Lil Coner & Troublez - My Heart's Black

Latin gangsta rap from Northern California (known as homeboy rap) is nothing new to We've had a chance to support and review classic cds from back in the days recorded by such groups as Darkroom Familia, Lowdown, Minority Militia or its younger successors - East Co. Co., Sav-It-Out, Starz The Limit and Goldtoes' artists from Thizz Latin. For a couple of years people claim that homeboy movement died, that there are no more decent projects full of savage gangster stories... (read more)
California Bear Gang - The Takeover

Hardly ever do I grab a debut project from an upcoming artist and can quickly say that it was an excellent piece of music. Yet exception proves the rule and therefore I have found "The Takeover" from Sacramento crew called California Bear Gang. In 2011 the group was made of Rob Boy and MC2 (aka King Tut 2 / Young Tut), but I can lift the curtain and let you know that two years later it will be complemented with Mesyah. Anyway, these guys came out of nowhere, because I neither heard... (read more)
LS presents - Over Due
I have not heard about San Jose producer LS thus far. Due to the nature of his rap alias it is hard to find any information about him on the net, so hopefully this article will at least help spread the word about his endeavors. So as far as I'm aware the hereby "Over Due" is his first release as a producer, available both in digital as well as pressed copies (cardboard sleeve with a cd).

The album contains 8 tracks with production exclusively handled by the host, LS himself. What... (read more)
Big Riggz - This Is California
Big Riggz appeared on Scripp Block Muzik's projects from the very beginning, i.e. "Mobb Affiliated" solo album by Big Lou. You could see him on subsequent projects by the label, especially on "Life's A Gamble" which was a joint venture by himself, Big Lou and Lil-O (now known as Lil Octane). As far as other labels are concerned I only saw him on TC Kapone's "Hard Headed" solo release. 2014 came and brought "This Is California", a solo debut by this... (read more)
Big Lou & Flyboy Stewie - The Workaholics
Big Lou is a Hayward representative who is constantly networking with other artists. He started off solo with "Mobb Affiliated" back in 2009, but a year later came out with a comp "Scripp Block Turf-Tape" uniting people from his home turf. That same year brought two collaboration projects: "No Recess Pt. 2" with Rob Baysicc and Stewie Chope'ez as well as "Life's A Gamble" with Lil-O and Big Riggz. In 2011 he released a free-for-download digital only... (read more)
W.I.L.L. presents - Mental Health Vol. 2: In The Redd

Shasta County in the 530 area code in the northern Cali does not have that many rap representatives. The ones present on the scene for a decade now - yet still unknown to a wider audience - hail from a city of Redding and are affiliated with Ritten Reality Records. Especially W.I.L.L. who has already managed to release two solo joints, a mixtape, a collabo with J Jamz and a compilation of hard to find tracks (we have reviewed many of those cds,... (read more)
DraMatiQue - The Burn Mixtape

Not that long ago our laboratory of criticism and politically incorrect opinions hosted a solo mixtape from DraMatiQue titled "Kill The Game" (read the review). The artist himself received reviewer's approval for his faultless flow and brilliant rhymes, however the project as a whole was damned because of an irritating DJ talking and looped beginnings of tracks, plus low quality mastering. Another product from the mentioned... (read more)
Joe Blow - International Blow: The Fixtape

Joe Blow is a relatively new artist, a few years back you couldn't see his name on any Bay Area releases. 2011 brought his debut "You Should Be Payin Me" that's been well acclaimed, by our staff as well. This cat appeared in the trustworthy record label, i.e. The Artist Records owned by The Jacka of The Mob Figaz. In the end of 2011 the rapper dropped a sophomore project, under the wings of the same company - the hereby "International Blow: The Fixtape".

"You... (read more)
Rhino & TC Kapone - The Plug

Before "The Plug" welcomed to my audio system, my anticipation for this cd could be compared to a child waiting for his Christmas gifts to be unpacked. The expectancy resulted from positive feelings towards previous TC Kapone's records (especially "Swamp Water"), but also from a curiosity sowed by Bart's critical review of the artist's last solo "Hood Fame". Keeping in mind both my own attitude as well as Bart's opinion, "The Plug" could have been... (read more)
Yantz & Lonely Boy - Hood Hoggs

I have recently had an opportunity to review the first project by the group Salineros entitled "Down By The Bowl". Latin underground scene from the 831 area code will not let you forget about it and strikes back in 2010 with the hereby "Hood Hoggs" album. Admittedly it's formally a duet consisting of Yantz and Lonely Boy, but guest appearances are pretty frequent on it, so you will also hear a lot of Lil Teck and... (read more)
Rhino & B. - Street Chemists

Rhino and B. are not yet that known to Bay Area rap fans. The first one represents Redwood City and you could so far hear him on solos by Big Lou, Keyd or Ed Dosia. Whereas B. (what an impractical alias!) hails from East Palo Alto and I have not heard or seen him on any other project thus far. I can easily tell that unknown names and a bit cartoony cover may instantly discourage some people. On the other hand though maybe such names as Mr. Kee, Big Tone or Hollow Tip will draw other... (read more)
Spice 1 - Amerikkka's Nightmare

The beginning of Spice 1's career was indeed a fertile time. In fact ever since his debut album dropped (1991 - "Let It Be Known") this Hayward representative released 1 cd a year over next couple of years; until "The Black Bossalini" which came out after 2 year long hiatus. What is more, the material he recorded during the last decade of the twentieth century was his best work so far; and I'm sure I'm not alone with this thought. Anyway, one of those "must... (read more)
Spice 1 - 187 He Wrote

The name Spice 1 should definitely be known to Bay Area rap fans. This Hayward representative started his music career in the beginning of the 90s, while fame came together with the early records. The artist is still making music and dropping albums, yet since we have one pf his older releases on the reviewers table let's rewind like 20 years back. For those of you who don't know, the rapper was born in Corsicana, Texas and his stage name is the acronym of "Sex, Pistols, Indo, Cash,... (read more)
Green - Trap For A Reason

Money Green Records is a fresh record label from Richmond working with young, so far underground artists. It has already released two projects by the rapper named Green i.e. debut digital only "Underneath It All" as well as the hereby EP mixtape "Trap For A Reason".

I'm not that good when it comes to recognizing beats, so I have no clue whether this time "mixtape" stands for jacked tunes or for the ones found on the Internet. Anyway no producers were mentioned... (read more)
DraMatiQue - Kill The Game Mixtape

Today BayUndaground critics explore a local mixtape from an unknown (at least to me) artist by the name of DraMatiQue. This guy comes from Toledo, Ohio and currently resides in Sacramento's Rancho Cordova. If it weren't for the rapper himself I would probably still be unaware of his existence, because until he sent out me this cd I had not have a chance to hear or even notice a single performance by him. DraMatiQue names "Kill The Game" his debut, although truth is he also recorded... (read more)
Lee Majors & Matt Blaque - What Mobstaz Do...

"What Mobstaz Do..." is one of those albums that went completely unnoticed or at least didn't receive as much applause as it would be suggested by big names featured on the cover. Lee Majors debuted back in the late 90s as the co-creator of "Everyday Life" and a member of Side Industry group, while his actual solo career began in 2005. Since then this Oakland representative brought a whole lot of cds including solo albums and collaboration work with such figures as The... (read more)