngin moving and working with the YCD on Yosemite in the Bay View. To make a long story short, at this time I had friends from Fillmoe far as the boys club Ernest Ingold and going camping through the club at Camp Mendocino. In my first year at the Drow I met Laid (Marvel Reed) and Otis Broom (Original Kill-A-Hoe OG Kevi Kev) - the voice you here on the blue cover U.D.I. I am Kill-A-Hoe.

[ ] : What's the group's name origin?

[ Big Quint ] : Me and Derrick became tight, hustling, drinking and may they rest in peace, our mothers seen it and called it. One day we was sitting in front of Dig's house on Thomas and it came about. 40 in hand and as he hit it and I hit mine he say Under Da Influence U.D.I. We brought it to the big bruh bruh's attention (Laid and Chill) better known as Laidblack Production and the rest is history.

[ ] : In 1995 the U.D.I. brought its debut release; tell us something more about it. How was it acclaimed back then? How do you feel about it from the time perspective?

[ Big Quint ] : It is such a blessing to be a part of the 90's Hunter's Point San Francisco rap scene. When I look back at it and see how that album has put us in the same sentence to Legendary is amazing. I say that cause 20+ years later we getting more and more recognized for our work today than when it was put out in 95. They say we are before our time and it shows today, in 2015 we still around doing what we start.

[ ] : The U.D.I. has also recorded "Drinks On Us" in 1998, "The Hangover" in 2003 and was a part of "The Unexpected? U Didn't Know??" compilation / group album (done along with 11/5, Cold World Hustlers and Big Mack). Which of your group albums (as Under The Influence member) was the biggest success?

[ Big Quint ] : All honesty to be able to drop an album after the first one is a blessing. The second album was released on Bay Rider, distributed by Ichiban. Just being affiliated with and with made that happen but the album really didn't get a chance due to politics in this game so we kept working.
Far as the "Hang Over", it was supposed to be released before 2003. When we finished the product shit went down and the man behind it went to the pen and put shit on hold. We kept working; he got out he put the project out. I will always be involved with whatever DNA/Apt.3, real solid muthafuckas. Far as success we have had and still have, can't put no album above the next success. It's all about the music, learning and keep pushing.

[ ] : What happened after 2003? Did your paths with Dig diverge?

[ Big Quint ] : U.D.I. will be 4ever, we go through brother type of shit, never no beef, never stop making music. This solo shit is another wallet to pull out off. The simple minded people will never understand. What the next grown man doing, what the next grown man pushing towards. We support each other.

[ ] : Tell us more about your solo career. What's the status of "The 5th Element"? I thought it had dropped in 2013, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

[ Big Quint ] : Dropped "The 5th Element" in 2013, smashed for a year and it is available for free on ReverbNation.

[ ] : What about "Came Too Far To Turn Back" - when is it dropping?

[ Big Quint ] : May 15th

[ ] : Tell us about the Metropolis Music / Think Bigg Vision.

[ Big Quint ] : Metropolis Music... Where can I start, been knowing Raymond Nevilles since forever. We ran these streets and made some, lost some. He did his time and came home and I was working at Goodwill, end of 2010 new year 2011. Last time I seen my bruh UDI had a show in Pacifica, had to be 2004, 2005. He was on parole and got violated. I was on my break working at the Goodwill and I see a muthafucka walking down the street with a hood on, if you know me, my head on the swiv on point at all times and come to be hold it, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. We talked and he went and brought some studio equipment and said learn how to work this shit. I really was done wit rappin' and music. Studio closed down. Raymond brought it out me and... Yes sir, I can say everything happen for a reason. I tell ya just like I let him know, Metropolis Music will be a factor in this game. Legend Raymond Nevilles Jr.

[ ] : How would you describe Hunter's Point rap scene? Was it a significant part of the Bay Area rap history?

[ ] : Even though you're living in Oregon, do you still represent San Francisco rap scene and feel like being a part of it?

[ Big Quint ] : When you at worried about, it ain't where you from, it where you at and rep where you from at all time. WHOYAWIT.

[ ] : Tell us about your latest work done with Jay Huster called "Think Bigg". What can people hear on it? Is it closer to a contemporary rap or fans would also get a pinch of old, UDI twist in it?

[ Big Quint ] : I say it like this BayUndaground. Jay got at me on some real shit and been smashing hard, no really hard than I ever seen from an artist. The public will hear some Metropolis Music / Think Bigg Vision and yeah, some UDI plus more.

[ ] : What are the differences between making rap back in the 90's and nowadays?

[ Big Quint ] : Simple as this, studio time was paid for with reel to reel, today all computer, I can charge for a verse and never see, meet the artist. Why I make it a point - for all Metropolis Music / Think Bigg Vision artist to be in the studio to get that vibe off each other. It is very important to be around each other making an album. Everybody living the same push every important.

[ ] : If there's anything else you'd like to share with our readers - now's the time.

[ Big Quint ] : Shout out to every one that touch down with Metropolis Music for music. We will work with any up and coming artists and any legends from the Bay in the world.