Notes & Jesus Spades - Dab'd Out & Lab'd Out

Both Notes and Jesus Spades hail from Bay Area, but currently reside in the North West, in the state of Washington. The first artist already has a notable, at least a decade-long discography under his belt. He's been collaborating with Cola as a Dividenz duo ("Hollow Point Lyrics" and "10% Rap 90% Hustle"), with Cola and Crytical as a trio ("Competitive Hustle League") and recorded a solo titled "The Saran Wrap Rapper Volume 1". Whereas Spades has once... (read more)
Primo presents - KCokeland

"Thizz" is probably one of the most spoken words when it comes to Bay Area rap. It should be definitely associated with hyphy rap that was created in the beginning of XXI century by Mac Dre and other Northern California representatives, but it also occurs in the sense of thizz dance, thizz face, thizzin' (pills) and lots more. Obviously it is also the name of the huge record camp (more of a movement now) called Thizz Entertainment originally founded by Andre Hicks, which nowadays... (read more)
Comma Zero - Street Smart 2

Not that long ago we had a chance to cook a thorough review of "Street Smart" (read the review) project handled by San Francisco artist named Comma Zero. It's not even 6 months later that the rapper returns with a sophomore part of the series - the hereby "Street Smart 2". Therefore expect me to compare it with its predecessor. Second volume seems to be in fact sort of a continuation, yet after a few listens I feel... (read more)
Myth & Krack present - The Feast

It's been over 15 years since you could hear Myth for the first time. Back in the days this Merced representative appeared on projects from Lowdown crew - a Latin mega group that was mainly made of 209 area code gangster rappers. A bit later (early years of the new millennium) he also recorded with Killa Valley Entertainment, for instance as one of the creators of "Jack'n 4 Beatz" project or a guest on many other releases from this label. Finally the year of 2006 brings his debut... (read more)
Cesscabano - Perfectly Natural

"Perfectly Natural" is a debut cd from a Pittsburg artist by the name of Cesscabano, released under a local record label called Knocksmith Productions. This music stable also brought 3 other projects: two compilations ("Opportunity Knocks" from 2003 and "Still Knockin" from 2004) and a solo by Shauny B ("Takin Out the Garbage" from 2005). On all of these albums you could hear Cesscabano rapping as a guest performer, so with that said the fact is he's... (read more)
AOD - Noncomposmentis

AOD is unfortunately still an unknown group, whose members represent various places in the northern California. It consists of Young Sinn, Zicafeckt, Neves, View 1 and Madnus. So far you couldn't hear them anywhere else, apart from appearances of single people on even more underground releases than this one (ex. solo "Casualties Of Life" by the 831 area code rapper Gemini). The reviewed "Noncomposmentis" cd is the group's debut and its content turns out to be equally... (read more)
Hollow Tip & Smigg Dirtee - Cocaine Cowboys

Hollow Tip has already released a plethora of solo projects, but he's also been known for collaborations recorded together with such Sacramento representatives as Luni Coleone ("Wanted Dead Or Alive" 2002 and "Still Wanted" 2006) and Mic-C ("Sav'd Out" 2002 and "Still Sav'd Out.... Two" 2008). Other than that he's got two albums by the group Mercenaries under his belt ("War On The Streets" 2004 and "Mercenary Movement" 2010). Now a... (read more)
Big Tone - Mind Of A Hustla, Heart Of A G'

Big Tone is one of my favorite homeboy rap artists; not only because he's a great craftsman, but also - if not foremost - duet to the fact he's constantly dropping solid projects: solos and compilations. On the occasion of writing another article for Bay Undaground I've mentioned that this Antioch representative has smoothly picked up what Woodie's left and he's been a Yoc Town front man ever scene. As befits the guide of the flock he not only invests in his own person, but also promotes new... (read more)
Javi Picazo - Painted
Truth is, you probably have not yet heard of the Bay Area Latin artist Javi Picazo. I checked my entire collection and the whole data base and found him featured on numerous albums by Merciless, such compilations as "The Bay Is Heat'd", "Funk Season", solos by Philthy Rich and Yung Dapp. It's not bad, but on the other hand it's hard to be even remotely recognizable without a full-length project out. I learned that Javi recorded one over a decade ago, back... (read more)
B-Dawg - The Legacy Continues

While writing the hereby review a trivial, yet horrifying thought popped in my head. I always refer to rappers' previous records, so I naturally took B-Dawg's debut album "Scarz N Stripez" (read the review) to compare it with his sophomore solo. I was sure that his first project dropped not that long ago, that it is still steaming from getting out of the rap oven, but I checked the release date and there... (read more)
Rappin' 4-Tay, Big Willie & Spike 2MS - Exported Game

As the name rightly suggests Ovaseaz Records is a foreign representation of California rap music. Founders of the stable are Big Willie (aka Willie Will) and Big Ben - both coming out of Australia. At the age of 10 Willie moved to Geneva in Switzerland, which is also home for another creator of the hereby project - Spike 2MS. After visiting two different continents we come back to a well known turf in North America, San Francisco to be exact. Under the California sun, next to the Golden... (read more)
Joe Blow - Real Recognize Real

It's been only a year since Joe Blow's debut, but this Oakland representative is already releasing his fourth project. The hereby "Real Recognize Real" is his second solo in 2012 (oh, there will be more!), yet this time there are no mixtape (or fixtape) indications on the cover, so possibly this time we get a regular album.

Truth be told, my enthusiasm towards Joe Blow's endeavors has diminished, because after the very good debut he came out with two fixtapes and I had many... (read more)
Friscasso - If You Buyin Im Sellin

San Francisco's Mission District is not known for having as many rap representatives as other parts of the city, but some of them heavily influenced the Bay Area rap scene, for instance Goldtoes and his Black-N-Brown label or Mr. Kee. Other than that it's home for the likes of Goodfelonz, Gangsta Flea, Cuddie Cut, Rob Baysicc, Los Da Rockstar and Friscasso, whose "If You Buyin Im Sellin" debut has recently reached us. He has been featured for example on "Live From The... (read more)
Big Prodeje - The Realest Shit Ya Never Heard

I can count on one hand our reviews of Southern California music; nonetheless we occasionally took a journey near the Mexican boarder. We've once had a look at two projects from C-Bo's West Coast Mafia record label affiliates: Spade and Speedy (aka Gotti Gotti), plus two collabo cds from Messy Marv and San Diego rapper I-Rocc. This time it's because of our latest partnership with Ovaseaz Records, which besides cooperating with Bay Area artists (Rappin' 4-Tay, Fly Mar) hooked up with a very... (read more)
Dubee - Last Of A Thizzin' Breed

You simply can't be a Bay Area rap fan and not know who Dubee is. From today's perspective this cat has been on the northern Cali rap scene for almost 20 years and he still keeps on releasing new projects every now and then. Unfortunately we've been neglecting reviews of his recent albums; and it's a pity since there were times when we've had his whole discography covered. That included all his solos and two recordings by Cutthoat Committee group (formed together with Mac Dre and PSD). After... (read more)
Mike-Dash-E - Dash With Me

Mike-Dash-E is most definitely one of the modern Bay Area rap representatives, not only due to his relatively short experience (his debut project dropped in 2009), but also because of a fresh and up-to-date style he delivers. The rapper has Filipino roots hence one of his previous albums was recorded along with another representative from those islands - Charizma. As far as I'm concerned until the reviewed "Dash With Me" Mike released the mentioned collabo joint and a debut mixtape... (read more)