Looney Luckz

17 July 2017

[ ]: Tell us something about your roots and your rap name. Where does it come from?

[ Looney Luckz ]: Aye what's up everyone, I am Looney Luckz. I hail out of Ione, Ca (Amador County also known as "Tha Twilight Zone" or "Tha Zone") it is part of the 209 area code and growing up everyone used to call me Luckz for short, I was the craziest out of the family and out of everyone I grew up around my hood with everything I did and said it gave everyone the impression that I was "looney" so after awhile it ended up sticking with me and that's where "Looney Luckz" originated from.

[ ]: What's Looney Mob Entertainment? What does it focus on? Who's on the roster right now?

[ Looney Luckz ]: Looney Mob Entertainment is an independent recording label currently consisting of Looney Luckz (artist), Krytikal (artist) & Vanessa M. (manager) but "LME" is more than music, LME was built on street politics so anyone who knows me knows that we are not just a recording label, we are the original Looney Mob. So our focus is giving the streets a voice through music and proving that if you come from the streets it doesn't always have to stay the streets you can do more with your life, if you set your mind to it.

[ ]: Shed some light on the long anticipated solo from you called "Looney Lifestyle". When can we expect it to drop? What are we gonna hear on it? Who's gonna be featured on the project?

[ Looney Luckz ]: My album "Looney Lifestyle" is my solo album dropping late 2017, early 2018. It is produced entirely by "Lazie Locz Got Slaps", you are guaranteed to hear #CertifiedSlapps, Raw From The Jaw as Lazie would say, with some features such as; Krytikal, Lazie Locz, Tas Presitage, The Jacka (MIP) & many more...

[ ]: What about the "Product Of My Environment" EP? Is it coming out before the official LP? What's gonna be featured on this one?

[ Looney Luckz ]: So "Product Of My Environment" is self explanatory just by the name, it's all what I have been through in my life. My struggles, my pains, and real life realities in the purest form featuring one of my fans' favorite tracks "Down to Ride".

[ ]: Tell us about the "Mobb Season" project with Dame Daniels. Share some details.

[ Looney Luckz ]: "Mobb Season" is an EP starring Atlanta's own Dame Daniels, this project will be dropping sooner than later with all exclusive content, some Northern California Mob mixed with some Atlanta Trap bringing a whole new style and sound to the music industry, we are aiming for chart breaking results from this project.

[ ]: There's more collab work from you coming soon, as far as I know. The one with Sacramento rapper Krytikal - what's up with that?

[ Looney Luckz ]: Yes, I've been putting in a lot of work with these tapes just trying to have enough content to stay relevant and consistent, mine and Krytikal's project is titled "Bullet Proof", it consists of 6 songs, 1 featuring Mike Da Mouth, and this project will be out within the next month or so, no release date has been set for this project yet.

[ ]: Any other future plans for the 2017 and Looney Mob Ent.?

[ Looney Luckz ]: My future plans are to continuously work and release as much content as possible, this Looney Mob shit is a movement and I want it to go as far as possible so watch out for us in the near future, because we're here to stay.

[ ]: What is it like being an up-and-coming rapper in the 209? Is there a chance for a young cat like you to blow up?

[ Looney Luckz ]: Being an up-and-coming rapper in the 209 is a hard place, the Bay fucks with us tough, unfortunately the music industry doesn't. We have been set apart from others in this industry for far too long. The 80's it was LA's turn, 90's it was the Bay, 2015+ it was Sac, now it's our time to shine.

[ ]: What is your recipe to break away from the underground scene and achieve something more?

[ Looney Luckz ]: Being myself is the main recipe, I can't let anyone break my spirit, being myself and having my own style is what's going to set me apart from others, I myself have the goals and I plan to achieve them.

[ ]: Do you plan to make some major moves, sign a record deal with some huge company and collab with famous artists or you'd rather stick to your roots, support and promote local scene and make music with your affiliates, just for fun?

[ Looney Luckz ]: I plan on working myself up to the top, though it may take some time, I have very high hope for myself as well as others, no matter how big I get I will always try my hardest to help the local music scene and my community grow bigger and stronger the more I grow too.

[ ]: Anything else you'd like to share or add - feel free to spit it out.

[ Looney Luckz ]: I also have a music video for my new single "Heat" dropping very soon, so stay tuned and go show some support and cop my newest single on iTunes, google play store, and more. And if you cannot afford to purchase music online you can also stream it on Spotify and iHeartRadio for free. And go follow and subscribe to all of my social media accounts @LooneyLuckz, Thank you all for the continuous love and support everyone! - Looney Luckz of Looney Mob Entertainment.

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