Baineco - Rich B4 Riche$

If you aren't visiting by accident now, and you read at least a few of our reviews, then you should probably know a little bit about our tastes and attitude towards contemporary Bay Area rap. We are not that young anymore and we suffer from lack of both time and patience to listen to everything that is born in the Northern California. It's not the first time when I tell that we don't even bother to follow thousands of mp3's songs that pop up like mushrooms. Even when it... (read more)
Bossolo & Spice 1 - Thug Therapy

There's no doubt Spice 1 is a Bay Area / northern Cali rap icon. Since he debuted in the beginning of the 90's, he's in the music biz for almost 25 years now! He has already released a lot of cds, mainly solos, although - if our News section is credible - there was nothing between 2011 and 2014. After the hiatus Spice returns with three projects in 2015: "Thug Candy" solo, "Haterz Nightmare" solo (read the review) as... (read more)
San Quinn - The Fillmore Lion

If I were to name top 10 most known and recognizable Bay Area rap artists, San Quinn would surely make the list. This Fillmoe, San Francisco representative doesn't have to be introduced and you probably have heard at least about some of his projects, because he's got a huge discography under his belt. Except for that, back in 1998, when San Quinn was only 21 years old, he was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for appearing on the most albums (apparently 350 projects); plus the... (read more)
Casper Capone & Big Chuco present - Carnalismo

Back in the 90's the Latin part of Northern/Central California rap scene was generally run by two mega groups: Darkroom Familia and affiliated squad called Lowdown. In the first decade of XXI century the camp associated with Sir Dyno, Duke & Crooked was dropping projects even more frequently, while next to them loads of new homeboy coalitions and stables were being created: Starz The Limit, Connected Inc, Sav It Out, East Co. Co., Criminal Records, Crazy Times, Nasty North and others.... (read more)
Smiley aka Sykotik - Sick N Deranged EP

Smiley aka Sykotik is an artist who consequently delivers a rap mixture made of horrorcore and homeboy rap. He comes from Le Grand, in the 209 area code in Central California, yet now lives in Texas. The rapper has already managed to release a set of four compilations: two volumes of "Talez From The Morgue", "The Horror Show" and "The Minds Of Psychos, Killers And Gangsters"; except for that his 5150 Musick has marked its name on Downer's solo album titled... (read more)
Smiley aka Sykotik - Sick N Deranged EP Volume 2

Just right after the first part of an EP-series Smiley comes back with another volume of "Sick N Deranged". For those of you who're unfamiliar with the rapper's name I'll remind that he delivers a mixture of horrorcore and homeboy rap. He's consequently been bringing projects full of texas-chainsaw-massacre type of shit for a couple of years; speaking of which, Smiley is currently living in Texas, yet he comes from Central Cali - Le Grand in the 209 area code to be exact.

The... (read more)
Mugzy Da Money Maker - Heartless Hustla

Even though Mugzy Da Money Maker - earlier known as Jamez Da Youngsta - is a rather unknown figure, he has quite an interesting range of products under his belt. While writing this article I will try to summarize rapper's hitherto achievements. Mugzy comes from Watsonville in the 831 area code and during his life/rap journey he lived in many different cities: Hollister, Livermore, Hayward and Fremont, just to name a few. He debuted in 2006 with a solo release titled "Bay Livin",... (read more)
Mugzy Da Money Maker - Bay Livin

"Bay Livin" was originally released in 2006 under Trax Line Records and was a debut project from Watsonville representative named - back then - Da Youngsta. Later the rapper recorded as Jamez Da Youngsta; eventually he came back in 2015 as Mugzy Da Money Maker with the hereby re-edition of his first album. New artwork and the new name, yet same old tracks, so if you didn't have a chance to get familiar with his early material now it's high time. You can learn more about Jamez in... (read more)
Big Chuco - Oldie But Goodie

"Oldie But Goodie" is the third solo from a Latin artist out of Berkeley named Big Chuco. The rapper originally marked his name in the rap history back in '92 when he recorded "Barrio Funk" along with Mr. Bago. Later he released: "Lifestyles Of A Young Veterano", "Street Stories" (the re-edition of "Barrio Funk"), "California Bear", "Cartel De Cali" (all Spanish album made with Mr. 21 and C-Locs) and "Pineapples And... (read more)
Louieville Slugga & Brotha Bro - Grind House

Louieville Slugga and Brotha Bro are Oakland veterans with years of experience, albeit they are not particularly known for any classic projects. Back in the 90's Brotha Bro was affiliated with the 415 group, while Louieville was a member of Children of Sin. He also has two solos under his belt: "All Work No Play" (2000) and "Welcome To Louieville" (2010) as well as a collabo project with Treechoppa titled "Street Slapz Vol. 1". Other than that the hosts have... (read more)
Spice 1 - Haterz Nightmare

I have to admit that I unfortunately do not follow Spice 1's endeavors that closely, as I've never been his zealous fan. I have a few of his early 90's albums in my collection, and I value them. There's even something from the new millennium, but those projects have their ups and downs. More often than not production is not up to par and cannot make me like the album. I won't even try to summarize discography of this Hayward vet, because it's exceptionally rich, but it's noteworthy that in... (read more)
Pooh Hefner - 12.18.1984

Persistent readers and visitors of our website should probably know or at least presume that squad (Bart and Kuba) are no longer youngsters. During many years of listening to rap our expectations and penchants became harsh, peculiar and individual. Or maybe we're just two senile reviewers that are pain in the ass and our age has nothing to do with it. Either way I feel like I'm more attached and related to artists who started their careers in the 90's or at least in the... (read more)
Louieville Slugga & Brotha Bro - LBMD: Louieville & Brotha Bro Makn Dollaz

Oakland representative by the name of Louieville Slugga may be known to more die-hard Bay Area rap fans, yet not necessarily to a wider audience. Truth is he's in the music business for over 15 years, although he still remains a less recognizable figure. He started his career in 1998 with a group called Children Of Sin (Lonne Lane, Tino and Slugga) which back then dropped its first cd titled "Problem Child", while debut solo release "All Work No Play" arrived two year... (read more)
Mr. G - 808's & 16's
Before I got the hereby cd I had not heard of Mr. G, a young Sacramento artist debuting with these "808's & 16's". Don't get him confused with another Mr. G - a homeboy rapper out of Visalia whose work has also been reviewed by us. Anyway, like I said, I have not even seen him as a guest appearance on other people's projects, which isn't that unusual nowadays when everybody and their mama can easily release digital music, put it up for download and call it an album. What... (read more)
Lexosyl & Stevie Ray present - 40831 Compilation

Central California and the 831 area code are still not as rich in rap music as other regions. Although I need to admit that ever since music went mostly digital I can observe a surge in numbers of released projects. Unfortunately not always are they pressed, so we often end up writing news articles about interesting mp3 albums that we'll never be able to hold in our hands. This has once been the case with Stevie Ray's and Paybak Muzik's endeavors, a few of them dropped, yet all underground... (read more)
Primo presents - KCokeland

"Thizz" is probably one of the most spoken words when it comes to Bay Area rap. It should be definitely associated with hyphy rap that was created in the beginning of XXI century by Mac Dre and other Northern California representatives, but it also occurs in the sense of thizz dance, thizz face, thizzin' (pills) and lots more. Obviously it is also the name of the huge record camp (more of a movement now) called Thizz Entertainment originally founded by Andre Hicks, which nowadays... (read more)