Troublez presents - Tha Allstarz

In the last few years the local San Jose rap scene was very prolific, introducing to its fans talented artists and bringing worthy projects, often compilations, where one could hear new, interesting rappers. Troublez, as one of them, is repping West Side San Jose and after over a 5-year long career he wants to support less known emcees, unite the Latin rap scene and pay homage to his turf. Therefore he releases a compilation entitled "Tha Allstarz", which includes both famous... (read more)
Joe Blow - International Blow: The Lost Files

In retrospect Joe Blow is one of those Oakland rappers who constantly releases new cds: whether it's solos, mixtapes or collaborations with other artists. He's been dropping a few projects in one year for some time now, thanks to which he's not letting his fans forget about him. It's difficult to keep up with him, and if you do not get in hold of his more street (underground) albums soon enough, they become out of print and you're left with a rather expensive second hand market. We've so far... (read more)
Lil Coner and C-Locs - Smile Now, Cry Later

When I write these words it's 2014 and both Lil Coner and C-Locs are already well-known homeboy rap artists putting it down for northern Cali. In 2008 they released a joint project "Smile Now, Cry Later" and I'd like to take this opportunity and summarize their hitherto endeavors. If you are interested only in the review of the hereby cd, feel free to skip to the next paragraph. Undoubtedly a Decoto representative Lil Coner has a longer rap record. The first time I noticed him on... (read more)
Clyde Carson - STSA (Something To Speak About)

Oakland representative by the name of Clyde Carson is one of those artists who are claimed to be a "star", yet in fact they did nothing big. Right now probably a lot of you will hate me for what I've said, but that's what I think. For me, if a rapper doesn't have at least one official long play solo under his belt, you cannot rate him with a solid rapper status; celebrity - yes, but not a solid musician. I really don't care whether Clyde released a whole lot of clean videos and a... (read more)
Extreme - Needle In The Haystack: The Compilation

Extreme hails from Hayward and before he dropped the hereby cd he had also brought at least one solo titled "25 Hours A Day" and a duet project released with Mistah F.A.B. ("Authors Of Reality"). I said "at least" intentionally, because when it comes to artist's discography I can only be sure of those positions we've written about. The rapper is not quite known and his name rather rarely appears on albums from other California musicians. The more I was surprised... (read more)
Lil Rue - Syrup and Kush
Lil Rue is one of those Oakland artists who appeared on the rap scene a couple of years ago, yet has already managed to flood the market with numerous releases. Truth be told I have not had an opportunity to check out all of his projects, simply because there are so many of them. Judging by our News section, I can tell you that Lil Rue debuted in 2010 with a solo "Fully Loaded". The next to come were "Quit Hatin' The Bay" collabo with HD and Hen Sippa, "Shottas"... (read more)
Bobby Tek - aka Robert Denairo

As you probably know is all about northern and central California, so first and foremost Bay Area, Sacramento and Central Valley. Nevertheless you might have seen us review projects from representatives outside of the Sunny State, yet these exceptions have always had something in common with the Yay music. Well, it is also the case with artist by the name of Bobby Tek, who grew up in Manteca, CA, but now resides in Denver, CO. The rapper debuted in 2011 with an album titled... (read more)
Rob Payne - The Night Shift

Bay Area rap fans would probably associate the 408 area code with San Jose rappers; it's not a surprise, because SJ is the third largest city in California, and the tenth in the whole States. Nonetheless we've also had a chance to promote and review projects by artists hailing from smaller towns, for instance Milpitas or Sunnyvale. Heading further south you can find Morgan Hill and its local representative by the name of Rob Payne. The artist has been recording music since 2002, when - along... (read more)
Green - A Tale Of Betrayal

Green is a young representative from the 408 area code, Gilroy city to be exact - the town that's located in the southern part of the area, neighboring with 831 turf. Rapper's name is quite unsophisticated, so you might have heard of other artists using the same nick, like Richmond's Green; we've even had a chance to review his album called "Trap For A Reason" (read the article). The author of the hereby project... (read more)
Erruption - Never Enough

Erruption is a Latin rapper hailing from San Francisco and a member of Sav Lyf group (along with Napalm and Bad Luck), which debuted in 2005 with "Next To Blow" project. The trio has never appeared again as one team, if not to count the re-release of their one-and-only album, brought by Goldtoes and Thizz Latin in 2007. However fans could hear a self titled project by Napalm and Erruption from 2008, Napalm's solo called "I'm Holding" from 2012 and solo by Bad Luck from... (read more)
Doc 9 & B-Dawg - Ghetto Sickness

When reviewing Doc 9's "City 2 City: Un4givin Streets" (read the article) Bart mentioned the availability of homeboy projects, which by the way have flooded the scene (at least the underground one) in the last few years. Truth is that you even haven't heard about half of them, even from our website, because they were released independently, at home or garage, sold hand to hand in the streets. Even RapBay - a known Bay Area rap... (read more)
Seven-T - Impossible
Seven-T hails from Modesto in the 209 area code and is one of the few Christian rap representatives putting it down for the northern Cali. I was only aware of a couple of his releases, in fact we've been mentioning his endeavors in the News section since 2010. However I learned that he debuted with a collabo album "Eternal Praise" with Michael Bettencourt in 1999. The first solo "Fired Up" dropped under the name of Tony T in 2002, then came "Out Da Hood" and... (read more)
Lil Coner & Troublez - My Heart's Black

Latin gangsta rap from Northern California (known as homeboy rap) is nothing new to We've had a chance to support and review classic cds from back in the days recorded by such groups as Darkroom Familia, Lowdown, Minority Militia or its younger successors - East Co. Co., Sav-It-Out, Starz The Limit and Goldtoes' artists from Thizz Latin. For a couple of years people claim that homeboy movement died, that there are no more decent projects full of savage gangster stories... (read more)
California Bear Gang - The Takeover

Hardly ever do I grab a debut project from an upcoming artist and can quickly say that it was an excellent piece of music. Yet exception proves the rule and therefore I have found "The Takeover" from Sacramento crew called California Bear Gang. In 2011 the group was made of Rob Boy and MC2 (aka King Tut 2 / Young Tut), but I can lift the curtain and let you know that two years later it will be complemented with Mesyah. Anyway, these guys came out of nowhere, because I neither heard... (read more)
LS presents - Over Due
I have not heard about San Jose producer LS thus far. Due to the nature of his rap alias it is hard to find any information about him on the net, so hopefully this article will at least help spread the word about his endeavors. So as far as I'm aware the hereby "Over Due" is his first release as a producer, available both in digital as well as pressed copies (cardboard sleeve with a cd).

The album contains 8 tracks with production exclusively handled by the host, LS himself. What... (read more)
Big Riggz - This Is California
Big Riggz appeared on Scripp Block Muzik's projects from the very beginning, i.e. "Mobb Affiliated" solo album by Big Lou. You could see him on subsequent projects by the label, especially on "Life's A Gamble" which was a joint venture by himself, Big Lou and Lil-O (now known as Lil Octane). As far as other labels are concerned I only saw him on TC Kapone's "Hard Headed" solo release. 2014 came and brought "This Is California", a solo debut by this... (read more)