11 July 2017

[ ]: Tell our readers who you are and where you are from.

[ Blackdream ]: First off thanks for having me. I go by the name Blackdream. I'm Pittsburg California.[/i]

[ ]: When did you pick the mic for the first time?

[ Blackdream ]: I picked up the mic early probably around 12 or 13; the funny part about it is I was only tryna rap because I wanted to be a WWE wrestler and I needed some theme music.

[ ]: Tell us about your music thang back in the days, who was on Tha Squad group and Tha GoBadSquad team? Do you still rock with those artists?

[ Blackdream ]: Whoa, you took it back. Tha squad was a lot of moving parts I didn't too much deal with a lot of them besides my cousin A.b Dollaz & my brother C.a Mobsta & of course I deal with them on a regular basis; A.b is featured on me and DatTykoon album "millionaire mindstate" & Me & C.a got a project called "Murda House" coming soon... Now G.b.s (Gobadsquad) was my group I personally put together; none of those guys rap no more but we had a koo run, we got two mixtapes available on dat piff; G.b.s was all about fun we actually have vlogs on YouTube called gobad tv and we doing all kinds of shit; shout out Slowmo Mac Rizz K-Sonz & Zuri Kash.

[ ]: Is the rap game your way of life or just a hobby, a passion that you do in your free time?

[ Blackdream ]: It's a way of life & passion of mine; I invest a lot in myself & expect even more.

[ ]: Can you make a living outta rap?

[ Blackdream ]: At this very moment no, but like I said before it's a passion of mine so I don't plan on giving it up any time soon.

[ ]: When did your first album drop? From the perspective of time, do you consider it a successful record?

[ Blackdream ]: My first album dropped in 2012. I'm still selling singles off that album and it's still streaming well; we dropped 8 videos off that project; to me it was definitely a success.

[ ]: Tell us something about Pittsburg. What was it like growing up in that city? Do you find a lot of slept on artists out there?

[ Blackdream ]: Pittsburg is a tight knit community and growing up in a small town everyone knows everyone directly or knows you through somebody in your family; hell yeah we are 100% slept on; the only recognition we get is Husalah & The Jacka.

[ ]: Who's the most valuable rap music asset of P-Town?

[ Blackdream ]: Honestly I don't think if we have a valuable asset in the city because most of the people from the city gotta leave to spark a buzz.

[ ]: Name a few cats that would definitely blow up from Pittsburg in this / next year.

[ Blackdream ]: I really like what two of a kind is doing B-Bollaz Lijah P Lu Peez Pz Solo Kase Kash but as far as who gon' blow I like P.t Mulah & Yung X, I like the noise they makin, salute.

[ ]: What can we expect to hear from Blackdream this Summer? Any new projects? Singles? Collabs?

[ Blackdream ]: I got the pre-order for "Reality Check" droppin August 15th; me & Da Tykoon got an album called "Millionaire Mindstate" in the mixing process right now, that should drop this year; I'm faded out right now; me & Key to tha city got a single called "Stripes" droppin; and me and C.a got our street album "Kurds House" coming soon; "The Dream 3" out now everywhere.

[ ]: You rather stick to a digital market; do you think physical, pressed music is outdated and you can't make a damn dime out of it?

[ Blackdream ]: Streaming is the wave right now and even though physical distribution is on life support "Millionaire Mindstate" will definitely offer a bundle pack that includes a T-shirt & a physical CD; the thing about our brand is we offer more than just cds we have merch and that's another avenue.

[ ]: Tell us about iSlap Entertainment.

[ Blackdream ]: It's a San Francisco based label & besides the artist Heat, Blackdream, Da Tykoon, Jerry Geez & Yung Champ Our C.e.o Heat Provides graphics for all your favorite artists, we got a ton a free music available on dat piff & albums & singles on iTunes, google play and all the other major distributors.

[ ]: Name a few producers that you're working with. Do you stick to same names or you rather switch beatmakers and choose whatever sounds dope?

[ Blackdream ]: I'm open to whoever got a dope sound; on "Dream 2" I worked mostly with AK47; on "Dream 3" I worked a lot with Genius Boy & Track Makaz, I actually have an in-house producer, shout out Goon on the Track, but I'm willing to fuck wit everyone. Shout out brothaz keepa Zeak Cuddle C for there contributions on my new music.

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