Go-Getta Da Paperboi

07 October 2015

[ ] : When and how did you start doing this rap thing? Who introduced you to the game?

[ Go-Getta Da Paperboi ] :I started at the age of 8. I had family in Pomona who had a record label and my cousin who used to record and everything, so I just caught on; I guess I used to write hella poems when I was in school and shit.

[ ] : How was the Wit-Tha-Movement Entertainment born? Is it more of a solo endeavor?

[ Go-Getta Da Paperboi ] :I started Wit-Tha-Movement Entertainment in 2006. I did hella grinding and songs with bullshittin ass nigga who wasn't about money. And I got tired of kissing niggaz ass so when me and my cuzzin fell off I went solo like a draft pick.

[ ] : How would you describe your music style and what do you rap about?

[ Go-Getta Da Paperboi ] :New school hyphy mixed with Yo Gotti and Lil Boosie. I tell hood stories about my life, dreams and shit I done growing up.

[ ] : What is your hallmark in this rap game?

[ Go-Getta Da Paperboi ] :#heeeellllooo when you hear you know it's gasoline. I fuck with everybody from the Bay to France though.

[ ] : What's the story behind your name? Are you all about the money (and nothing else)?

[ Go-Getta Da Paperboi ] :#heeeelllloo money been my hustla; that's how I got my name because I always had hustles and businesses.

[ ] : What your fans could hear in "Mobb Shit" and "Heart Of A Hustla"?

[ Go-Getta Da Paperboi ] :Well, I dropped "Mobb Shit", my first album, back in 2009, but I put it until 2014 because I was going through a lot of shit and that album was rushed. Now "Heart Of A Hustla" I took some sit back and really reflect on my past and future and present, but in all of my songs and albums you're going to feel my pain and struggle and hustla in each song.

[ ] : What's the status of "Confessions Of A Hustla" and "Loyal To My Soil" projects?

[ Go-Getta Da Paperboi ] :I'm still working on those.

[ ] : And what about the upcoming project you're recording with Stockton representative Dufflebagg?

[ Go-Getta Da Paperboi ] :"Mandatory Movement" is coming out by the end of the year / beginning of 2016. It will have 15-20 tracks on it. Now far as producers I have beats from my brutha YGD, Maskmen production, but I'm working on getting beats from June On The Beat, J Dizzle On The Beat and Livin Proof for this project. So this is going to be big. I know Dufflebagg will have some features on his side.

[ ] : Tell us where are you from and where do you live now.

[ Go-Getta Da Paperboi ] :I was born and raised in San Jose, California but I moved to Fairfield, California when I was 12 years old and I've been back and forth; but now that I'm older. My moms just stayed in Sacramento I call it Mackarento but in from San Jose all day I been everywhere.

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