1 A.M. - Window

1 A.M. is a female artist representing Gilroy city in Santa Clara county. She has already released 16 projects, including the hereby album. You can find out more about her on, while if you want to read a review of one of her previous projects, check out the article about "Invisible" on our website.

"Window" is made of 7 songs, which is rather a standard number of tracks... (read more)
Roving Jewel - The 38th Expansion
Listening to the latest, modern releases from Northern California rap scene I'm quite sure that the sound of what I was used to hear has definitely changed. The flow, the beats, the lyrics... everything is different. Truth is, my rap taste is stuck somewhere in the first decade of the new millennium and most of the contemporary music is simply indigestible to me. What is more, the older I get the more I reach for the 90's records. Unfortunately, its original, real, live production is somehow... (read more)
1 A.M. - Invisible
If you have at least peaked at the list of reviews we wrote and published on, you have probably noticed that we've had few opportunities to check out the feminine part of the California rap scene. It's not only because rap is dominated by men, but we simply know few women whose recordings we enjoy (sorry, no disrespect, it's just the way it is). I can count on one hand verses by femcees that I was really impressed by. Therefore I was rather skeptical about this underground... (read more)
Reckless - Cowboy Bebop
Reckless hails from Gilroy in the 408 area code and is an underground emcee, but also a music critic and rap promoter. He did a lot of interviews and paid homage to loads of well known and local rappers outta Northern and Central California. You could hear him on a few projects from a South Bay Area stable called Devilish Ways Recordings, including a 2013 compilation presented by himself ("Grind To Shine") that featured artists like Big Rhino, Ed Dosia, Zak1, Louie Loco, Smigg... (read more)
Mr. Kee presents - We Are The Mob
Northern California rap fans should associate the name Mr. Kee with the Latin rap pioneer, one of the most solid and consequent artists out of San Francisco. Let me just recap his discography. This Mission District representative debuted in the early 90's releasing a cassette titled "Living On The Ultimate High" (it was digitally re-released in 2015) and in 1998 he dropped a group album with Poyo Loco and Young Sidewayz as I.T.P.G. titled "From The Womb To The Tomb".... (read more)
Jose Santana & Louie Loc - Ambition

"Ambition" is a duet album from two Latin representatives out of Northern California. Jose Santana, also known as 10sion and Young Villa (back in the days), comes from Daly City in the 650 area code, though as a die-hard 49ers supporter he's also affiliated with San Francisco. SFC is also the home for Louie Loc, whose music older Bay Area rap fans should be familiar with; his 2003 release called "Power Moves" is a classic, with features from rap stars like Mac Dre, The... (read more)
E-Moe - The French Connection

E-Moe is a Sacramento representative with numerous projects under his belt, yet one should still consider him underground, as he still hasn't gained the deserved recognition and acclaim. It's a pity, since he constantly records solid material and his 2001 debut titled "Ghetto Gospel" is considered classic by some folks. Among the most significant albums there are definitely the solos "Once Again" as well as "Never Quit", both available for low prices at... (read more)
E-Moe - Never Quit

"Never Quit" is a third solo album by a black Sacramento representative named E-Moe. He should already be known to Brotha Lynch's music fans, as his debut was released under Siccmade label. Then it was time for Emmanuel to bring his own record company to life and come up with his second project called "Once Again" in 2006. Two years later Pay$tyle Music drops yet another great cd by E-Major.

Both of his previous releases proved that this Sac Town artist is... (read more)
Mi$tuh G - Local Gz Koolin

Mi$tuh G (or simply Mr. G) debuted on the Northern California scene back in 2015 with a project titled "808's & 16's", that we even had a chance to review (read here). Three years later the rapper drops a mixtape called "All G" which is available for free on BandCamp. He's still collaborating with Pay$tyle Music record label, owned and run by... (read more)
E-Moe - MOEtivation

Somewhere around 2 decades ago Emmanuel Avery - better known as E-Moe - started his career in the music business. If I'm not mistaken this Sac Town representative debuted in 2000 on "Now Eat" compilation presented by Brotha Lynch Hung. That psycho rap icon has been a start-up for many other artists and - I dare say - also to E-Moe, whose debut album was released under Lynch's Siccmade Muzicc. Fans had to wait 4 years for further projects from E-Major; yet all of them were recorded... (read more)
Brown Skin Artists - Street Stories

Brown Skin Artists is a Latin duo out of Berkeley made of Big Chuco and Mr. Bago. Their debut project called "Barrio Funk" was originally released by Chingazo Records in 1994 and was available only locally on tape. We're not used to review a cassette material, so that's why this article will refer to "Barrio Funk"'s re-edition from 2005. The new version with a new title - "Street Stories" - was refreshed by Criminal Records, a well known San Jose label. They put... (read more)
Akazie - The Singles EP

Akazie has been doing rap for almost two decades and he's still a rather underground and underrated artist. If you didn't have a chance to get familiar with this Northern California musician, I will try to start this article with a little bio and a summary of his discography. Akazie was born in Houston, Texas; 7 years later moved to California - Elk Grove, the second largest city in the Sacramento county. This place he recalls in his lyrics most often, but he also lived in Bay Area: El... (read more)
Erupt & Deok - Longevity

"Longevity" is a project from two rappers outta Stockton, Ca in the 209 area code. Erupt (earlier recording as Young Erupt) is quite a mature and experienced artist, who - if I'm not mistaken - debuted on a track with T-Nutty that was featured on a well known compilation project called "Central Valley Bad Boyzz" back in 2002. His first album "Give Or Take" is also dated for that year, but I'm not even sure if it was ever officially released; you can listen to it... (read more)
Deok - Where My Heart's At

If you had asked me a couple of years ago about the northern California hip-hop scene I'd have blindly answered "I ain't really feeling it; it's not my style". However as time went by more and more projects of this genre had crossed through my audio system, widening my perspective and knowledge. More frequent converse with hip-hop appeared to be advantageous, because today I can honestly admit that except for Equipto (who I've always found a really excellent emcee) there are far... (read more)
Baby Bash & Frankie J - Sangria

If you regularly visit you should definitely know that although we mostly support underground rap scene, at times we also check what's going on in the mainstream part of the Northern/Central California rap game. Well, truth is that there aren't too many worldwide famous artists out of this area; I can count on one hand rappers that - let's say - a casual European passerby would recognize. Among those most popular rap musicians I'd point out Baby Bash, who was born and... (read more)
Gemimac - The Gemimac Show

San Francisco's Mission District rap scene is mostly known for its Latin / homeboy representatives, therefore you should recognize solid artists from this area like Mr. Kee, The Goodfelonz (Swinla, Mr. Redeyez, Cutthroat), Pistol Cee, Mousie or Gangsta Flea. You might have also heard of a few other cats from this part of SFC, like Friscasso, Los Da Rockstar, Young Mix, Cuddie Cut or Rob Baysicc, who (especially the last one) have already recorded some promising albums. Lately I've had a... (read more)