Dubee - Last Of A Thizzin' Breed

You simply can't be a Bay Area rap fan and not know who Dubee is. From today's perspective this cat has been on the northern Cali rap scene for almost 20 years and he still keeps on releasing new projects every now and then. Unfortunately we've been neglecting reviews of his recent albums; and it's a pity since there were times when we've had his whole discography covered. That included all his solos and two recordings by Cutthoat Committee group (formed together with Mac Dre and PSD). After... (read more)
Mike-Dash-E - Dash With Me

Mike-Dash-E is most definitely one of the modern Bay Area rap representatives, not only due to his relatively short experience (his debut project dropped in 2009), but also because of a fresh and up-to-date style he delivers. The rapper has Filipino roots hence one of his previous albums was recorded along with another representative from those islands - Charizma. As far as I'm concerned until the reviewed "Dash With Me" Mike released the mentioned collabo joint and a debut mixtape... (read more)
Mike-Dash-E - Truth Be Told

The Filipino minority is rather rare on the Bay Area rap scene. I cannot think of a big squad or a record label that would associate artists from those islands, yet a few representatives that I've heard of have caught fans' attention. Probably the most known northern Cali Filipino rapper is Nump, who has a lot of projects under his belt (solos, collabos, compilations), although some of you might have also got familiar with Charizma (aka Chariz or Young Chariz) who also has Filipino blood... (read more)
Spice 1 - 187 He Wrote

The name Spice 1 should definitely be known to Bay Area rap fans. This Hayward representative started his music career in the beginning of the 90s, while fame came together with the early records. The artist is still making music and dropping albums, yet since we have one pf his older releases on the reviewers table let's rewind like 20 years back. For those of you who don't know, the rapper was born in Corsicana, Texas and his stage name is the acronym of "Sex, Pistols, Indo, Cash,... (read more)
Comma Zero - Street Smart

Comma Zero hails from San Francisco's Fillmoe district and debuted three years ago; since then he drops one project per year. In 2011 and 2012 the rapper brought two volumes of "The Lesson" series for free download, while in 2013 he recorded another one - "1000 Real Nigga Avenue" - also directed for digital market. The hereby "Street Smart" is probably the first release that was pressed and - similarly to previous albums - is also available in mp3's for nothing... (read more)
Berner - Drugstore Cowboy

If you are a fan of contemporary Bay Area rap then the name of Berner should at least ring a bell. For those of you who got stuck in the old school or simply have just begun discovering California's talents I will shortly describe Bernie's hitherto music career. He debuted back in 2007 with a solo CD titled "Dirty Sneakers... Plenty Ways To Get It", which has already featured a lot of recognizable figures from the rap game. Same year brought a collabo album with Equipto and a... (read more)
Montana Montana Montana - Really Not A Rapper

Montana Montana Montana is perhaps the most impractical stage name I've ever heard of. The artist hails from Bakersfield, he used to go by the name of Pezzy Montana and you can still find songs under that name on-line. However - if I'm not mistaken - he did not release anything official back then, and his debut project is the hereby "Really Not A Rapper", presented by the well known Vallejo representative J-Diggs.

I won't deny, my first impressions of this cd were highly negative.... (read more)
Berner - Urban Farmer

Berner is as much loved as hated by Bay Area rap fans. We adore him because every projects he touches has top notch production, shining artwork and crystal clear mastering. We wrinkle our foreheads when it comes to Berner's rapping, which sometimes leaves much to be desired. I'll recall the fact that Bernie has a lot of albums under his belt, including official solo CDs and collaboration projects recorded along with Ampichino, Messy Marv, The Jacka and Equipto. So far the artist did work... (read more)
Lil Ric - Plugged In: Live From The Streets

Lil Ric is one of the most known Richmond representatives, however nowadays he should rather be labeled a veteran than an active and fertile artist. Truth is, throughout his whole career (two decades) he hasn't brought that many projects, comparing to other artists that have been recording since mid 90s. Richie debuted in 1994 with a solo titled "Deep N Tha Game" released under No Limit Records. Shortly after he left Master P's record label and did his sophomore album in 1996... (read more)
Conspiracy - Educated Gangster

Gangsta rap on the contemporary California music scene is consequently practiced by homeboy rap representatives - artists who are associated with red color, 14 and "N" letter. Back in the days when Darkroom Familia was on the front page and Speedy Loc as well as Woodie were alive, real gangster rap was soaked with uncensored, brutal stories full of violence and rough lyrics. Nowadays the level of rudeness is a bit lower, although radio or TV stations are hardly ever promoting such... (read more)
Hollow Tip presents - Rydah's & Hustla's

Hollow Tip - the most known North Highlands, Sacramento artist - has got me used to at least one new album a year, most probably even two; if not more. 2012 brought such solos as "The Block Exchange" and "Block Royalty", which received mixed reviews from me, as I only listen to the second one. Hollow Nelsiano started 2013 with releasing an inconspicuous compilation, the hereby "Rydah's & Hustla's".

As soon as I listened to it, I knew it was a good material.... (read more)
Fury Figeroa - Top of the Food Chain
Fury aka Fury Figeroa is one of the most prolific rappers from Salinas in the 831 area code. He debuted over a decade ago with a "Talk Is Cheap" collabo recorded together with a fellow artist/producer King. And then he just kept on releasing a solo after solo: "Ferocious", "Typhoon Hoggin'" (in digitals only), "Method 2 Tha Madness" and finally "The Shock Value Mixtape" in 2011. He also dropped two more collaboration projects: 2006 brought... (read more)
Savage-C - The Couch Potato

Savage-C hails from San Mateo and along with K Dinero forms Nocturnal Hustlers duet. The rapper debuted in 2001 on "City On The Hush" compilation next to Andre Nickatina with the "Lyrical Lullaby" song. A year later the first cd by NH was released, while 2004 brought artist's first solo long play album entitled "Smokey The Bandit". After a two year hiatus Sav came back with the reviewed one called "The Couch Potato".

The cover and the name of this... (read more)
Thai - From Where I Began

Rapper by the name of Thai hails from Portland, Oregon and - judging by the name - is obviously connected with South-East Asia. Bay Area rap fans might have heard him in 2010 on the "As Real As It Gets" project from 454 Life Ent. (read the review) and also on some other cds from the Northern California scene. Apart from that the artist freshly dropped a promo product titled "The Statement", which was available for... (read more)
J-Diggs - Both Sides Of The Gate

From the perspective of a decade we already know that J-Diggs is a prominent Crestside, Vallejo representative who right now has numerous projects under his belt (solos, collabos and compilations) and proudly continues late Mac Dre's legacy. However you didn't see that coming in 2003. Back then the rapper was rather unknown and has just got out of prison after serving a 10-year sentence for robbing banks. He so far managed to appear on a couple of projects, including "It's Not What You... (read more)
Pooh Hefner - 12.18.1984

Persistent readers and visitors of our website should probably know or at least presume that squad (Bart and Kuba) are no longer youngsters. During many years of listening to rap our expectations and penchants became harsh, peculiar and individual. Or maybe we're just two senile reviewers that are pain in the ass and our age has nothing to do with it. Either way I feel like I'm more attached and related to artists who started their careers in the 90's or at least in the... (read more)