27 January 2016

[ ]: What's good C-Dubb ! It's been over 6 years since we had a chance to conduct an interview with you. Let's find out what has changed since then...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but those last few years were the most fertile for you in your whole career. You've dropped dozens of projects, including solos, collabos and compilations.

[ C-Dubb ]: Yea, I released about 10 albums from 1998 - 2010. Then after 2010 until now I went on a roll and released about 20 more projects. So we lookin' at like 30-35 albums by the end of 2016.

[ ]: You've dropped almost 30 cds so far; which one is our favorite and which one was the biggest success?

[ C-Dubb ]: Honestly I gotta few favorites for different reasons. Of course I feel this "Mobties" EP that drops February 19th 2016 is my best and most mobbed out music ever. It got that C-Bo "The Autopsy" / E-40 "The Mailman" type of feel into it - pure dope. I've had quite a few successful projects as well. Never took a loss on them, but right now "The Mob Hour 2" is movin' nice. That's just a comp that I've released. "Certified Mobb Muzik" did really well and still sellin' digitally real nice. That was 2012 and they still slappin' em. "Networkin'" cd back in 2003 opened doors for me. Of course out of all these projects I drop, some get slept on a bit and some do great. Overall tho it's been good.

[ ]: Don't you think that some of your fans (including me) are too overwhelmed by a sheer quantity of albums you're putting out? I mean, back in the days when you dropped 1 project per year I was really looking forward to it. Right now I can barely find time to listen to one album and there are already two more!

[ C-Dubb ]: True. This is somethin' I've thought about. But in these times I feel I gotta stay in they face. There's so much shit comin' out, if I don't stay at it, fans might forget about you. So I don't mind pumpin' out product and let 'em pick what they like. The numbers have been consistent so I'm good. As long as I can keep bringin' quality, I'll drop every few months.

[ ]: I know that you've probably heard this question a lot of times, but I need to ask - do you consider yourself more of a rapper or a producer? Which one is harder or should I rather say "easier" for you?

[ C-Dubb ]: They both come natural for me, but lately I been switchin' over to producer mode. That's why Ima keep these "The Mob Hour" volumes comin'. I produce everything on em. But they all won't be comps. Some will be "The Mob Hour" starring: one artist. Basically a solo album over all C-Dubb beats.

[ ]: Alright, let's see what happens in 2016. You're a step away from dropping your new EP. Tell us something more about it.

[ C-Dubb ]: "Mobties" is the EP. It's 8 tracks of some of the dopest shit I put together. Kinda like a 2nd wind for me. We got Joe Blow on there, Rydah J Klyde, MC Eiht and a couple potnas of mine: S.B. and Siyeed. Fans will love this shit. It's new, but still got that Golden Era mobb sound. I'm spittin' wit hunger again and it felt good to rock this one out.

[ ]: Tell us about your connections with Mobties Ent.

[ C-Dubb ]: Mobties Ent. is the folks. We been choppin' game for a while and a couple months back we worked a deal and went to work. I see good things comin'. We're bout to stay busy wit it .

[ ]: What are your other plans for this year? Any more collabo work?

[ C-Dubb ]: After the EP drops I'm goin' to work on a full solo. Ima tour a lil bit too. I'm always open to collab projects. We'll see what comes along. Ima keep producin' and pushin' beats. That's what I do most. And I'll get to work on the next "Mob Hour" volume.

[ ]: Any chance to see you working with some of your folks from your older releases? R.I.T.Z., Filthy Rich, E-Moe and Pay$tyle Music?

[ C-Dubb ]: R.I.T.Z. is my dude but he don't rap no more. I run into E-Moe from time to time and we chop it up. He got his own lane crackin' and I got mine. Who knows tho. We good.

[ ]: Tell us about the other side of C-Dubb. Besides being a rapper and a producer, who else is there? What are your other passions?

[ C-Dubb ]: Family, my kids and gettin $... haha, I mean it's really all about family. That's why I'm doin' this music shit. I've been blessed to be able to make a living off it. Thank God I can still pump 'em out and push production hard. It's been good.

[ ]: Anything else? Bring it right here!

[ C-Dubb ]: S/O to the whole team: Mobbmuzik / Mobbsquad / Mobties that's what it is. We ain't switchin' up for nothin.