Soldier Hard

05 December 2015

[ ]: What's good Soldier Hard!? It's been over 5 years since we had a chance to sit down and conduct a thorough and one of most interesting interviews published on (read the article). Let's find out what you've been doing in that time.
First of all, did it really happen? Did you end your military career back in June 2010? What does your life look like without missions and serving your country? What has changed?

[ Soldier Hard ]:Yes, it actually happened! And it happened for several reasons, as I approached my end of service date I thought very hard about re-enlisting and I was about to re-sign, but I got word from my children's mother that if I got out, our kids we have together can live with me, after that, I was 100% sure that I was going to get out and so I did! Life is great actually, I still serve our country through music, through a microphone now though, no more M1 Tank, no rifles and no M9 Pistol, my weapon now is Music. Now I travel the world to perform for Veterans and Active Duty Warfighters. Music allows me to speak their language, to say what's hard for many to say and to tell OUR stories! When I first got out, I didn't have a mission anymore, my life was dark, I used to sit alone in my house, pistol in hand, always on guard and ready to react if anything happens. I was depressed and I didn't care if I made my exit in this world early. Then I decided I was going to create my mission in life, to vent through a microphone and express to the world what my thoughts were. I didn't know it would blast off like it did. Many Warfighters embraced it and they embraced me. At that moment, I knew what I had to do in life. SAVE LIVES THROUGH MUSIC! Impact my people in a positive way, one by one!

[ ]: It's the end of 2015 so you've probably already been celebrating your 20th anniversary of joining the Army, am I right? From the time perspective, how do you feel about it? Is there anything you regret doing in the Army?

[ Soldier Hard ]:Yes! If I never had got out, I would have hit my 20 year retirement this past October. I still talk to my buddies I served with as a Private, many have already retired. I do "what if" it a lot, but I don't have any regrets any more. 5 years ago I would have said I did, but these past 5 years of being out, I have learned a lot about Life, destiny and myself. I have no regrets, my past and bad choices don't define me; to me, it's all about recovering, learning and helping others. Using the bad and flipping it into something positive.

[ ]: You're the founder of Redcon-1 Music Group. Is it true that its mission is to provide soldiers and their families a music therapy? Does it really work? Tell us more about it; I'm really curious about its effects and results.

[ Soldier Hard ]:Yes! Of course it works! Think about it, when we all are going through life's issues, when we are down, depressed and want to be alone, we listen to music, whatever we are going through, there is a song we play that we relate to and it makes us feel good, we feel a lil better, and if we embrace it, it will uplift you! Music therapy has been around for years! We all love music! Music is there to speak to us and for us when we don't want to say a word. We have hundreds of Warfighters who relate to our music, many have literally told my whole team, our music saved their lives. Music is powerful, man! Next time you're down in the dumps, lean towards music to uplift you, then let me know how you felt afterwards. Music saved my life, I believe it! It's what keeps us going, but many don't realize it, but it's right there in front of us, always!

[ ]: Speaking about your music team, who's on it right now? Are they all somehow connected with a military thing?

[ Soldier Hard ]:Yes! Most definitely! So the current roster as of today, Redcon-1 Music Group consists of myself of course, J-Deuce, he's still serving on Active Duty as a Staff Sergeant in the USMC. We got Panda, he's a former Army Staff Sergeant. Sug who's a former USMC Sergeant. Stephen HOBBS, a former Army Sergeant. And Jack Nastie, our only Civilian, but comes from a Honorable Military Family. So yeah! We got a lot of experience on our team, many actual combat missions and many deployments combined, take all that and mix it with music, lol haha WE ARE DANGEROUS! Every album we released in the last two years (12 total) were all charted on iTunes top 100 albums, from solo projects to team albums, that right there should tell you, #1 We are Not Playing and #2 We have the best Supporters in the world!

[ ]: Tell us about the latest release from Redcon-1 Music Group called "Limitless". Is it another military rap project or more of a mainstream flavor?

[ Soldier Hard ]:It's actually more mainstream, which is our first! This album is new to us as a Team but as individual artists, it's not. For example, I didn't come up doing Warfighter Music, I came up to that South Vallejo "Mobb Music" Sound. Through the years and experience, pain, struggle and success, I evolved into doing and creating "Warfighter Music". And that goes with my team, we all started doing Hip Hop/Rap music in our upbringing, in our environment we grew up in, but now we specialize in Warfighter Music. But this "Limitless" album, we had fun with, this is to let the world know we are not just Limited to just Warfighter Music, we can do it all, and not many can say the same!

[ ]: I saw it will feature a lot of well known figures from the rap game... How did you manage to hook up with all these people?

[ Soldier Hard ]:Yeah mannn, it's like a domino effect, you meet one, then they know another who you get introduced to, then y'all network. It's funny to explain; it's like that but that's how it happens. A domino effect!

[ ]: Let's get back to your music discography. If I'm not mistaken you've dropped 26 projects, including 14 solos, group projects from Redcon-1, collaborations and "best of" collections. Which one is your best work?

[ Soldier Hard ]:Yeah I/we released a lot of music, a lot of quality music too, and like I said we are Not playing! Lol hmm my best one? I would have to say my "Therapy Session" album, my mind was on a whole different level, I made that album for me! So every song I was reppin' myself, it was when I realized I was actually representing thousands of others because that's when my career took off.

[ ]: After releasing almost 30 albums, creating a rap group and the label do you feel like you've achieved everything or is there a whole lot of upcoming things that your fans are about to explore in the future?

[ Soldier Hard ]:Personally yes I feel I accomplished a lot, I can actually sit here and say if I ended my music career I would be 100% happy with all the accomplishments and dreams I achieved. But now, it's not about me anymore, it never really was, I was just blinded back then. Now I want everyone of my team to experience what I have in music, I want to help as many people I can through music. You know, you can actually learn a lot about yourself if you get lost and dedicate yourself in servicing others, life makes more sense to me that way! And that's how I choose to live and continue doing what I do. If I didn't, I would have made my exit a couple years ago. I am very happy!

[ ]: If there are any more topics you'd like to discuss with us and share with our readers - feel free to open up.

[ Soldier Hard ]:I would like to add, to anyone who has dreams, in order to achieve them you have to believe in yourself more then anyone else, if people don't support your dream in the process, keep going, it's your dream and no one else's, of course they won't be as passionate as you are because it's not their dream, it's yours! Don't be afraid or get angry when you get or hear "No's" because you will get many of em grinding for your dreams, take every "no" you get and smile and just think, every "no" you get just means a "Yes" is getting closer. I was boo'd on stage years and years ago, I was laughed at by my peers, some of my own family, many didn't believe in me, I was a joke! I never let it break me! Why? Because I believed in myself so much, no one was gonna tell me any different! I listen to myself! I supported my Dream! If I would have quit at the many "No's" I got, I wouldn't have seen or known what success is! And I'm not talking about money success, because being rich doesn't determine who's successful, it is not based on how much money one has, it's all to do with how much you can give to others, and to know what you gave them, helped them and made their life a lil more tolerable!

In closing, thank you BayUnderground for rocking with me since album number 1. My Redcon-1 Team for grinding for our cause and for being on the same page as I in helping our people. To our Fams (fans) our supporters WE LOVE YOU, thank you all for believing in REDCON-1 Music Group!

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