Prime Minister

06 September 2007

[ Bay ] : What's up Prime, tell us a little about yourself. Your second solo cd - "The World Ain't Enough" is in works for quite time now. Give us some details on it. Do you have any problems releasing it? Any date, producers, featured artists?

[ Prime Minister ] : Bay Undaground whats really? This is ya boy Prime Minister a.k.a. Optimus Prime posted out here in Sacramento. MeadowView! I'm in the studio finishing up my third solo album "The Thought Process" eventhough my second solo "THE WORLD AINT ENOUGH" hasn't dropped yet. LOL! Obviously I've been going thru some issues. Real issues though, no cupcake shit. Like "SHEMP" from Photodoctor garaphics holding on to my artwork and losing it all together! Shemp did the No Compromise cover.
Then Larry Funk skipped town with my masters. He's the guy who was supposed to mix and master THE WORLD AINT ENOUGH the same way he did with No Compromise. He disappeared with a lot of other people's masters to. Not just mine. This is a guy thats been in the game 20 plus years! I heard he is in Kansas driving trucks or some shit.

So believe it or not I had to bo back and record another album. But thanks to my boy GoldFingaz. (he did 80% of the production) I used the same concepts just different beats. The album features Moe the Husler from NOH. Black C, Messy Marv, Marvelous, Mac Dre and a few others. The singles I'm really trying to push are "Gangsta Party" and "I'm a Star". You can hear both of them on my myspace! The album is still called the The World Aint Enough. I dedicated it to HitMan RIP and my 2 brothers Len and King Sal. HitMan got killed in 2003 and my two brothers are both serving life sentences in CDC. So this album is saying that even if I gained the whole world it still wouldn't be enough without those three dudes here with me. Which leaves me bitter sweet.

[ Bay ] : What was is it like growing up in Sacramento, Meadowview? How did your rapping start? What were your influences?

[ Prime Minister ] : Growing up in MeadowView was wild! I must have risked my life in the streets of MeadowView 1,000's of times. Thank God I am still here to write about it. I started ryming when I started grinding, at age 12. I went to Juvinile Hall when I was 13 and CYA at 14. I got out when I was 17. So I pretty much been rapping all my life. From playgrounds to prison yards.

[ Bay ] : So far you released one solo album - "No Compromise" - on Right Way. Tell us how did you hook up with this label and Black C. How was it networking with one of Frisco's finests? What do you feel about this cd?

[ Prime Minister ] : I hooked up with Black C in 98'. We had a verbal contract. No paperwork or nothing like that. I had the money to put myself out but Black C explained how with his experience and industry connects he could create a bigger stage for Prime Minister. A pipeline so to speak. So in 99' I featured on HitMan's H20 album. The song is called Rare Specimen. Around that time the RightWay Malitia was formed and Hostile TakeOver dropped. I did a solo song on there to.

[ Bay ] : You've got also a compilation called "Sac-Town's Most Wanted". Tell us something more about it.

[ Prime Minister ] : Then in 2002 we released No Compromise. We finished this album in three weeks. I took my advance money and ran to the block! Back to the 916! Where I recorded Sac-Town's Most Wanted. A compilation featuring all Sacramento artist. From Skee 64 (RIP) to C-Bo and Luni Corleon. I pressed up 3,000 units and sold them over nite. I featured on other albums and comps like Northen Warriors, Sacramento Kingz, Bay to Sac, 100 Racks comp, GP the Beast. Everything was going cool around that time. Then... HitMan got killed!

[ Bay ] : Do you plan any more projects in nearby future? Any collabos with artists from Sac?

[ Prime Minister ] : For the next couple of years I pretty much stopped rapping. I lost interest in Rap muzik. In 2005 I got re-inspired when Black C played some unheard HitMan songs for me. Thats when I recorded The World Aint Enough.

Right now I'm putting together a rap contest/DVD called The FireWorks Rap Battle. Where you'll have the dopest underground artist and DJs going head to head. At the same time you already know The World Aint Enough dropping Dec. 07.

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